30 October 2018

♡ Makeup Collection, October Favorites, and My Lazy Day Makeup Look!♡

Hey guys, welcome back! I'm so proud of the little bit of editing I did on this video lol. I had a few friends request a makeup collection video (even though I don't ...


[Laughter] so here lately I've been getting requests to do like what's in my makeup drawers even though technically there's only two that are with makeup not even filter like partially filled because I really don't have that much makeup but yeah so I'm gonna get started let's skip right to it okay so this is my makeup desk SuperDuper messy and over here I have all my brushes and this I got from these two things I got from Ikea they were like candle holders but I just used them as makeup brush holders so here I have all my oval brushes I just use these to blend out the brand is be forever and if you ever want to if you want to know like where I got anything oh just ask me in the comments I'll let y'all know cuz I'm not gonna miss everything in here and this one is just like their Mod Podge of disks and cheap brushes so yep and over here I have a I don't even know what it holds like so this one is one of my favorite since my velvet 59 I love this brand because they're like cruelty free I love them my friend my best friend my baby Erica she got this one

for me for Christmas last year or no for my birthday um this one I think this one oh my goodness gracious I I don't know it was it it wasn't expensive but like I don't know it just doesn't look good on me and I'm too afraid to throw it out and then it's here I just have to lip matte lipsticks this one's coffee buzz and I don't remember what this one is this is like really really old it is Mary Kay's lipstick apricot glaze yeah oh my makeup a lot of eye makeup is super old I know that's gross this is old this is actually the exact same lipstick your lip glosses this one and smell that 59:1 it's like a Glary infallible lip paint this one is incredible it's in the shade spicy blush clear glasses and then this one I got at Walmart it's super cheap it's just like a peach color super cute front of the Sun so in this one I have like elf highlighter elf baked eye shadow a little eye shadow this is the NYX taemin frame brow pomade I love it and then two mascaras I hate this one I do not recommend it it dries my eyes out so bad yeah I think you throw it out but again

I'm scared to and then this one is just L'Oreal voluminous they're just two different lip pencils this one's like really really really small like it and then over here is just my planners so I think I have like one from Neutrogena that one works really good and then one from NYX this is like hella fine eyeliner okay and now for this little container right here this is like all the stuff that I'll use for a full face so I have NARS concealer - Faced Born This Way Foundation I actually do not like that foundation it's a little too yellowy on my face so I need to find a new and I just haven't had time and then this primer which is amazing it's good for like oil and you only need to use like a little bit so it'll last you for a really long time so some more stuff I have over like just eyebrow and eyelash gel it's like clear well this is like an elf would call it like a chapstick and then this little drawer is where I have all my tools so I have two different like really really cheetah 99-cent Beauty blenders eyelash curler just I'm really cheap oh my stuff is late for makeup or it's from Walmart or hotel all

right now this is where I have all my palettes so the first one is two-faced sweet each palette which I'm sure you guys have all seen it is my favorite it's a little dirty it is like my go-to palette I recommend that for painting to anyone and this one is the Carli bybel deluxe edition it's just got some neutral shades I like that one too I don't use it as much style and then over here I have two different Estee Lauder eyeshadow palettes just some mutual shades this one's kind of the same thing estee lauder pallets these are kind of multi-purpose this one came with a bronzer and this one came over came with a blush but I don't like the blush it's to powerfully good then over here you have the exotic Lotus palette this is from velvet 59 as well it is oh my goodness it's like one of my favorite habits [Music] super cute some good variety colors this one's kind of interesting if orange color and then over here is my este water yeah it's just got like some blushes this one's kind of same thing except just different shades and then this one's my Mac holiday palettes I

