21 December 2018

Makeup Dupe? Tarte Shape Tape VS Makeup Revolution Concealer

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so first off I want to do a little shout

out to Haley she's the one that wanted me to this video sooner than I planned so what's up girl today I'm gonna do a comparison between two concealers the famous heart-shaped tape and then the makeup revolution conceal into fine I never use these two concealers the floor so I'm kind of excited hopefully these are similar shades because I bought these at two separate times thank you like a bright under-eye a lot of people are saying that this is supposed to be a dupe for this guy so I'm gonna find that out these are the two concealers side by side for makeup revolution you get point fourteen ounces or four grams I bought this from Ulta then this is around $7 usually this is sale if there's actually a sale going on right now for 490 so keep that in mind and just by looking at ulties website this comes in 24 shades it looks like they got a great color selection you got from super light to very dark and they have a lot of different undertones from pink neutral to yellow and I got mine in the color c64 tart shaped tape you get 30 shades color selection that goes actually deeper than make a revolution which is awesome tart shade take comes

on point 33 8 1 fluid ounces great which is more than double and this retails for $27 every bull it's supposed to be very high coverage so let's find out so this is my bare face all I have is moisturizer and primer on I got some circle edge going on there I don't know but either way I like to have a bright under eye so I'm gonna apply a foundation that I already know and love so this is Maybelline fit me this is the matte and poreless one I actually love both of them the dewy and the matte I usually like to make some just keep it things simple so you're gonna get a giant doe foot applicator apply this like I would like any other concealer so hopefully I don't overdo it okay so that glide it on so nice this is like taking like no effort to play at all so if this doesn't crease I mean crank in person it doesn't seem that level coverage I guess they'll see a little bit of Darkness peeking through it I'm gonna put in another layer but on camera it look so bright right okay but instead of just blending it all over here I'm just gonna focus all right here because yeah okay so I'm kind of loving this concealer if it's not settling into

my fine lines yet so hopefully it does it I gotta set that so this is the Tarte shaped tape I don't know if this is my shade like that's the only downside about having like so many shades that it's so overwhelming didn't pick which ones my right shade but anyways I got mine in the color light neutral so I just did quick little swatches in the store so hopefully this will work out it not look too crazy but it's it's very it's a similar applicator to make a revolution make a revolution in Tarte I'm gonna try to put the same amount on this side the mat turn the sponge and use this side I'm immediately seeing more coverage from the tart shape tape and how's the color looking oh okay camera makes it look so different but anyways this one's taking a little bit more efforts with blend however the coverage seems a lot more on this one this one seems to be drying out a lot faster than the makeup revolution tarp definitely dried down a lot faster has more coverage this one feels more hydrating and it is buildable coverage for the makeup revolution about this one you don't need that much they like make

if revolution is still a great option if you don't need that much coverage or just need a little bit of brightening under-eye you can get by with this but if you want my buffle glam or a lot of coverage I'm like in the tart side a lot better I'm gonna finish the rest of my makeup and I'll be right back okay so this is my finished look it's a little late it's 248 I don't know if you could tell that but it's 248 p.m. so I'm gonna do some check-ins I've been probably wearing this for maybe an hour I forgot to look at the time but let's just say I put this all on my face at 2:00 o'clock I was looking at different lighting and they pretty much look the same but they're looking great under the eyes so I'm gonna do in some check-ins throughout the day I don't know how long ago wear this because I don't really like wearing makeup on my days off so I'll be back soon okay so I got some different lighting here's the concealer they both kind of look the same if I'm being honest again here's a little close-up don't mind all this glitter but this is the Tarte and then this one is the makeup revolution so this one is a

little bit more coverage than this one so now let's just see how it holds up though so it's pretty much 5 o'clock so I've been wearing this for about 3 hours I keep looking in the mirror eyes do feel like they are very similar however you can see right here this is the makeup revolution you can see a little bit of the darkness peeking through and this one looks fine and this I don't know if you could tell let me but anyways um I got a little bit of creasing on both eyes this one is a little bit more I don't know if you can see that I have a little bit here just blend that in and here however that's pretty much all concealers so what I think the tark is winning all right you guys so I'm at my final check-in it is currently 703 in a way this for about five hours I'm gonna take off my makeup now because I want to go to the gym and I do not like working out with makeup on this one's the makeup revolution this one's the Tarte they pretty much look uh very identical they both kind of settled into fine lines just a little bit but it's nothing crazy like I've had worse concealers I like the makeup revolution probably for like everyday it's very

easy to blend I did have to do two coats of this and then this one is good for like glam makeup I'm sure or like if you have really dark under-eye circles this one of the tarts would be really great this one was a little bit harder to blend you kinda have to work a little bit faster with the Tarte shape tape because it does dry it out a little bit faster than of this one did have to build this one out if I did two layers is when I only did one so so if you guys liked that video please give it a thumbs up and it would totally help me a lot I am done for the night Thank You Hayley or basically pushed me to get this video out there um it hasn't been three months yet I'll see you guys in my next video I actually want to try it one more time without foundation I just took off my makeup hello so I got a little bit of darkness from the eyeliner but I'm gonna do again this with heart shape tape and this with yeah there's no makeup no no wash this real quick food make a revolution but the same amount huh because I'm Sophia these are really almost identical interesting I can this one was still a lot easier to blend this one was this one I'm gonna go

with the second coat yeah this one is definitely a lot thicker it has a little bit more tackiness to it this one blends effortlessly but honestly I pretty much look the same all in all is this a dupe to the tart I feel like it's very similar but I'll let you guys decide I just want to do that real quick I was just so curious okay I'm gonna go now bye