05 April 2017

Makeup Collection + Declutter | Primer, Foundation, and Concealer

Today I showed you all of my primers, foundations, and concealers and which ones I thought were worth keeping and which weren't, I hope you enjoy! xoxo ...

hey guys welcome back to my channel as

you can see from the title of today I'm gonna be showing you my hole at primer foundation concealer collection plus a little bitty clutter so if you would like to see more products I think are worth the money and worth keeping and which ones aren't then please just keep on watching the first time I have is from Make Up For Ever I just rhg primer and I don't believe that is sold anymore I can't find outline or anything like that or even in stores so I'm not sure how old this is but it is pretty hydrating and I do like it when I'm not wearing makeup because I won't use this on camera since I can't find it online so I am maybe keeping this just used off-camera I might get rid of in the future because I don't use it that often and I just have some mini Mac primers and the strobe cream that I got with samples on my online orders and I'm just gonna be keeping them because they're super small I don't know why I would do with them anyway and they actually work pretty nice I love using the strobe cream then I have this primer from dr. Brandt and supporters no more pore refiner primer and I absolutely love this and my favorite pore feeling primer

because it doesn't dry me out and make me look cakey however I'm gonna be getting rid of it just because it's super old it's almost empty anyway but I'm going to be rebinding one as soon as I'm done recording this video because I absolutely love it now I have two Smashbox photo finish foundation primers and as you can see the one who left a super dirty if that one is so old I'm gonna be getting rid of that one but I'm keeping the one on the right because I just got it and I love the formula that makes me makeup less all day long you're looking for a long wear prime I would definitely recommend this one because it doesn't dry my skin out and I'm not sure I work for oily skin does say oil free so I'm assuming good but if you have dry skin this works really well and it holds your makeup on all day long and I have the elf hydrating face primer I'm gonna be keeping this for a future a drugstore dupe video just because I'm reminds me of the Smashbox one a lot they have the same texture I'm not sure how the wear compares the Smashbox one this one keeping this for a video where I can do half my face a drugstore and then the other half high-end this is a

primer I literally got two days ago it's brand new to me but I have used it it's the pores no more Luminizer primer from dr. Brandt it's basically just a luminizing version of the pore filling primer I absolutely love this as you heard me say earlier in the video I love the pores no more primer so the fact that this one makes me glowy I'm obsessed with it it gives you a glow like the back of backlight priming filter but fills in all your pores it goes on so smooth it's not chunky or too thick or drying or anything is amazing I have the two-faced hangover X primer and this hands-down my favorite primer just makes my skin so hydrated and looks so healthy and refreshed this is my second bottle of it because my last one was so old but it took me a long time to go through it is definitely worth the money yeah boy the skin I don't know how you feel about it if you have dry skin and this is going to be your new favorite primer it's amazing if you would let it get tacky I need to make it bless all day long without drying you out or anything like that I have the Nivea men post shave balm in sensitive and honestly I'm gonna use it

that much for primer I know Nikki raved about it and that's whenever went crazy and bought it doesn't want makeup on good but a lot of glow saying that problems with their skin break camp because of it my skin super sensitive so I stopped using it let me know down below if you had a reaction to it or not because I might try using it again I know the trend kind of died down but day to hold my makeup on really nice I'm gonna be keeping it just because I'm gonna force myself to try it again sometime soon and see what it does to my skin just so I can let you guys know but if it causes a reaction on my skin I'm gonna get rid of it the next primers I ever from makeup forever than the step one skin equalisers I have the hydrating mattifying and smoothing primers as you can see the hydrating smoothing on my favorite I don't really use mattifying on me I just bought it because it's basic I like to use it on clients that are oily but for me I don't have a light skin so I just don't get much use out of it by mu B keeping up the client makeup and the answer to I love I'm almost out of them I'm gonna have to buy new ones soon but I am going

