14 January 2019

Makeup Declutter: Eyebrow Products | Shelly Slays the Day

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hey everyone welcome back today we are

going through eyebrows stuff and no one needs this much eyebrows stuff really when there's only so much that you can put on your you only have two eyebrows right so as well start cleaning up some of this stuff let's see we've got here this is from allure and Thalia and this was the brow palette and chestnut and gold shimmer and I like it but it's like super thick and I do enjoy that it comes like with a couple of different brow powders in here and this has like this like primer waxy kind of stuff and then it has like this highlight which is kind of nice it's interesting that they put this highlight in here honestly cuz sometimes I'm like I'm not sure what to do with it but I actually really like this and I just got this I've got not that long ago so I'm gonna get this a shot so I will keep that you can make fun of me all you want this is the Wonder brow and honestly it it works pretty well and I had decided that this was I think the brown black black brown and I liked it enough that I actually ended up ordering it again but then I thought oh maybe I need to try it in the black or darker color and the truth is no I do not this is too dark for me umm

yeah so sometimes I'll try and mix them together but I thought this one was too light so I can kind of mix them no it's way too hard to do that and I will also say that never ever use this stupid little like brush one that they give you this stuff is just it's not meant for this you have to use it with like a separate brush which is kind of a bummer because when you buy products you shouldn't have to use it with another particular product but I mean it's like that a lot so um black brown pretty good black for me not so much so I think I can let the black one go that one over there I'll keep this one this is actually people should not sleep on this this is the make me proud this reminds me of the Gimme brow from benefit it's got that tiny little brush and you just brush it through and it works great and it's like just a few bucks it's from essence essence is great and it's I don't have a problem with this and I like it a lot so I use the color what is that brownie brows so I like this one a lot I would recommend okay so this is funny I got this it's a chocolate gel eyeliner and I got it in my boxycharm and it is from who's this from

DLS cosmetics all right is it like dirty little secrets no this is bang beauty okay cuz I was like wait dirty little secrets they have different packaging this I do not understand this product at all and I get like not everyone wants a harsh Brown like black liner but this you can't even see this honestly and so someone had recommended try it as an eyebrow product and it was okay but the truth is I have better eyebrow products than this so I can't even use it for that so it was originally an eyeliner I don't I definitely don't like it for eyeliner I don't really like it his brow product either that's like the only way I would use it though I don't feel the need to keep this and I don't feel too bad because honestly most of the time with the boxycharm you get more than the twenty one dollars worth so this is kind of like gift with purchase though it can go this was an interesting product this was from Becca where half of it is a eyebrow product and the other is kind of like a brow highlighter product and actually this is cute I like this one this is a good brow product I like it so this is the shade mocha and it's called

the shadow and light it's a brow contour and mousse and I would keep this one I like it okay so for this it's so gross it's so old and I love it I love it so much and if they still make this I need to buy more but basically I hate the packaging though I hate the package to like flip it up to access the product and then slide it out how dumb is this okay but this is one of the few products you can see how much I loved this like waxy stuff it's so gross in here but I used it so like it's such a big dip in it I was able to like mix these colors like perfectly to create like a nice dark brown this was so good and I I totally want buy more of this and I should I should see if I still make this I think at one point I was looking for it I couldn't find it and I will just be so sad if they discontinued it so if you can still find this I actually really like this product this is from lorac and I think I got it originally at Kohl's and this was the dark brown and yeah I'm just I'm sad to let it go but yeah it's time it's past time I feel the same way about the gimme brows base or like the brows things from benefit because I

still have everything that's amazing you can see how much I loved it it's well loved but this was great because it came with like little little tweezers look how gross the mirror is though it came like with tweezers it came with like a little brow brush and this is a great product I really like the brow and this one is a little bit more like gel and waxy and this one is a brow powder so I like this product a lot actually and I would totally buy this again but I think it's time to let this one go you think I can keep the tweets okay I'm gonna keep maybe the tweets the rest can't go cuz who doesn't need a little pair of tweezers look although if I buy a new kit I'll get new tweezers right I can still keep me oh that's cute okay this is from chela and this is the tantalizing taupe and it's actually a little bit too light for me one thing that I do like about it is that it's all in one so you have the product in here in this little pot which I don't like how deep it is and I also hate this brush and that's all kind of wonky I really don't like this brush at all and I remember I saw the owner of the cella

