31 October 2018

Makeup Eyebrow Tutorial | Kimmaeko

Hey guys! it's been a while since I've uploaded a video, a lot of people has been asking for a tutorial on how I do my eyebrows and it's finally here! I'd like to give ...


hey everybody welcome to my channel and today I will be teaching you how to draw in your eyebrows and first of all you want to have shaped eyebrows and in order to achieve that you want to have plucked eyebrows or waxed eyebrows or whatever your heart pleases so mmm yeah so first of all I will be using the LA girl gel liner gel seven-to-three in the color of dark brown but if you want you can use the anastasia dipbrow pomade in the color of dark brown if you have that but i don't personally like that so i'll be using the LA girl gel liner gel 73 dark brown so first of all you want to be using this angled brush by anastasia beverly hills and dip it into your pomade just use a little bit of product and start in the center of your brow and slightly trace it with less pressure until you reach the outer tip [Music] next I'll be using a digital eyebrow liner do I get coffee and laddy [Music] so the next step is to clean the edges of the eyebrows because we never have this perfect cardboard eyebrows and in order to achieve that we will be using concealer but today I'll be using a

Maybelline all-in-one BB cream [Music] so there you have it to finish it up we will be using the ever Boleyn a medium brown brow gel this will help it keep it in place for an entire day as you proceed with your day and there you have it this is the finished product and I will be explaining how to do your eyebrows but first let me draw in my other eyebrow off-camera so this is how it looks like so we want to have that ombre effect from the inner corner to the outer corner from light to dark that's how it should be it never should be squared in the inner corner because we don't want to look weird you know we want to have this natural effect and the outer tip must always be in line with your outer crease and the arch should never be too sharp it should have this angle to it it never should be pointing outwards because I used to do that before and trust me it sucks um well yeah well this is how you do it and I hope you have learned from what I have taught you I well there's not much a challenge to doing eyebrows it's just how you do it you know it depends on the person so stay tuned and check out my

channel next time thank you [Music]