to be keeping those until I use them all up and I just have a mini of the benefit Porefessional I bought a mini because I only use it around my nose if I use on my whole face it will dry me on make my makeup look cakey that's just because my skin is super dry if you're oily I think you could get away with using it on your whole face I'm gonna be keeping it because again I use it on my oily clients and I do like to use it right around my nose and it keeps my take up from Kate Gamma my nose which it kind of doesn't make sense me because it makes my makeup cakey everywhere else bye I may be keeping it and I'm gonna try and using some more videos because I know a lot of people love this I asked I don't even know if this is a primer it says it's an eye cream but it's more like a gel that kind of cools under eyes and I you just consider it a primer but some skin Iceland it's the Icelandic relief eye cream and it reminds me of the milk makeup cooling water which i think is considered a primer you just put it wherever and makes you just can feel really refreshed and just cooled and I love using this under my eyes especially when I wake up super tired it just kind

of gives my eyes like a boost of energy and doesn't make me look as exhausted and kind of wakes my eyes up to it takes away a lot of puffiness on definitely gonna be keeping this I have the Becca backlight priming filter and it doesn't look like I've used a lot but I have it just lasted me a really long time I love this it makes me look so glowy and dewy I only use this in the spring and summer for some reason I'm not really sure why but if I'm not wearing makeup I'll rub this all over my face and it looks so beautiful I love this primer and I'm definitely gonna be keeping it I have this temp2 Basin smooth mattifying primer and I got this in my Ipsy bag and I just don't use it I got this a few months ago and I've never touched it because I don't use mattifying primers and since I already have my makeup forever one I have no use for this why I'm gonna be getting rid of it I think I'm gonna probably put in a giveaway for you guys because I mean it's a brand new in ringlets hurling and reflect on this really bad but it's the smashbox photo finish primer water and mine is almost empty as you can see there's really nothing left in here this

is gonna be on sale at Ulta I believe Saturday so I'm definitely be picking up two one for me and one for you guys because I love this and I feel like I can work for all skin types and I have the hourglass mineral veil primer and I only bought a tiny one because I don't know if I was gonna like it cuz I've hired people with oily skin rave about it and I would say it is more for oily skin so I'm glad I didn't buy a big one I mean I've had this for about a year and look how much I've used it's really nice to use on clients but my only complaint is it smells so bad I just put them on my hand to test it out to see why I stopped using it and it smells terrible maybe keep me up for clients and just because I'm gonna try and convince myself to use it maybe in the summer when I'm not as dry just to see how it works then the last primer I have this from L'Oreal it's the magic Lumi primer and I bought this because Jacqueline Hale said it reminded her of the Becca backlight priming filter so I figured if I could find a drugstore alternative that'd be great because I could use it when my drugstore dupe videos and I tried it on it's kind of

it's pretty similar and like the glowy way but I mean the formula feels a little bit different I don't think that makes my makeup last all day or makes it less any longer I just think that it gives me a nice glow so I'm gonna be keeping it I'm gonna move on to foundations a lot of full sizes some are samples I go with like so for odors or something but I'm just going to go ahead and go through everything and show you when I'm going to be keeping and what I'm I apologize for the ring light bouncing off the two really weird but these are the Loreal Pro Glo and fallible Foundation's minor in the shade 203 and 205 205 is my current shade I might have to go up to 206 when I get back from vacation but I really love these they're medium coverage but definitely buildable and they leave you with such a beautiful glowy finish it's probably my favorite drugstore foundation and we became in both shades just because if I don't have any fake tan on 203 is my shade so I just want to have both options just in case I don't have fake tan on or it's winter or something like that next I have the L'Oreal infallible Pro

