05 May 2019


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hey everybody welcome back to life with

me you see what you have before you my dreaded nation it's time to clean this puppy out I have far too many foundations some I have not touched in so long so it's time to start digging in I got my trash can so let's go this first foundation I have right here is a physical Jindo coal yako Jindo aqua foundation this is a really good foundation at the time this is the darkest one they had and it just barely mashed me but now they have a 303 but I'm still gonna keep this because I mean you mix it with something because I really like this foundation so we're gonna keep that there we go this next one is this Too Faced do you full coverage fresh glow foundation and mahogany I just bought this so we'll be keeping that one l'oreal infallible this is the hydrating radiant finish i'll famiry use this I know I have to mix this so this is 212 I have a dirt a lighter one in here that I will be also tossing I had this for a while I will be tossing those this is the Neutrogena hydro books hydrating tent this is the darkest color they have in Chestnut I like this foundation is very very

neutral but I really like it sorry keeping that this next one is of course a new one this is the NARS radiant long wear foundation that I just bought that I've just been hearing raves and raves about and I have mine in my pile and that's what it looks like I'll be keeping that puppy moving I'm gonna have this Natasha genomic glow foundation this is a very dewy foundation I really like this at one time so I bought another one because I was almost out but I will keep this this is a good foundation just not a lot of colors I won't be repurchasing it again because there have been so many new foundations that have come out since then that are way better but this is in the color 90 and this is the darkest that they have moving on this is the land content of dull 24 hour makeup with SPF 15 I have mine in the color 500 suede I will be heaping this one here's that here's that other L'Oreal one that I'm getting rid of I have these super stay foundations by who make these Maybelline I'm getting rid of these wait so I have these True Match foundations this is the over and I have a very long time and it was a neutral but they've

since come out with more colors I have a warm color deep golden whisky 10 W 10 I'm going to be getting rid of the old neutral one is cappuccino mr8 I have my 50 Beauty soft matte foundation in 420 we'll be keeping this bad boy okay yeah I do not like on my camera was set up so I've adjusted it a little bit just to know this is already a horse so let's continue what was I saying oh yeah I have these I have these oddities on mine these Black Radiance truth inflection cream foundations of only one of these is my color do I feel like even digging into them notes have a few stick foundations I have lamented in t40 and my bare minerals and I just not 0 9 that I just purchased I will be keeping these and see I have this I should have two of these I don't know why but me say I used to this days I had for mixing but I'm going to get rid of these days I mean they're both in cool a darker one and lie don't want to mix with my foundations but I'm just won't get rid of those at this NYX professional makeup can't stop won't stop in the shade warm mahogany and it's a matte but I did like how this looks I will be keeping this one something spilled one of my powder

foundation spilled in here but whatever I also have some wet and wild foundations I have more than these two because I ordered online and I did not know which color is mine and we'll set these to the side figure out which color is mine and then get rid of the other one moving on that there's noise share goal in Macau I didn't really like this foundation that much Sun will get rid of that one I have this maybelline superstay full coverage foundation in the color won't coconut I did what I do like this one so I will be keeping it I have this shade moisture foundation it's a serum foundation but it is so oily I mean I thought it would give me a dewy look but it's greasy so I'm gonna get rid of this as well and I just fall some new foundations I have the first two are from lore'l input and stick the liquid is in there's a color anyway I can't find it but I have the liquid and stick that I will be keeping and I also have this new Bobbi Brown Foundation it's the skin long we're weightless foundation and it isn't a color I'm all men and that's what that one looks like warm almond this is my current Natasha in our

foundation this is really old some won't get rid of this one since I have that new one also have another stick foundation from wet and wild this is in the color a Monday I really like this so we'll be keeping it another stick foundation I have is the hourglass stick foundation in the color walnut I like it it is a bit orange but with powder and all that you can I can make it work so I'll be keeping this one I also have the Ordinaries serum foundation I have them in the colours 3.2 in and 3.1 why I have to mix them for my color but I like these the next one I have is this de Miss America beauty foundation and this is in warm 0-5 it is very very fun but I'm keeping it because I can't make it work but it is super deform it's not exactly my color another one of my favorites are the is this cold koujun dome oyster foundation is super small it's in 302 this color although is the same and although these are the same color this one here is lighter this one's perfect this one's lighter but I do like both of them they're both doing radiant foundations another foundation I will be keeping this is Mac Studio face and body

foundation I have it in medium I really like it it's my only Mac foundation I think I have BB cream but it's my older Mac foundation and I really like moving I don't know one another foundation I like is this Iman also say this is the amount luxury concealer foundation I have it earth to life le would need needed in earth 3 now but I really like this so I'm gonna keep this and finish this out someone want to get rid of all these Maybelline fit me because I've had these forever these are the I've had these forever these are the dewy foundation there's another one of them let's see I also have this I also have this email BB cream in earth deep I don't remember I felt like I did not like this I'm gonna keep it because it's probably gonna be good it's probably gonna be a good color for summer I think I didn't like it cuz of the color I'm also gonna be getting over it I do like this foundation this is the black opal true color poor perfecting but it is broken and if I really want it I will go buy another one it's just broken and it's just hard to get the foundation out so I'm gonna here for

that I have these Maybelline BB cream so I'm gonna go ahead and get rid of these [Music] I also have these Sasha second skin foundations I've had forever so I'm go get rid of these I will reach for these so I don't even know why can't them these black old full liquid foundations I'm going to go ahead and get rid of these two as well and I'm also going to get rid of these Milani conceal and protect I mean they've been through some things and yeah separating I've used it quite a bit so they ran their course on get rid of those I don't even know why this is still in here this is the Estee Double Wear stay in place makeup I don't know if I got the wrong color and sandalwood but it it's not just a color it just felt so dry on my face I think they have a hydrating one now maybe I'll give that a try but this one no it was a no-go for me so when I did my concealer didn't you I'll show you this one in the color golden that I use for concealer this is really in the middle so I use amber for my foundation and when I just want to go one up for concealer I use golden and when I want to go two up I use cream

caramel so that's what these are and I will be keeping them okay moving on I am I do have this urban decay what does his naked skin I don't go get rid of this cuz looking kind of yucky in the bottle I had this a while and they had reformulated this something won't get rid of this one I'm gonna keep this do your tinted clumped in the color there's number sixty I will be keeping this one I will also be keeping my stick foundation that started it all which is the color no filter sticks in a 185 form I will definitely be keeping this one or they gonna have some powder foundation the first one is this luminous powder by Iman it's an earth - I really love this it gives me such a nice glow so I will be keeping this one and I also have the bare minerals powder foundation in neutral deep 29 I will keep it in each each of these as well and that is it so I just need to clean this side because my powder foundation did drop in here this is just a sample this is a sample of it should've been here this this is just a sample of Marc Jacobs shameless foundation and Beach so now well now my foundations all cleaned out my powder

foundation this pillar here so I'm just gonna clean these out put these back in here and I'm good to go [Music] and here we have it my mutated and clean foundation flaw I still think I have a little too much but these are ones I know I do use from time to time maybe I'll do another declutter closer to the end a year and I can get rid of some more but yeah that's it for this video thank you all so much for watching and I'll see you in another one ah