19 March 2019

Makeup for Beginners Part 2 (Using Affordable Products!)

Makeup for Beginners Part 2 Easty to follow makeup steps for beginners using products which are affordable or can be bought at watsons. Watch part 1: ano ang ...

hi it's Malaya so a video I am part

owner makeup for beginners which is the process compatible makeup so the written a to him beacon a bobbin hidden as to why I like the products cousin as a part one ayah Bangla had my moisturize mullah Fiona go on and off scam and then the rest as a foundation will again come on a on center and on face co-con telamonian eyelid echo para him douche accounted magnet on Kiki that was in a pleasure evenly parameter in flawless on victim and then putting it up in your foundation brush sistema removal a humanistic spur umapada Pacino foundation Kappa Sigma metric on embarking brush palette blend in your remaining foundation add the phone on second layer a foundation parity style Samaha area and allow ending shadow not upon the first layer which is you my scars mannequin conquer a new leg go and then blend make sure no one long visible and the foundation lines since him being at the panel had some foundation pimple scars comics a spot conceal entire another meeting polytope concealer is shown same shade non-skid apartments a spot conceal carry trap in your lung and brush hiding products on the low below in a slight parameter gonna know my is

common in Goose neat algo para no Blanche Akuma metaphor normally Aetna buffing brush same idea of new sled around your product it up in Milan shop are amongst a young brother who Sonya Dakar gonna impart an genomic Co concealer Paris and next step is one shade lighter non-skin danke Esparza from concealer under eye bags at bulk highlight Marilyn face I'm gonna make opening and a small buffing brush Italian from by Blanco no concealer since he night light not a new under eye area if you know this pattern lock and load from you Aryan iron so we're gonna do not know same concealer para a highlight didn't even personal face para balance chipping [Music] [Music] [Music] using the same small buffing brush Finland in : Susu not Akhil I am an apple on video net on separate about key Leyland Shyam steps products can guarantee the irresistible Yom link John's a common common description box and signa in the law you snoop on Oren I an elegant combination and products on my tail area purposes of my arch didn't

finish a mandolin a part that was young partner well Aaron Burr Oak Milligan cousin of American Orion bottle that was no sale Ellen Ellen reporting and then Ben rush out along chaparral La Caleta harsh lines still equality of those on my arch and the goombah me kikuno concealer a small concealer brush but let me see millennium edges atomic volume shape now Istanbul p.m. after young step now I Lanham go in if my Gila cadence and my brows on fleek or qu you know I knew he liked his major now the leg best luck pass I am betting on my Borella happy indeed o or summative anomaly leap in the buffing brush battery blend the concealer hey Landon Valhalla pageant consider a particular day of onam $20 to some inner part param Agni fashion most natural artists I am bin rashed al kasha before juicing at a face I made sure now Allah concealer nanak said in such fine lines cotton a pincushion so much he said Mateo I'm gonna meet cleanest michigo final powder creamy glow will again go yo under I caught a personal example a neon science Nam lost all your peers own para conditioning oily at pi-ramesse man toggle are

make up just like acronym Blenko using a bigger brush derecha Tulsa eyes pinned I'm comin atcha with a concealer and elegant comb eyelids paramita panel redness human veins [Music] after grouping Ryan Synnott function with a powder on Kagame denarii my own eyes shadow is from covergirl two naked notes that was the first step on transition shade and Omaha cross alpha shade under the meeting Adam Eli likely lunch on us on my crease I am in a wind windshield wiper motion and then coming apart an additional product has been built up Kalani on collar until my Walker you intensity notice to my next step wanna brush Nam edge tapered I am quinoa Iranian Sigma darker Brown and Hayek's Tony lucky coincidence mi chrislam then yang tapas pyramid must not concentrated in semi outer V that potential is dark purpose canonical nourishes on my lower lashline using the same shade better the same command economies shader brush peanut : : atlas on my outer V Madam's when intensive boolite next my makeup on a flat shader brush a little champagne shimmery shade llena de Coulomb shower my 2/3 MyLink

APIs quinoa Lemieux same brush dynamic Madame de Nina billion in coolant all together parallel on a harsh ending new Dark Age volume shimmery shade well an additional product in a meeting that's awesome dynamically no backing brush um smoky shader to higher blackness shape at all in ugly colors are very carefully done so my outer-v padmasama lolly ice made basking on equation something lower lash line and then going back in some a tapered na crease brush Finland in cooling silhouette altogether but I'm smoking down using the same shade Magnum and nothing since I did you shimmery I check how your flat shader brush it is not a meaty nothing from highlight my brow bone shock upon highlight inner inner corner I such a high or one-third non lower lashline Oh some my lower lashline a biomimetic on a pencil brush such a volume light brown shade but I mean cool iron and then the same brush minimum um darker Brown she lead a gentleman is using my outer outer part o next Kagami to iron on every banana pencil I'm stepping up tight in a towel in a tight lining so I'm purposely toe is paramount that's not a volume lash line and then

for negligee Diana false lashes later on in diamond haluska me on Finnish markka Susan odd is McClaren lashes it off that NATO Mississippi's by Latino Mulligan on false lashes later for the mascara dynamic list Maybelline hyper current waterproof again it's important illogical salmon since mikela given on false lashes after kayo he finding you believe Magdalena false lashes Predaking obliging on two coats no mascara Aramis must fungi become a burden and the neglected in a canal mascara is a my lower lash at my last step for the ice palace American Bhima Healy McFaul sees a llama holiday of a pair of the gerenian off-camera pero me gustan you mop inaud we're never separate video about this particular step out of my guide Taiyo but to defy you not even for slashes next step is macoco turnin a nosegay meeting Colin Braun ionic chiffon pencil brush product people is BTL a country man long video led about the schools to Natalia do tutorial about no school and then como - a tapered blending brush battle and you've been doing good knock on door make sure Nana Blanchot properly

as in walang obvious an alliance or else my mom crashing fake and then como ha upon young locks crease brush at him whiteness shading upon highlight ine liquidation do some Aboriginal knows I'm gonna set it down oh yeah so I you think wanna earn baby backs Paris the next step which is face contour a solo committing go to brown shade Nutella leggy Cuccia to salmon apart now goes to home of Mahatma smelliot or slimmer like for example and forehead column September smoochy you my cheekbone and Paramus moment slimmer your Facebook so you don't mean a Vietnam or contouring because Antonio my parts none trace me and I was too young Muslim slim or Miss Emily it and a highlight parts nominal Estonian was amongst an out or mamas Milani and then you know uh call your white and highlighting powder eulogy acquittal somebody did not you know Chuck I am so my under eye that's it I can call in unison a change my aluminum for the next weapon genomica is ever B'Elanna lush and shade puppy me like it could have some apples and I'm cheek and Bill dunes are my handsome eyes and a little sand a temple and a donna

are having pinochle favorite steps and half steps and hide anything really fascinating like the beginning lights is a makeup or so face elimination from dark lat gonna make a turn on dimension then can walk on a buffing brush but I blend the highlighter caramels implement on you more areas than facing the deputy highlight is human high points now face back Wisconsin bio light toward life naturally hits your face like for example the promotion Cupid's bow your chin because you didn't know cheeks and get enough temples still a conventional no scope a drama school about your nose our final step is lipstick at the dynamic forever Bellator toast of New York we're drinking mug lip liner before this la luna home gold new modern on lipstick Magnificent Ambersons majora nominee each one in 20 nominative life [Music] so Etta may your final product yes understand the numerous steps at Kumaran of mahogany and in abundant or cumin crema fatten you on a comment Neelam Jones to make comment section sandbox subscribe gais or until next time bye bye