05 May 2019

makeup collection of a 15 year old + room tour

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hey guys so today I'm doing a makeup

collection video slash report and don't yell at me but I tried my best I did a 13 year old makeup collection video a few months ago I was watching it I like during the morning I was like half asleep I clicked on it accidentally I heard my voice the first 10 seconds and I deleted it so yeah I'm gonna be doing that today here's the video I'm gonna show you what my room looks like if you were just like turn around [Music] I got this said to me I really think company : class makeup organizer on Instagram I'll link it down below and then right here mirror but it's just your standard mirror it's kinda even though I cleaned it literally it's like 10 minutes ago to the west of it they're kind of my everyday products but I definitely do not use all this on a daily basis so please don't judge me over here I have powders like the Milani Mac I have my eyelash curler two mascaras the roller lash and Ulta warning hi my Beauty Blender which is literally disgusting on my bare minerals foundation hoola bronzer these are all my brow products I use the benefit one right now but I normally like switched

throughout and over here I have extra highlighters those are all my powdered and one of them that didn't fit anywhere else over here I have liquid lipsticks lipsticks and one gloss that I really like from sugar babe um I'll link them down below - they're really good and they're really cheap and they're really small company you should go support those are my products which they're not using every day and then right here I have my Mario Badescu they have four containers of brushes a lot of them are cheap ones that I got off of our car whatever like 13 which is disgusting and they're kind of really bad but a lot of them are good that's right here all my like everyday brushes these are all my eyeshadow brushes or the ones that I mostly use oh these are face brushes that I don't normally use um they're just kind of there for fun because I think it makes everything look more fun over here it's kind of hidden behind everything I have for highlighter palettes and then down here I have two jeffree star highlighters and some other violent palette up here I'm gonna start back

here um let's just make covered they're all my eyeliners not all of them those are the Islanders that I don't use actually and then over here lip liner over here I have some lip glosses and a room we use all my foundations that I do not use this is a really nice house and I'm going to use more so I put it up here and these are my primers and then down here these are a bunch of powders that I don't use down here all my liquid right again here's all my contour here's my blush store I have like nothing because I don't like blush I don't know why that is in there that's not a flash here our lip glosses and stuff like that that I do not use these are eye shadow palettes that I don't use I don't know why I have them again I'm a hoarder I really need to saw down here I have eyes shadow sand stuff that I don't use I'll mix it for this this one's actually really cool like this whole thing except for this drawer because I use my contour like daily basis nothing I don't ever use them down here these are all of my eyeshadows glitters this is basically where I keep all my cool stuff so like if it looks cool and it's like creative I guess you could say like it's my

creative looks and I'll put it in there so I'm like neon powders and the yarn liners glitter liners um glitter i watch everything like that here I have some pallets these are all my pallets actually I do not have that many which is kind of surprising we're gonna skip the last three drawers because it's filled with top secret stuff acid with my brand that's upcoming okay so to the left of my vanity I have all my Polaroids and stuff on there ona why are the actually lights up I just tried to go put batteries in and it didn't even work so please don't yell at me I just have like movie taking it's a girl find those pants I like the gang up here and then up here I have my TV I put on a beach setting just for y'all to the left of all that up here I have the all my friends are dead book I really recommend okay yeah that was a preview here on my ear pod case my speaker some dry shampoo because I'm disgusting a little candle I have my Polaroid and then I have a bunch of old pictures from in here I have these drawers up here is all my nails stuff cuz I do my nails myself so umm yeah there's a lot of stuff in there for that store the secret

cuz I have some stuff for my brand in it down here I have all my brushes right here I have all my contacts stuff here I have my straighteners curler down here I have perfumes and hand creams and stuff like that down here I have hairspray hair masks down here oh my god I have only bath bombs and face masks down here I have all my scrunchies and jewelry and all that stuff I just got a scrunchie pack of 20 off of Amazon for only $10 and they're all really cute and you've got you don't get them if you like scriptures over here which I'm not going to either [Music] this is my big near it protects all this I have these a little more entitlement up here I have a bunch of license plates and just like stickers and stuff from a few places when I'm gone I kind of forgot to get them from like all the places like it was a thing for like a year do over here and my loft bed and my champion fanny pack because I'm a high east my like it's a couch that's my sand cloud top and then that's Barry she's my bestie we have three of hand I was Barry Teddy and Keith and then there's a

rhythm throw pillow there's my window and then finished it good job I hope you're doing if you did please give it a thumbs up it would really help me out that's if you subscribe so if you go and follow my Instagram I will give you cookie I'm almost at 24k and my goal is to get to 50k by the end of the year so don't love me tell me if I should make more videos or quit YouTube forever okay you know by