30 October 2018

Makeup collection part 2

hey guys it's Kenzie this is going to be

part two of my updated makeup collection yeah yeah please feel like in subscribe and yesterday's Tuesday I don't know when you guys will watch this but today's Tuesday eat win xxx I think 29th or 30th of you yeah it's kind of like 11 I mean 12:30 or 1:00 or something around there somewhere but I'm sick so that's where I'm staying home today yeah let's just get out of here he's alive I'm subscribe and yeah so I'm gonna be me up here because I just did the face and cheeks on my palette so I was really moving up is sweaty so fast it up here I haven't all that state stood here private hey do you don't use anymore don't I don't recommend buying it it's not the past that's the lowest just doesn't come out very well and they can steer your vivid matte liquid lipstick I just have this face powder that stretches should be in my face drawer I also have a brand new actually with this my birthday for my friend Ashley brand new beautiful lip lip balm really cute I have this is most of my lips I have just like this I just wanna show you cheer hey leap old one worms a pink any red else I have a dry shampoo but

you sparkly that's not really makeup so much she not oh sorry sorry guys sorry it's have around by itself in its little I shouldn't see which also should be my sugar yeah oh my god don't know why that keeps fighting I'm just like a little bit dizzy just never even though man I've got a lip glosses like all the races and her she's ones mr. Sykes subscribe and cherry cola and yeah and in the other video have you had me talking about those true Katrina palates I was actually truly know three male pilots and this is the five a ice quad quad sorry sorry this posed by the way I mean this is a neutral one I definitely preferred this neutral one over the other one I just forgot about these and this is the I quote smokey eye definitely defined their nature later this monkey yeah this my phone's pot three gendered it does hurt I think that's it for this section oh wait no no that one my palette that last palette is the Rimmel London smokey Edition and I've knit eyes as your honestly really pretty and I noticed find that things and what came with it was

[Music] I honestly can't do you eyeliner so I don't really not gonna really easy this is just the winged liner from Rimmel London really good it's a really good consistency and like text type of I don't know 800 bucks I just got these DVDs let's go nude by H wish just some unicorn one side when I get these from I don't worry I got these from from two of these type of little ones from amendment Mickey Mouse ones and happy ones from that side um yeah any brushes are really good I've also kind of Tydeus bird eyeliner as well [Music] this is more of a wet one yeah next one of those tubs is it a little bit more full up it's got more of those designer brands most of my beautiful another I'm new by Nature it's really all the same brands really another sports car yeah next I've got one a little more okay which I got for my birthday and go this little pack and it ties with the whole can you purchase wheels I brushes face brushes but it's like this really nice disco right and yes it has

I got my Beauty Blender I don't you got this baby but not to others I think Jim other divas who I found - oh the beauty part is and then play that time goes neat huh Oh Beauty windows which is really amazing I need to Artemis yeah [Music] and the last thing I'm going to show you you may be country things but this is where I hold my lip glosses over lipsticks and my miss scars most of this is lipsticks and lip I have now over here this component another bugler no I didn't have another one here but it's gone I had other than the rest a winner here we've got a remote under skin scandal eyes broken curbs mascara that's was her I also have a clothes and food designer brand all right so these are my Kylie's that my least favorites it's like a purple and then these three Browns which I many pounds way to favorites on these wrap this wire and this Pete I should put a make it but this is the this kind of writer but it burned off it didn't break off I just ran out of it yes ok this is a stain I have to go for this his name Rimmel London stay matte liquid lip color and this

look Lana I actually got this from my birthday they could lipstick that's Matt Jones map and it will meet a lineup I also in here got a creamy matte lip crayon from just my branch really honestly really pretty color like a really nice bag of meat pepper color I was a heavy Jeffrey [Music] [Music] [Music] it's just a red one and shed kiss applause oh wait there the blue line is on this step slipped fine Emma toilet this designer brand one which snaps on some not very good ones they don't recommend Barney yeah oh wait one more thing is this Mac prep and Prime thank you for this video guys that's basically it yeah