05 May 2019

Makeup Collection & Vanity Tour 2019

My makeup collection and vanity tour including both drugstore and luxury brands. My vanity is from Ikea made using the Alex 5 drawer set for makeup/beauty ...

hey everyone welcome back to my channel

in today's video I wanted to do a little vanity tour slash makeup collection organization or just like in general how I store my makeup it is organized but not like super well like I definitely could improve but for right now that's just how it is so let's just get right in to the vanity tour so basically this is what the top of my vanity looks like I just have this makeup mirror over here it's just like the standard one from Costco that everybody has and then I have this shelf because my vanity is also like half my desk so as you can see there's sort of a split right here this I sort of consider my vanity when this side is my desk so all of this stuff is just like basically for my Etsy shop and things like that I do have some like brushes and like skincare stuff up there but everything else like the scale and everything is basically just from an Etsy shop then over here I just have this little lamp I believe this is from Ikea my mom got that for me I actually had no idea where it's from then I just have these like vitamins that I have been testing out supposed to make your hair grow faster and a little bunny mug with some brushes in them I mostly just

have that for like decoration I never actually use those ones so this is the set of drawers and I basically keep all of my makeup and like I guess beauty type products so I just I'll start at the bottom I did show this a little bit in my room tour I believe that I did a little while ago but this drawer here is all just like hair stuff so I have like scrunchie is a dry shampoo brushes one of those like weird like head massager thingies their head their brushes and like hair sprays and stuff like that all down there this one is all nail stuff I mentioned this in my room Toomer I believe to that I used to love these little sticker things that they made and they discontinued them and so they had them at basically Toronto's version of like a State Fair they have like little booths that sell things sometimes and they had them for like two dollars and fifty cents II and they were like regular like ten bucks so I bought like a million of them that's why I have them all you know they're like discontinued because they never really go bad sometimes they do get stuck but other than that they're pretty fine and then I just have like

all this stuff from like when I was really into nail art and things like that in there in this one this is more like it has things that I reach for more often they're gonna makeup wipes I've been using recently in my tart haul I mentioned that I had to stop using the blue Neutrogena ones because whatever is in them was like burning my eyes when I was taking off my makeup but these ones I've actually been pretty okay I don't have anything left in here but these are the ones I've been using that have been pretty fine if you're having the same issue so you want to try those ones I did get the Tarte ones to try like I mentioned in that video I just have like no during body sprays I have some like cleansers and stuff down there just because I like sort of alternate that stuff out like I have one in the bathroom right now that I'm using I had these little tart rainforest of the sea radiance drops I have this charcoal stuff it's supposed to whiten your teeth I want to try this but I'm also really kind of freaked out by the thought of putting a bunch of black stuff in my mouth but I do want to try that so I bought it this is just like sunscreen on

that sunscreen like that stuff you put on after you get sunburn which happens to me on a daily basis in the summer because I literally just burn in five seconds then I have like more cleansers more dealer and these are all like back in Body Works travel sized lotions and shower gels and I'd like a self-tanning mitt even though I have not self tan yet but I did buy the stuff to do it so I wanted to try that as well and I'd like some tarp moisturizer at the travel size won some like regular lotions some tiny little bath bombs from Basin which is a store at Disney it's kind of like lush basically hand sanitizer is some work like perfume is back when I used to collect like perfume from like celebrity perfumes like there's like I think that's the One Direction one and Justin Bieber Katy Perry there's like face masks some lush products and a bunch of lush samples that they sent me and some of my stuff broke in my order and start all that I just like keep in that drawer there next in the second or up here is where my makeup starts so basically this drawer is mostly just where I keep my pallets as you can probably tell I like to keep them stood

up because they take up less space so we tried the Naked palette and make it 2 which i think is probably my favorite make it 3 and and I have the Too Faced sweet peach palette which I really like that's one of my favorites right now and the Too Faced chocolate bar palette then I have some smaller like tart palettes I think this is the shape your moneymaker iron sheet palette then we have this Tarte palette which I don't think I've ever actually used I'm not sure when I got this I think I'm gonna got this wall is in Florida it's just got some eyeshadows and a blush in there so maybe I'll try that out soon this would actually be really good for traveling so it's really thin then I just have like my drugstore palettes that I used to use pre off and how to use these in a while the Maybelline the nudes collection was like my favorite one because it was basically like a knockoff of the naked palettes but obviously I have the Naked palette now so there's the 24k nudes and the blushed nudes they just come out with like two or three more of these but like I said I haven't use them in a while so I'm the best keeping up with that then I have this tart tart Geist I

never know how to say that pro glow to go palette which I got in my custom makeup kit a little while ago then I have adilyn's palette that I just got I haven't tried that yet either this is my favorite probably my favorite thing I have from Tarte is this blush book that they came out with last year at leg back-to-school season kind of time and it's got like 12 blushes in it which is perfect because there's just like a shade for literally everything and so I'm kind of obsessed with this I take everywhere with me because I love it and I just have this Tinker Bell palette this is from Disney Parks had a like makeup collection and it went to the outlet so I'm gonna be getting this because it was like regular like 37 dollars and I got it for eight so I figured I would pick that up so I just had that one I was the only one I got then I have the colour-pop Disney designer collection I have the princess one obviously I did a whole video on the PR kit from that collection and then I have the villains one this one just came out about two months ago maybe and it just looks like but and then down here

