30 January 2019




hey everybody welcome back to my channel so I'm changing things of my job I decided to basically try different things whether it's gonna be vlogs hair tutorials just theme days and stuff like that so that I can reach a bigger audience with that being said today it's going to be basically the days where I posts grammar past videos on my channel and this will be posted every Tuesday I'm gonna talk about a new makeup that's coming and whether I would grab that product or like cast on it now I've seen I've seen two youtubers do videos like this I've seen you Nicole Renee Cutler's videos as well as puffins wife she does these videos as well and everybody pretty much likes different type of mate makeup so what they like I may not like what I like they men that like people all three of us may like the same thing this is just my opinion on products is coming out and I'm just gonna be letting you guys know I'm gonna grab their product or pass on that product so if you want to see my grabber pass video then just keep watching ok so basically what I'm going to be doing is the pictures of the product will pop up on the screen and

I'm just going to talk about the product oh my god I'm gonna grab it or pass it if I have products like this already in my collection is it really really worth the buy and so on so so the first product I want to talk about is going to be the it's my pleasure palette by color pop I honestly when I first saw this palette I was like oh my god yeah babe about time something different color pop if you don't know color cosmetics they cannot spin around if you wear makeup and you don't know colour-pop cosmetics you must be under a rock because anybody that wears makeup or anything knows that color rock color pop is a affordable brand you can give palettes for pretty much nothing and they always stay on trend this palette has all these purple tones which I recently just got into color so this is something I definitely want to look into and the price of this palette I believe is only $12 so I would have to say as far as that goes that would definitely have to be a grab for me up next we have the morphe cosmetics they just recently least 31 concealers which are nine dollars 16 hour long we're 60 foundation shades that are $18 as well as two

primers and 15 pressed powders now as far as the foundation it claims the sweat proof transfer resistant water resistant free of oils fragrance paired ends great for all skin types soft matte finish full coverage so when it comes to this I have been watching a bunch of reviews and I don't know if the undertones are right for the women of color but I'm going to go see for myself I'm going to edit the whole collection I'm gonna purchase the foundation as well as the concealers and I'm gonna have to say no on the pressed powders just because looking at the photo it doesn't really seem to complement my skin tone up next we have the milk cosmetics this is their first split pin stack now milk cosmetics normally has my blue tabs that have a magnet on it and it's basically like oval like palette they're just many stacks of ballads and this one you get two shades so you're pretty much good for each pin you get two shades and the eye shadows sexes are $48 our 48 dollars and it also have three new liquid lipsticks which are retail for $19 each I'm gonna have to pass on this stack only because I don't

feel like I would use all these colors I just feel like it would be pretty much a waste of money for me I have a palette from melt cosmetics already in the formula is great like don't get me wrong the formula is like 100% that is like artistry like the pigmentation and everything but this right here I would be able to dealing with it up next we have Kylie cosmetics Kylie is really doing her thing Kylie just she is recently I'm releasing six blushes six bronzers and six Kate I think it's like eight highlighters and their new formulas eighteen shades total when it comes to this I'm definitely going to have to grab a bronzer and a blush and I'm gonna have to definitely pass on highlighters I don't really see any sharing is to complement my skin type and if I can't see it I can't go on the store and go look at it and swipe it nine times out of ten I'm not even gonna bother messing with it up next we have luminate cosmetics it looks like they have this glow of pallets coming out and this is by Ashley tinsdale it has four shades well yeah they have four shades and honestly they have a warm shades

palette as well as a cool shade salad and I don't know if anything I think I'll try to look into getting the warm shades down there I would need to see like school views on this because from the pictures the pictures just don't give the part of justice in my opinion I would definitely just have to just leave a question mark when it comes to that up next we have this new heritage collection by the wave of cosmetics now I don't have anything from zoeva um I wanted to get I think I forgot what I wanted to get from them if I do remember I'll probably have it listed in the bottom of the description box but I did want to purchase a pallet from them and this this time they're right here won't be the pallet that I purchased but I definitely want to look into purchasing a pallet from them up next we have certified cosmetics 18 shades they're bringing this Impaler with 18 shades and it's like all greens and some blues is on neon greens deep greens I love green and someone at someone I'm definitely gonna have to purchase this valley it doesn't say how much the party is what I'm saying I'm purchasing out it

could be like five hundred dollars then you'll never see me a hug showcase that on this channel but anyway I definitely once I get more information on that I would definitely have to look into this because this definitely looks like something I would like purchase I don't have anything in my collection and necessarily has those colors I may have a green or lime green and another palette but nothing collectively in one palette up next we have the crayon case they just came out with the mat book and the crayon case has been doing it they just came out with concealers they need before that they did pressed powders they also I think released some glitters or something I definitely want to make a big purchase and buy a bunch of stuff from them and do like a full face of Blackcomb brands cause it's definitely it's black on brand and I want to definitely show my support but this is a product that I will be grabbing up next we have the Milani cosmetics they just recently released 20 shades for concealers for $9.99 it's concealer so I'm definitely going to be trying it I do like the shame rage obviously it's not fifty shades but it's 20 shades

which mean a lot of people should be able to find their shape within their group of concealers up next we have this palette from Lime Crime I'm still saying now I'm gonna pass on it I'm not even gonna come in a long story on why these pass on and that's pretty much it like I'm gonna be posting its videos like my goal is to become like so involved in this and I basically give a hundred percent so I'm definitely gonna be posting these videos these Grabber past videos every Tuesday new makeup comes out all the time during the week they're always it's kind of hard to catch up because everything's constantly keep like every brand you turn around they have something new coming out and if you want to know where you can get some good products or some good product advice from then just make sure you like comment and subscribe and I'll see you soon with another video bye [Music]