at Jenn Beauty New York and I'm like I'm sorry I have to tell you I really hate the brush Masek you know we hear that a lot we're actually working on possibly making a new brush and redesigning so when that happens I'll be more excited about trying it again but the product itself is good so if you just use a different brush and kind of dig in there and get it I mean it's fine but yeah I'll keep that one I think I have a couple of them because they also make a brow gel and they've shown up in a few like glossy boxes boxy charms and if see they've made their rounds I'm pretty sure funny story with this this was the goof proof brow pencil for some reason there was a contest I think on Miss Remy Ashton's and benefits Instagram page and I guess I entered and they told me that I won and then when they had me fill out the Google Form to win the product they were like yeah it could be 12 to 14 weeks and I was like that's got to be some sort of weird typo right no they really meant 12 to 14 weeks I think I got it like literally three months later but you know I can't complain it was free because they gave away a whole bunch for free and so they sent me shade

5 it has a spoolie on one side it's got the waxy kind of like angled I wish sometimes it was a little bit thinner but I don't have any complaints about this product it was fine it reminds me of the brow definer from Anastacio so that's good on that one okay and also funny story with this this was the liquid eyebrow pen and it's got I don't if you can see it these little like Forks it's supposed to be so that when you do it it creates like three little strokes at a time this is the funny little part it's kind of like this gray it's almost green but I still kind of like it but it dries up really fast but so I'm just gonna use it until it dries up and then I will toss it but it's kind of an interesting product and oh you know what people should not sleep on this either this is from NYX and this is eyebrow gel it's very liquidy and honestly it's gonna last forever because you don't need you just need a tiny little dab a little dab will do ya and if you use a tiny little eyebrow brush it's kind of got that like what consistency more wet than the Lake Wonder brow but it's kind of neat though because it's got a tiny bit of hold to

it and I don't know it's kind of cool so that's actually kind of a cool product there I have a couple of the little gimme brows and these are great for traveling too and they've got these tiny little baby spoolie and they're just great for brushing some product through your lashes I always have a couple of little extra spool ease here for your eyebrows I don't know why even though because like most of the products house believe so honestly I should probably let these go oh wait this one I'm keeping right yeah I'm getting rid of these I'm not okay so I have another of the little liquid eyebrow pens I just got it in a different color someone was like a gray one was kind of a brown this was the Cobra from benefit and this is also another one of those where you've got the pen that comes in but this one is more so how a pen should be it's like nice and thin but it's no angled so this I like and the color that I had I don't think I got to pick this one it was like in a kit so it was like number three so it's kind of more of a light brown so now I don't feel so bad about throwing away this cuz I have this which you never know because you don't see it

because you have all this other crap on top of it okay this is from UM honest Ozzy and this is the dipbrow in the pomade honestly these are great and obviously it's well used well-loved and yeah there's you can get in there with the tiny little brush make little hair strokes honestly I've had it past the six months but I don't care I'm gonna keep it anyway and because it's going not in my eyeball but like on my eyebrow I kind of don't feel so bad about keeping I'll just use it until it like completely dries out this is another of the gimme brow and this is in the shade three so that's good cuz the other one is in shade five I think I have a couple of those fives I don't know what kid I got but I have a couple where they're shade five yes this is actually from wander Beauty these are some of my favorite eyebrow pencils because the he's so thin and you can get like little tiny hair strokes and the color is really great for me so these are beautiful these are the frame your face micro brow pencil in dark brown so I highly highly would recommend checking these out if you haven't yet they're really good and again another gimme brow

