26 November 2018

Makeup Fundamentals in this Beauty Collection

This beauty collection gives you everything you need for an easy, everyday face, at a discount. Take the guess work out of your daily makeup routine and use ...

hey everyone I'm Elora Murray that

global instructional developer and I'm Ciara Mortensen the social media manager for the US market I talk and I'm Ciara Mortensen the social media manager for the hey everyone I'm Elora Murray the global instructional developer here at unique and I'm Ciara Morrison the US market social media manager and we are so excited to be with you today because we are talking to you about how to achieve a quick natural-looking look with the be unique cosmetic collection fundamentally fast yes I'm so excited about this collection so this is a super easy collection it gives you a look in just five minutes and my favorite part is it comes with a product for every part of your face eyes lips face it's perfect love it okay so before we actually get to how to apply the look and how to achieve the look let's talk about what actually comes in the collection so tell us all about so we have five products and our first product is the unique royalty cleanser and you can get this in either the moisture boosting cleanser or the pore purifying cleanser right so you get to choose one of the two wonderful next we have our BB flawless complexion enhancer and this is

in five shapes and - yes you got it five shades so you get to choose which shade you want perfect and then we have our moodstruck epic mascara so this is in brown black or waterproof awesome okay what's the next thing our next thing is our touch behold broad-spectrum SPF finishing powder love it and that actually comes in four shades it comes in light medium dark and deep right and finally last but not least our moodstruck lucrative lip gloss and that comes in 13 shades so you get a pick whichever one you want unlike Sierra said this collection is so awesome because you're giving your skin some TLC and then we have something for every part of your face so you really do get a quick full face look right I love this alright aunt we almost forgot something oh it's big enough it's very important that we do not forget this CRS tell us about the bag so this is the beautiful bag that the products come in this is our collection bag it is this really pretty black you can use it as a clutch like this or it has this beautiful no the hard track right yes and it's really easy to clip the strap

off if you don't want to have it if you just want to use it as a clutch it's completely up to you you can use it as a makeup bag you can use it too when you're going out whatever you want this bag will come with the collection I love this collection and another great thing it's a 20% savings oh so yes this is a collection you get a full face look while saving money okay so Sierra let's get started on how to achieve this quick full face look okay so I actually already used this unique royalty cleanser okay and this is the mousse the moisture boosting cleanser which I absolutely love so that's the one I love - so you put that on first yes and then I already have applied my BB flawless complexion enhancer cream and I'm using it in the shade bisque okay so how did you apply that I know you said you already applied it you know save time want it to be quick so how did you apply this product so I used actually our unique foundation brush oh I have that right here Oh perfect so this is what I used and I love this because it gives you that really flawless look and it's really easy to apply I know some people like to use

their fingers as well I mean there's no rules with our makeup right that's a great application tool it doesn't come with the collection but it's really easy to apply and one thing we talked a little bit about this before we started filming the this be be flawless cream is lightweight oh yes so your skin feels good and looks good and it gives you that really dewy finish it feels great I love it I love that dewy finish because that is it's a look that is so in right now and this product helps you achieve that okay my dear what's next so now we have our new truck I think mascara which I still need to put on in case I should have told you that at the beginning Ciara came with their lashes so she could show you the magic of the moodstruck epic mascara so I am using the waterproof I love it so what are some of your Hot Tips you have when you applying this product okay so I like to do it from the base of my lashes and come out to the tips so I'm just gonna go ahead and show you that so are you kind of a wiggler do you well I like to wiggle it across the lashes so that it gets on all of okay and this is actually

one of our top-selling products our moodstruck epic mascara is a favorite and it's clump free lengthening volumizing everything you could want in a mascara right it's perfect and I like to kind of rotate the brush so I'm getting all of the product off of the applicator and then I'm gonna go ahead and put a little bit on the bottom same way wiggling from the base to the tips and how many coats do you use here oh I love to let this dry and then do one more coat on top so that kind of gives it a more dramatic look so this is kind of if you want something subtle going out wake up the Nuttall oh my god first subtle but let's put on another coat yeah so I like to get it a little bit thicker on there so I'm gonna go ahead and apply this coat that wiggle perfect okay look at the dev and I feel good okay we're gonna look at that the difference between this eye and this eye so now that we've seen the difference I mean you can really see that this mascara I mean truly is epic and there's no other word to use to explain it epic is the perfect name for it okay and I'm gonna apply the other eye now and when I apply the mascara I don't know if you've

