13 January 2019

Makeup for Hooded Eyes; PRODUCT GIVEAWAY!

Here's my first makeup tutorial, focused on helping you deal with that loose skin over the top eyelid. This isn't a tutorial for a "cut crease," which would look just ...

you've been putting on eye shadow pretty

much the same way for the last few decades and it always worked for you and until it didn't you get a little closer to the mirror and see that your upper eyelid has become a little bit droopy you may have developed the dreaded hooded eye keep watching for eyeshadow application that actually works some inspiring reasons to embrace your new eye shape a product giveaway and more all coming up next [Music] hooded eyes are the result of two different factors genetics and aging with regard to genetics hooded eyes are seen as kind of a sexy thing they're also called bedroom eyes don't believe me take a look [Music] what'd I tell ya now hooded eyes as the effect of aging are more likely to affect men people with fair-skinned people who are overweight or obese smokers or people who have spent a little too much time in the Sun genetics account for about 61% of hooded eyes and the 39% is attributed to all the other risk factors that I just mentioned so when it comes to aging what exactly causes your eyelids to

droop it's several things collagen and elastin fibers are reduced in the eyelid skin and they just don't work as well and the muscles underlying the eyelids do kind of give out sometimes the eyelid can get so droopy that it actually sits on top of the eyelashes I have that problem in both eyes to prevent droopy eyelids or at least slow the progression it's recommended that you wear sunglasses and hats with brims I happen to know that flecks affect the facial exercise routine that I do can also help with droopy eyelids I just haven't done it for a long time but that's one of my goals this year so it's gonna be interesting to see how things progress over the course of the year also LED light therapy which I'm also doing this year can help with droopy eyelids in some cases the eyelids are so droopy that they actually prevent people from fully opening their eyes and in those cases a surgical procedure called blepharoplasty is needed the surgery is expensive it's two to five thousand dollars before we get into the makeup tutorial I wanted to show you a few pictures close-ups of my own eyelids as

you can see they're really really heavy and in fact with regard to both eyes eyelid skin protrudes out over my eyelashes so it leaves me very very little eyelid to work with there's actually a little more on the bottom that I can play with but we'll go over that in the tutorial here are some pictures of my eyes there's a little bit of makeup close to the eyelashes I guess I don't know anyway they show the hooded eyelid no I want you to see this do you see how the skin extends out over the top lid to rest on the eyelashes it's pretty dramatic and now here's the tutorial okay I did the whole makeup tutorial and I have to do it over again because there were just too many things wrong with it I look back over it reviewed it and it was just you know no I couldn't let that live forever on YouTube so I took all the eyeshadow off I left my mascara on and my eyebrow pencil so let's start again I have here some eyeshadow primer this is called step 1 and it's by Coastal Coastal Scents sorry apparently I can't talk and squeeze out eyes shadow primer at the

same time one of the things wrong with the other video was that I didn't blend the eyeshadow primer on the eye I didn't do so there's its white stripe going down my aisle i eyelid it so no no no alright now one thing I do that I don't think I've seen anyone else do is I use two shades of eyeshadow primer one is white pure white the reason I do that is because I need to put a lot of really light colored eyeshadow right next to my eye lashes yeah we are alright so um which I'm I don't either side okay so don't stretch it just kind of kind of stretch it alright we're gonna put some of that along the lash line this is just white eye shadow primer this is because I'm gonna be using some very light eyeshadow just in that spot and I want it to really show up so that's there the palette I'm using today is called revealed - it's from Coastal Scents we can wear a little bit of metallic I'm gonna go and pick up some of this very very sheer pink metallic and tap off the excess and I'm gonna put that right where I put that white eyeshadow we can get away with just a little bit of metallic we can't do it anywhere up here but just this little

spot here and maybe yeah just to touch it the tear duct okay just a little tiny bit because we don't have a lot of it to work with we just got this little sliver that shows using the transition color and I'm going to use a fluffy brush for that we're gonna pick this kind of mobile color here because it goes with my sweater and it's very soft it's matte it's very smooth and we just need to sweep that over the primer now you can see it's kind of over here's how you find where to put this besides looking straight into the mirror if you tap the brush kind of and you feel under the skin you can you're gonna feel that your orbital bone is right under there that's where you put the contour of the eye shadow really good I really really like this eyeshadow so smooth almost a fighter a texture and it just blends so beautifully it's a little bit more I'm actually looking at a better mirror close-up okay so that is our kind of transition color it's the first layer of some contour color now I'm going to take a small pencil brush I don't use Mac brushes so whatever you have this comparable and

I'm gonna dip it in this kind of plumbing Brown right there I always like that color now with that we're gonna look straight in the mirror hold it right there see that fold of the skin right there that's what we need to touch we can't just go over this old fold right here which is where we used to put it when the eyelids were tighter we have to put it on that flap of skin that has formed over the years right there okay do you see where that is now I'm going to take my fluffy brush and I'll just blend out the edges don't just smush over the whole thing and just it's like dirty alley just blend over the edges and there we go [Music] learn that up there and now I'm going to take a pencil brush if you stay in color and I'm going to go ahead and take it down and under the bottom eyelashes okay makeup artists tell us not to use anything light up under the brow bone because this big bunch of skin is already kind of sticking out I like the play of the light against the dark so very very sparingly I'll put just a little dot of a light color there just a little bit under the brow bone to catch

the light because again if you have light here and dark here that's very effective so a little more of the transition color over that dark and up into the brows now I've kind of muted this whole thing of skin okay so now it kind of recedes a little bit now look at the two eyes can you see this is a super extend precise liquid pen eyeliner from Avon what I did and I want I do want to show you this even though I've already done it I took this and just kind of I put little dots between the eyelashes right at the roots so that I can use eyeliner - we don't have a lot of real-estate up there - to use for eyeliner so we just put thoughts among the roots of the eyelashes and that makes the lash line a little bit more prominent okay my furnace came on and it's loud but I want to go ahead and finish this up so you know our transition color here this mo the last step here is I'm going to blend so that this dark isn't you'll see so I'm gonna blend the start down onto my lid so the only place with really light eyeshadow is that inner corner and that tiny bit of the rubble this is just a really soft color here

this is not the dark it's just to blend the darker okay that's it I think I got makeup tutorial time you know that Avon liquid eyeliner pen that I used in the tutorial well I've got one of those to give away in black just leave a comment below saying that you would like this pen and I'll have a little drawing and we'll pick the winner ready for this week's check-in [Music] [Applause] I'm very happy to say two things my son was having that housing crisis last week which was distracting me from doing my goals now that that has been taken care of I did spine exercises and stretches more stretches than exercises I did my LED light therapy I used all red lights this week for aligned skin or aging skin and excuse me I did flex effect this week in the training log there are spaces for four pictures so that you can monitor your progress that's how well this stuff works Deb Crowley who invented this really wants you to see for yourself how well it works also the training log itself is really helpful so I'm gonna be

incorporating this into the routine now next week we're gonna be talking about a very serious topic there's a pollutant called chromium six which is extremely dangerous it's in most of the water systems in this country and know your Brita pitcher will not filter it out only a few systems will filter out chromium six and we're going to be talking about those next week if you're getting some good out of these videos please subscribe and click the bell icon so that you can be among the first to know when I upload a new one until I see you next time have a pretty healthy week you [Music]