matte foundation in the shade 104 and it's on my favorite foundation because it is matte but it's not as mad as you would think I'd say it's kind of like a satin the matte finish it's not crazy matte where it drives me out but this isn't my shade it's kind of an in-between over my tan shade and my pale shade so I having a declutter this and go ahead and buy two new shades so that they'll match me when I'm pale and when I'm tan then I have the Maybelline matte and poreless fit me foundations in 110 120 and 228 I have a super fair shade a light shade and then a tan shade this says normal to oily but surprisingly it doesn't dry me out I prefer this over the dewy to smooth foundation it's not super matte again it's like a satin matte finish I can't do math foundations cuz they'll kick up around my nose but this one is shockingly doesn't cake around my nose that's old my problem area was pretty much all foundations you'd be keeping 120 and 228 but decluttering 110 just because I never use it and don't even think I've used it before it's too late for me no matter what this is super random I love little design the three bottles put together

mace but these are the hourglass vanish stick foundations and minor in the shade porcelain and linen and buff this is one of my favorite foundations it just got a little bit too dry for me to use this so I think it's a little bit more my my skin isn't as dry and like flaky I'm gonna be going back to these I'm gonna keep my linen and buff and decluttering porcelain just because it's too late for me no matter what that's the first shade ever started using and then when I switch to linen I got so many comments saying it looks so much better on my skin than porcelain so I am going to declutter porcelain the next foundations I are formal Orioles to trim out to looming foundations in n12 and w12 these to mix together make my perfect shade when I'm super fair I don't have one for when I'm tan just business isn't my favorite foundation I do like and I think it'll come in useful for drugstore videos I just need to go ahead and pick up a different shade since I can't use them on their own when I'm super fair I'm gonna be keeping both I decided I'm not going to go through Foundation samples just because I honestly haven't touched them so I'm just gonna put those

off the side I am gonna be keeping all of them because I don't know what else to really do with them because they are samples this is my absolute favorite foundation these in the Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Stix in 120 125 and why 375 which is my current shade 120 is my shade from I'm super fair and then 1.5 is my shade from when I don't really have any fake tan on but it's not winter either I'm gonna be keeping all straight just because my that's what Fair Foundation is full coverage or just do it makes my skin look so nice it's amazing for dry skin the next one I have is l'oreal infallible total cover foundation 305 i'm gonna be keeping this just because I haven't gotten a chance to try this out yet I just recently bought it then I have the Milani concealer perfect 2 in 1 foundation and this is a close to being tied with the Loreal Pro glow as to being my favorite drugstore foundation this might go to foundation for a while is super super full coverage it doesn't dry my skin out and it has like an interesting smell to me it smells good but I think what smells really bad I have the shade 0-1

creamy vanilla and 0-3 light beige but the shade range absolutely sucks because they have no light shades and no dark shades the darkest shade would fit my mom and she's not that dark and the lightest shade wouldn't even fit me without fake tan on the lighter shade barely fits me now and that's terrible because this foundation is amazing I don't know why they just can't make a bunch of different shades like don't come on the foundation you can't come out with a whole shade range but I'm gonna be keeping both of these because I do use a bull shades at some point next I have two foundations from Armani of the power fabric and luminous silk foundations and both on the shade 5 I have a whole review comparing the two but I absolutely love both and definitely be keeping both so if you would like to see how I feel in depth about them then you can go ahead and watch that comparison the next foundation I have is this NARS all day luminous weightless foundation in late Ford oval and this is really gross now I mean I used it a lot and I love this foundation but it's so gross now the oils or product breakdown or whatever's

going on got all over a bunch of foundations because I'm keeping them all on bags right now since I am trying to organize them so I'm gonna be getting rid of this because it's gross oh but I'm gonna buy a new one in my current shade this is a lot of drugstore foundations so Maybelline fit me doing smooth which is meant for normal to dry skin but like I said with the matte and poreless I don't like this one as much it just doesn't cover my skin as well as I would like it I'd say it's about a medium coverage and it's not my absolute favorite but I don't hate it either so I'm gonna keep it just to have for reviewing purposes because I mean this is my job to review and test out new products mines in the shade 120 so swears me when I'm fair and I don't plan on buying a tan shade just cuz I don't get much use out of it and I think anastacio Beverly Hills stick foundation in warm ivory and I've only used this a few times just because it's not my favorite formula I love an associate products so much but this just wasn't I was expecting meant more for normal to oily skin and as I said I'm super dry so it just doesn't personally work out for

