30 October 2018


Hey Lovelies! THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR SUPPORT! It means so much to me and this...

hey lovelyz will come back to my channel

and for today's video you guessed it right we are here at t.j.maxx and on the hunt of finding cap on G and glimmer palette and hopefully we find it today I am so excited for that so let's go hopefully they have new items out and if they do then I'll go ahead and show it to you guys so if you would like to see what I find then just keep watching [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] this one is $6.99 cause we're 21 eyes shadows and eg and dip brush Wow just like a deal of guys and then they have built up subculture here I show this on the last bill and this a habit or twice 14 I also had Kat Von D metal crush synergy and they're struggling so here's the last time is $6.99 and then look at this sir I believe you have more to face pilot and use of a finite now these are very long bonzers I believe so I think these are bouncers this is a shade in a sentence or so and this was 709 there's confession and they're all like pretty much the same face

we also found that going for perfecting powder perfecting foundation sorry and this was told that for the whole bunch of cocktail party when I saw see [Music] [Music] [Music] which is beauty this is the brown tint and it's to have these effects dyes which I showed you guys from the last video there's no need to shade stuff there so she'll just be 30 and there's fish which is six this is each [Music] [Music] [Music] I also find this one despite physicians formula it's a quad packaging I love the packaging guys it's a lipstick shade this one is by covergirl this is the advanced PDMS what it is press powder let's say this one's only $4.99 got race packaging looks so just one just by color color cool and it's oh my goodness God I I cannot believe I found B cavity father like I was literally shocked and I never thought I would find it today guys oh my gosh so and tomorrow's my birthday so I was like super lucky today but I and I got both

of the ones that I found I know I'm like super her gravy but I wanted to get it and it was $20 both weren't swatch or anything like that so I got one for myself and one for my sister and oh my god it's so pretty so I got it and then um besides that I also found the Stila lotuses the eyeshadow liquid eyeshadow and I got it guys I got it for you guys and this is in the shade C siren and I'll post like a picture right here but I won't open it for you guys I'll just show it I think I mean there you go and I showed it to you guys in the video oh my god today's my lucky day guys I cannot express how I'm feeling right now but I was so excited to see this as well and then I also got this new the nude we're glowing nude bronzer from Physicians Formula I'm sorry about the lighting guys but I got it for you guys and it's so cute I was like this bow detailing right here the rose gold as for bra for shades of bronzer is super cute guys and I got it I will give this away to you guys so if you would like to win this then follow the instructions in the description box and you guys will be entered in the giveaway and I was

looking and it actually includes like a mirror and a brush super cool SSL in the back super nice and it has a cute packaging oh I'll probably include a picture right here or something I don't want to open it for just for a sinus how unsanitary purpose so yeah you guys come one visit yesterday I was at the other location and I actually got the real technique brushes so I'm complete I think I'm complete already so I got the foundation brush and the kabuki brush so and I think I have the contour a the shadow the fan the blush and that's pretty much it I think there were so contour foundation shadow fan kabuki and blush so there was six I'm not too sure if there are six Envy collection but I completed them already and I'm so excited to give them away to you guys for the one cake giveaway and that will be soon uploaded we are almost halfway there that's pretty much it guys sorry this is another short video but hopefully they still like it I just can't believe that I found the kat von d palette which was what I was aiming for today and I got it so so excited and yeah if you guys like videos like this please

don't forget to give it a thumbs up comment down below on what you guys want to see next or if you guys want me to find anything and probably include it in a giveaway follow me on my Twitter and snapchat because recently I don't have time to upload videos but I tried to tweet out what's new at t.j.maxx or Nordstrom Rack or at Ross so you guys him following me there it will be in the description box or at the end of the video and yeah so thank you for watching today's video guys and don't forget to subscribe hit that Bell so you guys will be notified every time I upload or or if there are giveaways going on and I'll see you guys soon bye lovelies [Music] [Applause] [Music]