07 May 2019

Makeup collection yayy!!!πŸ’„πŸ‘„πŸ’‹πŸ˜†

Hi I am new too this! Here is my makeup collection for y'all.

so today I wanted to do a makeup like

makeup review thing makeup collection there we go so I'm gonna show you all my brushes and like beers and stuff first so here's the first thing I brush but it's amazing the thing yeah we love that this is what it's supposed to be like but the thing okay was pink I like these like on the end literally now this one this one is brush [Music] there's a big version of that one I use this phone for blush this one I use for blending in I shadow and these two for ice shoes a fried shadow but since it broke nothing and then if you open my like tinker my Barber's that holds all my makeup in oh by the way all that stuff this is a mere weight they can weigh like this oh yeah umm that goes in here in this pocket in there and then this is this stuff so this can go up like that if I can and then there could be more stuff in there but there's 90 things are there and then there's more stuff up here I'll start with this so first things first is what it does oh it's my face primer it's my beard in sight not a lot of people know about this brand I just found out about

this brand a couple days ago like a year ago or two so yeah and I believe yeah this is my beauty insight mascara don't mind all the good all there's just like so much mega Volume Mascara by wet and wild [Music] get you to focus sometimes I've got to skittle chapsticks this is Minko Tom tinkle these smell so good this is orange this smells like an orange literally like an orange and then another one this one is berry punch and I'm about to smell this one haven't you oh it just smells like fruit punch what it is basically um this is also by being in Slate it's come it's liquid eyeliner I've used this a lot its Cadell that was like one of the first things I bought my meeting site I think it was the first thing oh crap oh I shopped it this is beauty inside round pence brow pencil I was gonna say brown another eyeliner thing by wet and wild with the brown I've been using this for eyeliner this whole time wait what Wet n Wild illuminate and then a bunch a

little lick lipsticks this one is like a glossy would don't want my hands this is the first storm [Music] this sucker or see [Music] one for which is another glossy there is one two and three I have to say that my favorite of the glittery one is this it's just like so pretty okay let's go into the second one so my first thing in this one is my butter highlighter this literally smelled like coconut I love the smell of it I love the packaging and it rubs on really good right now I'm wearing some [Music] you can see on camera I don't think you can I'll swatch it though stop Christmas look over it and the color of this is rose gold [Music] number / letter P f-105 6-4 so [Music] okay the next thing I have is clinic clinic something like that and it's just like an eyeshadow palette it's just like

an eyeshadow palette and these are very expensive they're only like $15 out but this one is like $10 but I bought it for $5 from a person off eBay for a very good price which was $5 and I really liked the gold overdid the corner and I did not buy it swatch or dirty I did that myself i swatched it because when i got it was still packaging Wet n Wild Universal that's okay okay so this what this is it has a stencil of course and all the brown colors you want a little brush stuff to brush it on and up and then some I use this for our like a blush highlighter like on top of the highlighter or just but it supposed to be blush which is I will stick at for it set up exactly this is another beauty in sight powder and foundation so this is the powder and this is a foundation since I'm darker I'll use this as foundation but if you're lighter I think the best option for you is this it uses powder and foundation or if you're in between it's just use both this is not gonna be inside this blush and bronzer this is a natural blush that I use I didn't not use this one as much because it's just too glittery here I'll swatch it to show

you the difference [Music] okay so this one is the normal blush that's the one that I said I'll use like is a highlighter blush so yeah it's a very peachy pink color i don't know i swatched it on there but i swatched it already so no can do too late now [Music] okay sorry [Music] okay moving on to the box I got my beauty but right now it's kind of wet and dirty like very dirty but that's the beauty blender and then my eyeshadow palette by beauty insight oh yeah the colors on here on the camera are lighter than they seem but they're way darker like that that weight woman did it's not white it's really a peach whatever looks like on the camera its weight and then down here I have like a bunch of these like little brushes either those or those well yeah and then here's another multi tire 7076 piece make up cake look how dirty those I've had this for years and it's lasted me okay there's another mirror that's like a third video it's a video my third mirror this is eyebrow wax I'm

a highlighter bro I put a little blonde eyebrow powder net and all this and then Oh more eyeshadow color for eyeshadow this time and then Rose blush pink blush golden highlighter if you blend them together it makes the good [Music] but then once again if you didn't together separately they look like the colors on there think that gold rose gold this is the bronze gold okay yeah if you look go down here just close this go to heroes uh Oh God I wanted to sneeze and then I could have seen uh black eyeliner gel brown I like hair gel this is a purple either pink or purple eyeliner gel gel a navy blue I like maybe Jolie okay now you might be wondering where is this coming from and it looks seed so I shouldn't know so what's gonna happen here is you see this like clip thing up here you're gonna turn it down and then there are all the colors pretty sweet scene and then it's more spacious okay up here I have two bosses this one is like iridescent pink okay this is like a matte pink again I said third because it's my third mirror in here okay I still need edit this video

oh gosh dang it a bunch of brushes this is my [Music] look good foundation brush blush brush eyeshadow brush something took off brush fish it's just um blending brush highlighter brush and then these two brushes I really don't use them I've never used them actually but they're just they're so yeah um I can subscribe this video call me leave a call me um comment on things that I should do give me ideas and like stuff I should work on or stuff I shouldn't do because I made to this I really don't know what to do what to expect yeah have a nice night or morning or afternoon whenever you're watching this well bye