me but I'm gonna try there contour sticks just to see if I could contour with those and not cover my whole face I am gonna keep it just because I do like stick foundations I do want to eventually do a comparison of a bunch of stick foundations but just not my go-to I don't hate or anything I just went using on daily basis damn to Marc Jacobs foundation the shade ivory and again their shade ranges trash - they don't have any dark shades at all really and this is the lightest shade and it just now fits me they really need to come off more shades because this is one of the best foundations that covers so so well it is one of the only foundations that can cover my nose without separating at some point throughout the day or caking up or anything like that I absolutely love it I'm gonna be keeping this I'm almost out of it as soon as I went on we have to buy another and I totally without complaining it's definitely worth the price then I have the LA girl Pro coverage HD foundation - in the shade fair I just use this for the first time today it's a beautiful glowy foundation in this medium coverage but definitely buildable I built mine up to

a full coverage you do have to set it because it is tacky if you don't but I love it definitely be keeping this doesn't the last foundation I have I don't feel like I have that many honestly like compared to most people but this is the NARS sheer glow foundation in the shade light sticks Ceylon I love this foundation it's not sheer like it says in the name sheer glow X I've staked a medium buildable coverage you can definitely build up the full coverage and just leaves your skin looking so natural-looking it's a beautiful glow it's not super super dewy I wouldn't recommend this for oily skin before dry skin it looks so beautiful on so I'm definitely keeping this now I'm just gonna be moving on to my concealers and showing you all of them and telling you which ones I like and which ones I don't just like I did throughout the rest of this video the first concealer I have is from Tarte it's the tart shade tape in a fair neutral light and light neutral light is almost empty as you can see it's starting to get a little bit discolored fair nose was almost empty two of the newest one I've purchased is

light neutral as my current shade if you can't tell by watching all of my tutorials is my absolute favorite install that covers literally everything my under eyes are pretty drying this doesn't dry them out but it does crease if you don't send it it will crease really really bad I have to rub my fingers under my eyes and then fix it with a Beauty Blender before I set my foundation because if I don't my under eyes will crease so bad by me for the quality of this product it doesn't even bother me normally I hate when concealer creases but this doesn't even bother me at all I'm keeping all of them because I get you that every she ate at some point and two of them are already almost empty anyway then I'm the glamoflage concealer from hard candy in the shade ivory and I've never used the pencil I don't really know why it's in there I don't use if I may keep them together I don't like this concealer at all it's my least favorite drugstore concealer and concealer in general it's so so thick it's hard to work with but I am gonna keep me because I plan on doing a full face for using products I hate challenge at some point but if I wasn't doing that

video I would definitely get rid of this isn't that worth the money even though it's like a dollar or two I still wouldn't buy it next I have the LA girl Pro concealer this and a bunch of different shades and these are asking one of the best drugstore concealers I don't know if you can find them at the actual drugstore I believe la girl is now sold to Alta they're so cheap but they work amazing they're full coverage they were good to contour with highly concealed color correct everything they don't dry out your skin and I highly recommend getting these if you work on clients just buy all the shades if you go to I believe Ike a house or I Kate warehouse that's where I get mine they're only like two dollars on there and half the time there's a sale so go grab all of these if you're a new clients they work so nice and I'm keeping all of them this isn't my client collection if you're wondering is my personal but I used the dark shade to a contour I use the super light shapes to highlight and then I use the yellow to color correct same with the red and then the like light to medium shades I used to