so I a couple in threes and a couple of fives what do you you're the model launcher you're more like the brow definer again it's just like that benefit one it's got the brow stuff on one side it's got the spoolie on the other a short little spooley like it's stubby - which is weird and this one is a little bit more waxy but it was still fine that one was good oh yeah I've got actually my just I guess I kept in here cuz it's with all my brows stuff but it's from the brow gal and so it's got you know the angled on one side and swilley on the other it can stay in there this was from Winky locks pretty sure and this was in like a boxy charm and it's also the same more like brow definer so kind of bad and the spoolie on the other side this stuff is actually pretty good I like it and then another of those pens from when the other dried out if you haven't checked these out you probably should I think for a cheap drugstore I mean it pencil these are great honestly I love the color of it is from colour-pop is the brow pencil and it's got again spoolie on one side it's got the dark brown and it's like a kind of micro and

you just twist it up and these are great and I love the color on this it's like the brown black so I totally have bought like three of these so I like these the anasazi of Beverly Hills clear brow gel I mean this is the classic at the staple once you lock your brows with these they're not really going anywhere this is the high brow so once you're done it's like a brow highlight and so it's in a separate pencil so one thing I liked about the Becca one you had your brow highlight and your color in one little pod and this is a separate pencil for it so like I said here's chela again this is the eye brow defining gel so it's the kind of this clear same thing as on salvia so there's that this is the lock lock color and this is the brow mascara and honestly I like this but it's a little bit like warm so I could see it for someone with like lighter hair than me or lighter brows because my eyebrows are dark and my hair is very dark and this color doesn't make as much sense for me because it's very warm so I can let this one go this is a pencil that really doesn't belong in here this is from Sephora and that should get out of here this is the brow ink ink brow

from hard candy I don't think I've used this much oh I know I wanted like how teeny tiny this little brush is yeah I should check this out more I don't really have anything to say about this in Excel remember using it okay speaking of the anastacio and we've got a couple of those brow definers so I've got ones in dark brown and I also have one in Ebony I'm pretty sure right yeah evany and dark brown which if you haven't let me see here see them so this one's a little bit more warmer and Brown and this one is more like almost black so sometimes I'm high maintenance and I'll use both this is from Mac I think right and it's so old it doesn't even have any product anymore I'm pretty sure this is Mac yeah this has to go this has to go this is Nick's control freak and this is kind of their dupe for the anastacio it's that clear brow gel honestly I don't think I need this one since I have the other and this is wonder brow and this is my old wonder brow because I got the new ones to replace this so that can go this was the natural lash I thought that this would be a helpful thing because it's like a lash and serum so you can put this on

your brows to help it grow I tried it I never saw anything honestly and I think now it's so old it can go it can go oh maybe that one wasn't Mac because this is Mac and this is pretty shorter this was completely used up no there's still some in it oh whoops I just did that for no reason okay but it is a little warm and a little bit Brown for me but I'll just use it till it's gone it's another of the anastacio and clear gel we'll keep that one this is brow pencil from LA Colors am I ever gonna use this I don't know maybe it looks like new I don't know why I have that brow gel okay we'll keep that I haven't even used any of these inspire oh yeah and this was like a double-ended dual brow highlight and these are really beautiful actually so I should use these again I kind of prefer the Becca thing where you've got both this is almost more like that concealer so you can kind of like carve out your brow on one side and then have a highlight on the other it's kind of a smart idea and then this is from wet and wild I don't think I'm ever gonna use this because I'm never gonna have like a super fine and it looks like black and this know

that one can go and this is the Cobra in the color five so we can keep that one this was from its cosmetics and the brow power and I was so confused by this one cuz I wanted to like it a lot but it was I get this weird kind of brownie color and it was like kind of sharp but kind of not but I don't know where I got this from I think was a boxy charm of some sort so I'll use it till it's gone but like I would not repurchase that and then this was from Sephora this is their crayon waterproof one and they come on what kind of spoolie is this like no one it's like a plastic comb it's not even a spoolie that's just weird but the pencil itself mmm not bad but not great I can let that one go so we'll keep these and you will find a new home for okay so when it came to the brows I mean it's not bad not great but like this is everything that I am getting rid of this is everything that I am keeping for brows yeah I feel better about this at least getting rid of some of this stuff so if you liked this video give it a thumbs up and if you want to see more to clutters keep on watching because I have a lot more categories to go through hope you guys enjoy and you will subscribe

before you leave I will see you in another video very soon bye