think my friend Lucy got me this one one year yeah it's really cute it's got like three little shades I got cream I'm not really sure what this thing is it's like a cream something or other it's like a sparkly powder sticks and then over here I just have the nudes Maybelline nudes I use this for my eyebrows and like when at one point when my hair was thinning I would use that to like color into some of my hair cuz it looked really bad so yeah that one's actually a pretty good pot like if you guys ever need just like a simple like a nude some nude colors goodness gracious it's like one of the best pots and then just like a blush it's this was really cute actually it's like heart-shaped [Music] so yep that is all my makeup I don't have a ton I don't wear makeup that much so yeah so another thing that I thought about doing was like an October favourites video but that was gonna be really short so why not just come by an end of this one so the first thing that I want to talk about is what I use when I don't feel like straightening my hair and I want it

curly so this is the diva curl wave maker I don't have you guys gonna see that it's kind of bright it's just like a little I wouldn't call it a mousse but it's just a look oh look at that says mousse mousse texture okay it's really light so it doesn't make my hair feel like it's super saturated and weighted down which is what I really like about this one so yeah I definitely have been using this one whenever I want curly hair straight out of the shower so the next product that I have been using a little too much of is the origins energy boosting gel moisturizer it looks like this I'm sure there's a bigger a bigger bottle this one I just got like and I can little kit and it came with two other ones which was like maybe it's like a caffeinated thing for your under eyes anyways yeah I've been using this one so much it's it's a gel formula and it goes on it's really smooth just makes my skin feel amazing refreshed and I love it totally recommend this one so another product I have been using almost everyday when I wake up to go to school is books um I don't know this is a sample that I got from

what do you call it this is a sample that I got from Sephora Sephora Ulta one of those and it's just a little okay full-on lip polish I don't know what that means it's like a CP you guys can see that it's just this tiny little tube it comes out yeah it looks like that no no it makes my lips feel super tingly I just I just love the sensation alright so the next thing that I have been using a ton of is this Victoria's Secret tangled blooms it's just like a mist and I just use that whenever I need to freshen up so I'll carry this in my purse and it's like a little thing but we kept it in my purse you can fit everything in like the woman's purse are you kidding so yeah I just stick that in there and whenever I need to feel refreshed or like you know to smell good again a little bit of this okay so something else I've been using a lot of this month for like a darker lip color is vivid matte liquid Maybelline Maybelline's vivid matte liquid in the shade coffee buzz oh my gosh this this stuff it smells amazing it goes on really easily I don't know this it's just perfection it's the perfect dark lip for me I don't

like like very colors like purply they're real pink so this one's like like a brownish red which is right up my alley so I thought that's what I love this color so so I just need to get ready for the day and I want to show you guys like my everyday go to my go to look so you're gonna start off with a fresh clean face wash moisturize you know you've got whatever products you need to be on and now we're gonna go right in the first thing I do when I wake up is I use concealer and I just put that all around my mouth area and just kind of on my nose a little bit any spotting out any spots that need to be treated [Music] now I already have eyeliner on so I don't need to do eyeliner but we can't do a little bit of mascara so I'm just missing L'Oreal voluminous should be in carbon black no are no you how to pronounce that [Music] I think mascara is like my least favorite makeup product because it always just dries out my eyes and I hate that because then you just feel tired and you don't want to do anything and

then look I don't like it now I'm just being used the next Taemin frame problem eggs [Music] boom that's all I have to do my eyebrows are pretty fuzzy as these alright now I'm just gonna like line my lips a little bit [Music] now I'm gonna take this little compact here and just pick any of the shades let's go for like a really light pink today once white it's white and then I'm blend out as well and now last but not least I'm gonna pick the tingly lipgloss that's about all I do maybe I'll put in some earrings or something so that is my everyday makeup routine for school or you know if I'm just kind of lounging around the house that's about all I do it just helps you be a little bit more productive when you feel like you're put together and ready for the day so all right so that concludes my video I hope you guys enjoyed today I hope I did this well enough I don't know it was just kind of all over the place cuz I didn't really have like a set like what I was going to do so yeah hope you guys

enjoyed and I will see you in the next video bye