conceal at some point throughout the year so I have a use for all of them I have the morphe concealers and oats maki out on truffle nut and I don't like these at all they're super drying I don't think more fakes come on with any new concealers anything like that and I know people don't really talk about these that they're so drying I bought these to conceal highlighting contour with and I've only used them a few times if you want to save them to use on a full face using products I hate video or just like a disappointing products video or something like that I really do want to declutter these but just because this is my job I'm gonna be saving them to use in a video like that but I would not purchase these again and I would not recommend them even if you have oily skin I decided that products I wouldn't recommend I'm gonna put in the color taupe I'll even if I am keeping them just so you can see that like I truly would not recommend them next I this concealer from Wanda Beauty so do list illuminating concealer mine's in the shade light and I just recently got this and I love it I use it alone for the first time today

and now highlights rounder eyes without being sticky or to glowy because I don't like super dewy concealer under my eyes I prefer like a satin natural skin finish I'm definitely keeping this I love it and I can't wait to use it more videos exercise the Urban Decay Naked skin concealer 's and color corrector concealers in the shade light and then obviously the color correctors are green and peach they're all the same formula which I love because I love the original concealer formula I stopped using because it got too yellow for me when I was super fair but now I can pull it out start using in I love it used to I go to a concealer until the heart-shaped tape came out and I love the color crackers I just haven't been color cracking much lately but I'm gonna be keeping all of these in my Ipsy bags I got mini sizes of the it cosmetics bye bye under-eye and bye bye under-eye illumination concealers and both are in the shade medium and I haven't gotten to try this out yet because they were too dark on me but now I can try them so I can't wait to try these out and let you guys know how I feel about them but I was a matte paint pot and soft ochre I used to use

this to color correct and prime my eyes all the time and I started using to carve out my brows I haven't really been reaching for this lately but I do still love it so I am gonna keep it this is the Becca under eye brightening a color correcting concealer and it's like a peachy orange a kind of shade and this is the best color corrector in my opinion because it's super thick and full coverage and it doesn't cake up your concealer or anything like that just really covers your under eyes I love this because if I'm not wearing makeup I look like I got punched in the eyes especially if I don't sleep definitely be keeping this because I love it and I totally recommend this one's my favorite color correct then I have the NYX HD concealer in medicine shade porcelain and I don't really like this under my eyes I'm not sure why I just don't it kind of gives me flashback and it just doesn't cover as well but I really like to carve out my brows easier this way I'm gonna keep the last drugstore concealer I have is from Maybelline it's the fit me concealer in the shade 15 and I love this is my favorite drugstore

concealer it just covers really well reminds me in the NARS radiant which I actually don't have anymore I got rid of that I may be keeping this I do need to get a new shade for now but this does match me when I'm super this is a Too Faced Born This Way concealer mines in the shade light and I do like this it smells really nice and it's got the benefits of The Hangover primer I just don't use it that often this is more of a summer concealer to me because I'm not looking for as much full coverage then so I'm definitely a get back into using this now that it's my shade again and I don't need to cover literally every flaw on my face because I'm super fair the last concealer they have is a Smashbox color correcting stick in peach orange or whatever as I believe it's peach they might have an orange for darker skin tones yeah it says look less tired light so I think there might be a darker version of this but I love this I love to put this under the Becca concealer just cover so nice but this works well in its own - it's very very creamy it's not like a stiff stick for me like I know something's gonna be I am gonna be keeping this I'm actually use quite a

bit of it used to be a lot bigger these are the foundations primers and SUEZ I'm gonna be keeping I know it's still way too much but I mean this is what I do is to review a bunch of different products and test out new things and these are the products amoeba gang rid of even though I do love some of them some of they're just too old and then others I don't like at all I'm gonna be keeping these for products I hate video but I just want to show you my declutter just so you know that I don't like them and that temp to primer is gonna be going in a giveaway so that's it for this video thank you guys so much for watching if you enjoyed it make sure you give it a big thumbs up so I know and let me know what makeup collection or declutter series you'd like to see next and I did hit 10k thank you guys so much for that I had said that in a video yet so my full makeup collection is gonna be going up when I get back from my vacation make sure you subscribe to my channel if you haven't already because I'm planning my next huge giveaway right now I make sure you enter my current giveaway if you haven't yet the rules are on my Instagram or Twitter whichever way you

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