I'm probably not gonna take this one out just because it is kind of buried under here this is from their hearts Holiday Collection last year and I bought this on Boxing Day I believe when it was like super super discounted it came with much other stuff as well but that's just at the bottom down there I don't use that one too often which is why it's on the bottom and it's kind of large so I don't like travel with it so that's another reason that I keep it on the bottom there it's gonna keep everything in there stacked like that and then I have my three highlighters from the Disney Villains color pop collection over here I have this Tarte I think this is one of their rainforest in the sea this is rainforest of the sea volume three looks like this I believe this came in some kind of like holiday set as well I haven't used that one much either I'm a kind of person that like when I find a palette I like I just use it every single day and then don't use anything else but this one used to be my favorite blush thing from Tarte until I bought the blush book now I'm obsessed with that and I haven't touched this one in a while but this one just has like three

different blush shades in it which like it's still good like I still love these but like I said I'm obsessed with the blush book so this one has kind of just been sitting here for a while which again is why it's on the bottom and just keep that like that this is one of my favorite things I use this well probably be using this as decor this year it is a two-faced holiday collection from last year and it forms a little pink Christmas tree and if you've seen my channel you know I am obsessed of pink and so this will definitely be used as Christmas decoration this year on my vanity it's kind of gross on sorry uh-huh I'm sitting on top my brushes but basically it just it's like magnetic so you can take it apart and it's got some blushes in there oops and then we've got some eye shadows and then on the bottom here we've got some more eyeshadows so like I said this one I think is super cool because it is magnetic so you can like stack it all together make a tree super cute back here I kind of just keep like things that I don't really use too often like this is just a box for adilyn's

palette just cuz I did kind of want to keep that one this is like an empty makeup brush holder or some makeup sponges or some more sponges here obviously then I keep all of my brushes here these are like the Real Techniques ones you get these at like Walmart but they're pretty nice for Walmart ones and then I keep like my paddle brushes here because I really like those so they're really pretty easily accessible because there's just this little Christmas tree on top of them and these are eye palettes that honestly I don't really use they're from like an elf collection I think from Walmart holiday stuff and so those ones just kind of sit at the back of the drawer because like I said I don't use them often next this is where I keep like everything and it's kind of a mess which is why is it like I could organize it a bit more but I haven't done that as of yet so this is kind of just where I keep all of my other makeup and like I said I'm the kind of person when I find one thing I like I tend to stick to it so it looks like a lot but like I'll reach for the same mascara every day until I run out and then I'll pick a new one and whatever so basically

I just have like foundations over here I have a lot of the Tarte shaped stuff and I just got the face tape which actually just tried today and I actually I like this better than the shape tape but I'm starting to realize maybe I just don't like foundation in general maybe you like concealer is just more my thing this is my favorite drugstore foundation it's the Maybelline fit me matte and poreless they came out with an extended shade range and this I believe because originally I could find a shade that was my shade and now they haven't so that was exciting this is my favorite eyebrow stuff it's the anastasia dipbrow pomade and i use a stock brown color that's my favorite thing ever and it literally lasts like a million years like it doesn't look like there's like there's hardly anything in there really like when you look you can't even see the pot through the glass it's just glass but I think I got this the Christmas before last Christmas and it's still like there's still a bunch in it and I just have like powder this is all like lip products here I used to collect baby lips one of those first came outside a ton of those I have a ton

of them mini tart ones because they stick them in everything the little rainforest of the sea ones these are all part of the colour-pop Disney collection in this whole section here these are like just some drugstore ones and these are all like I prefer like lip crayons to lipstick this is my favorite right now is the Tarte lippy lingerie and this is the color exposed this is my favorite favorite favorite right now I use this every single day but I have like obviously a ton of others I've been wanting to get more into lip glosses because I don't really use those like ever but I do like how they look I just hate the stickiness so I've been trying a couple different ones so we've got like the villains from the color pop collection the Delilah called pop collection this is the zoella color pop collection that one came with a lip liner but it was this one yeah and I wanted to try that out because I've never used a lip liner before and I just got this lipstick which was too tall to stand up and then over here is like sort of like my I guess I well look most of this is mascara and then I just have the two like eyebrow products in here and

then one eyeliner there's more Island hair at the back but I very very very rarely used eyeliner literally today is the first day I have worn eyeliner since grade 7 I think so that's why that one what the rest are just like at the back because like I said I never use them know what concealers and highlighter over here this is a primer obviously almost empty that's a highlighter the eyeshadow primer potion from urban decay which I just tried out which I I liked but honestly I feel like foundation does the same thing and that's a lot cheaper but that's just how I feel about that then I have some blushes here some tart ones and then this one is just a drugstore Maybelline one and I have seen yo s is some fake eyelashes down there some more fake eyelashes then I just have like some sample cards stuffed up there again so mascaras eyebrow stuff you're like I went over everything in the store maybe add some like baby creams and like things like that or erasers in the back most of the back of the store that you can't see is just a OS on lip balms because obviously like every other kid I collected a million of those and so that

is everything that I have in my vanity thank you guys for watching if you did like this video don't forget to like it down below as well as hit the subscribe button for future videos I post videos every single Sunday sometimes more say yes for watching and I'll see you next time [Music]