27 November 2018

Makeup For The Day After Your Wedding|In Detail For New Brides|

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okay so my cat yours is from H&M it was for kids between two to four I am between two to twenty seven so to moisturize my face I'm going to use the luck my peach milk soft cream and I'm going to like Rowley moisturize my face well so that you know your face looks hydrated now I think that you know your wedding day is important but the day after your wedding also is very important because you know everyone has their eyes on you people are going to come and see you and on that particular day you don't want to like you know kick your face with so much makeup you want something natural but yet you know something that will make you look flawless and like yourself like you know sometimes when I see wedding pictures I feel like the makeup artist just you know makes the bride look completely different and I don't like that the bride should look like herself but a better version of herself so the day after your wedding also is very important now after you've moisturize let it sit on your skin for about five to ten minutes because immediately after that if you go on with you know foundation or

any kind of cream it's just going to slide off so now personally for me I think the next day shouldn't go in with a foundation go in with something light like a BB cream or CC cream because you will already have that you know that Bridal glow so you don't have to you know like go in with something heavy here I'm going to use the Lakme 9 to 5 CC complexion care cream and I'm going to apply this all over my face [Music] now the next thing that I would recommend you to not miss is under-eye concealer because you know with all the functions and if it's a Hindu wedding then your whole thumbs are like really early in the morning right so you need something to you know cover your under eyes and you know cancel out the darkness so find a concealer that you like which will not crease and use it I'm using the LA girl Pro concealer under my eyes this has a slight beachy undertone so it's perfect to cancel out your darkness don't completely highlight it that's very unnecessary just use it in the areas that you want so that you know your sleepless nights will not be seen under your eyes

another thing is when you are choosing your under-eye concealer don't go for something that is really bright choose something that is exactly your skin shade or one shade lighter than your skin that way it doesn't look like you know you have a very highlighted you know under-eye that kind of look is good for you know your weddings and those Instagram kind of looks but for every day you need something that will match your skin tone or it's just one shade lighter than your skin stinging is to set your under eyes if you have a extremely oily face set your entire face but if you have a dry if you have dry skin then just set your under eyes I'm going to just set my under eyes and I'm using the faces go chic compact this particular compact the powder is extremely finely milled so it's perfect for your under eyes and it will not cake under your eyes now next thing is blush snuff blush going with something that is really subtle that will look really natural on your skin now this is Maybelline's blush in the shade creamy cinnamon I've used this on a lot of people I've used this you know on my best friend also who's

quite you know she has a dusky skin tone and it looks good on everyone it looks natural on everyone and this also has certain you know sheen to it so I think it's perfect for you as a bride so you're just going to apply this on your apples of the cheek because you know whether you like it or not you have to spend the next few days smiling and being happy now the next thing is highlight now you are someone who doesn't like the glittery look of you know powder highlights this will be perfect for you this is wet and wild for to focus face primer it's a primer but you know I love using this as a highlighter because because it gives you that you know really you know natural glow and it is it doesn't have those glitter chunks it looks amazing on the skin so if you are looking for something that is affordable this is quite affordable I think at some 299 399 so you can use this as a highlighter instead of a primer so I'm just going to use very little you will not need much and I'm going to just apply this in areas that I think I will need it [Music]

now for the eyes I'm sure you do not want like too much of I shadow anything but just to define your crease take any bronzer I am taking this bronzer from this face as Canada all-time Pro face palette and I'm going to use this bronzer shade and I'm just going to define my crease so that you know you have some slight definition and it will look really nice [Music] now four eyes instead of using an eyeliner I would want something that is you know more subtle and more smushed out and still gives me that definition so I'm just going to use this Maybelline colossal Kajal and I'm going to draw this on the upper lash line and then smudge it with my fingers [Music] as you can see this method is quite quick and you know it gives you that smoked out effect and gives your eyes pretty nice definition without that you know look of the harsh eyeliner I prefer this because it gives you eyes way you know the soft kind of a look now if you want and if you ask you know someone who loves to buy Kajal you can wear catch it but I prefer it like this it gives you a

more natural look now the next step that you should not miss is mascara even if you don't do if you know if you don't want to do your eyeliner always you know do your mascara that just opens up your eyes so I'm just going to curl my lashes and I'm going to use this phases Canada magnetized mascara I love this mascara because the wand is really you know it's it's really nice so it really separates your mascara and you know lengthens it so I really like this mascara [Music] now once you've done with your face make sure to go in with a nice setting spray you know that way this makeup will last longer and if you're going out you know relatives are going to call you for like lunch and dinner and all of that you don't have to keep touching up and you know the makeup will stay so here I'm just going to use the face as Canada I'll time flow makeup fixer spray and I'm going to spray it all over my face now for your lips of course you're the bride you can go in with you know red or nice bright red shade but if you do not like going with like you know a really bright or dark red shade you can use something that is almost red but it is

not as bright as you know red this is Purple's ultra-hd liquid lipstick in the shade my first prom night and this is almost you know like a dark coral you know almost looks like red but it's not red so it's perfect you know for girls who do not like wearing Reds a lot now this looks quite bright on a camera but it is not as bright as you can see it but make sure you always go in for like a liquid lipstick something that is matte because that way it will stay longer and you know while you're eating and while you are drinking it's not going to fade away so make sure you find you know your perfect kind of a lipstick and you can bear it now I found the patanjali store this is Patanjali so Hagen pika so you know if I mean like I'm sure every married color will have this but if you do not like putting the you know cinder the powder you can use this or I am going to apply it [Music] I don't even know if this is how your plate it's too much I'll just fix the Sun come back I don't know if this is how it's applied guys but I tried my best so this is the look this will make you look

flawless glowy but it will also make you look like yourself and it's perfect you know four days after your marriage you know at least I think for the next one month everyone's attention and everyone's eyes are going to be on you so you I'm sure every bride wants to look flawless and wants to look her best so I hope this video helped you guys and for my outfit let me show you guys my outfit I got this kurta from Myntra if I find the links I will definitely link it down for you guys so I hope you guys enjoyed this video and I hope you know it helped you and if it did then please like and subscribe until next time bye [Music]