ever done this sometimes when I'm looking for a really dramatic look I'll actually do one coat and then I will take the wand and ply it to the back of my lashes which gives it makes it look really voluminous like that yeah that's what I do which gives it that dramatic look gives it I like that yeah well I'm glad you like my tip thank you so that's my tip for applying our moodstruck epic mascara I just find that it gives it a more dramatic look whenever I'm going for that so you're just gonna you're barely touching the bottoms just a little wiggle perfect you let it dry a little bit so you're going for the second coat and do one more coat on this eye so we have matching on both and I love that you don't have to do a double coat right it's completely up to you we there are no rules when it comes to our makeup I mean you can see it's already yeah pretty similar I'm just gonna do but just that double coat just add a little bit more extra drama so we're just gonna finish that up there perfect looks good week at the camera 4s Ciara give us a little wink I don't want to mess up my mess I don't

look is great okay so we've got our eyes done what is the next step in this look perfect okay so now I'm feeling confident I'm just gonna finish off the look with the touch behold broad-spectrum SPF 25 finishing powder and I'm using it in the shade medium awesome and just I mean just to go over it we have four colors light medium dark and deep and you are going medium right I actually used light today so that's my shade mm-hmm so I'm just gonna give it a couple pumps got some product on there ODT may hold the mirror and for you I would love to hold the mirror for you okay so I just like to kind of lightly start from that edges of my face and then come in that's just personal preference and then and this is really a finishing powder and one of the great things about this product is it is really easy to apply on the go because you have the lid and the way that it was packaged it's really easy to throw in a bag or a purse or possibly your collection bag yeah and that's actually one of my favorite parts is this is so easy to take with me wherever I'm going so it already has the applicator with it so

easy and one of the great things about this product that you were telling me about earlier and why you love it so much is that it not only blurs imperfections finishes your look but it also protects your skin against the front it helps protect your skin it's the perfect product honestly alright Sierra no look it's complete without a lip yes okay this is my favorite part because it completes the look you know I've got my face I've got my eyes I've got everything and now I'm just waiting on my mood struck lucrative lip gloss so what color are you so I am using it in the shade lethal and just to remind everyone there's actually 13 shades you can choose from and Sarah will you show us one of the best parts about this product so as we're saying on the go look right so there's a mirror on the lip gloss so I throw all these products in my collection bag they're so easy to take with me on the go for that five-minute face and that is so awesome because when you know throughout the day maybe you want to reapply your lipstick and you're like oh I don't have a mirror you have to go to the bathroom or something like that to get a mirror but

this has a mirror on the back it's a perfect size it's really great we keep saying on the go but that is really one of the great things about this right and it's not it doesn't have that sticky texture mm-hmm this is so it feels so lightweight on my lips because you know how sometimes there's lip gloss out there where it can get kind of sticky and then you can't talk because your lips feel sticky this isn't like that and all thirteen shades are beautiful they range from nudes to pinks you can see Sierra's using a red it's this beautiful orange red and Sierra and it actually has a little bit of the shimmer in it I love it and Sierra has beautiful lips so no matter what she put our lips it's gonna look good thank you but this color really blows a kiss Sierra it's beautiful I love it okay so tada you did a quick there you're good yeah love it a twist look using our D unique cosmetic collection fundamentally fat now remember this collection is a 20% savings so I mean you get all this stuff and you save money we would love it love it if you showed us your fabulous looks using this

collection on social media using hashtag Twila we'd love to see what you come up with I'm so excited see you later to you so we've talked about the products yeah you love them but there's something very important lasting whatever someone should write a song about being classy [Music]