06 May 2019

Makeup collection as a 13 year old

New vid hope you like the new make collection:)))

hey guys welcome back to my channel and

I have not posted for so long and I really want to start like making videos again it's going into summer so that's perfect time I can literally make a video like every day or at least try to if I forget like my hair in like the you find your thing it's because I did think we well I wait ok mine here is like naturally wavy but it's frizzy waves and I did like literally no one freaking cares about what I'm saying so I'm sorry but you know it's ok right this thing to it you guys don't care but I'm really obsessed with it like I like my natural hair that's kind of good you know I was straightening it so I'm not really used to waviness that's besides the point but I am going to film every day until summer so it's gonna be vlogs well daily vlogs I guess but also or at least post every day because I really want to be active on YouTube it's just been a lot of finals and stuff but yeah I think I'm gonna you know hop on the trend thing again and by the way ignore my hands or like my arms because I did self-tanner and it's just it's a look you know it's a look but yeah um so I am going to be doing a new makeup collection I don't really have

that much makeup and I kind of have the same makeup but we're gonna do it either way and yeah but I'm gonna probably post this today like I really want to like him I'm hyped so yeah without further ado let's get started but yeah I just wanted to say this is my mirror this is it's really great so we're not do that but I have unrefreshing back here it's just yeah and then I have some like lip balm and stuff but barely say makeup but we're gonna start off up here first so yeah this is a pretty messy desk but you know this is just where I do it and I don't know what that was but that was just on my desk okay no ma'am I have some setting sprays actually I don't really have to but I have the wet and wild photo focus matte matte finish and I also have Mario I guess you are in the mirror whatever you how you ever you say it and this is just with the rose water one I also a hand cream and sometimes I put this on my face because it is fragrance free which is good that stuff in your face but then I also have some eyelash like clippers they are really weird eyelashes but what I do I use those and

then I have two beauti blenders at my friend gave me so that's fun and then I had a few concealers back here a Maybelline fit me one in the shade I'm just gonna say this but like I was literally covering up the label thing where it says what like shade it was like the whole ten minutes I was trying to find it I was like um where is it well node I couldn't find it like I was covering it up oh boy fair and then I was happy elf one and I don't know which which one yeah doesn't really say anything I don't know mascara you know I would actually recommend this this one's a good one I also have the elf I am eyelashes and eyebrows like gel and then I have the Sephora I'm like brow pencil and I don't really use this but what I do it's not my color so it's not like waste money and then I have the liquid highlighter from kill cover and I've no clue this is a good brand guide for the edge GMAX and yeah but I'm sure you all have seen that in my past videos and then I have the kiss from lush and this is just a lip scrub but um here let me see if I can open this I can't I have one hand and I

can't open it you know what a lip scrub is anyways um and then I have the milk makeup cooling stick or the cooling water snake thing and this is the big one and I think this was like 24 hours it's not really sure you guys didn't ask that's okay and then I have the oh sorry but the UM the nutty whatever um wet and wild it's for brows or eyeshadow but I broke it and now it's like power it's okay and then I have the butter highlighter from um whatever this brand is gonna sip real clue but okay okay yeah and then I have the elf on translucent powder and I actually use this alive you can tell it's like nothing but yeah sorry I'm sick this way like breathing in I guess and then I have the BTS two-faced mascara you can see that yes and then I also have the elf brow pencil and also the Great Lash mascara I don't really use this at all so much drop dirt away but I'm not going to and then I have the this mascara the ormolu whatever it's called I can't speak today so we might gonna try and then I was happy elf I primer and I use this for cause that's why I love it that was how the elf matte lip color thing

already shown you see I'm going crazy and then over here I have just more like jewelry in here I'm gonna have some lip like glosses that are really colorful and I have a lip mask from Mary Kay and I'll say a wet and wild like literally bright red lipstick that I used to do that I have elf powder but the lid came off but yeah this one I don't know my brushes but you just don't wash back here and then I have this baked highlighter from whatever that's color there yeah this place and I would kind of recommend it it's okay and then I grab more bronze from I think covergirl but that's what it looks like and yeah I also have this whole thing so let me put the camera down and readjust and show you right so in here I have the air spoon or airspun loose face powder and this is in the shade translucent and I actually got this from a app called a fairy dice and actually I'll put the code if I remember down there and you guys can sign up and get like 30-something rolls for free if you use my code and yeah I got that from there and it was literally free I just paid it with my tickets so yeah it

also comes with this but I just usually use it for makeup like I don't know and then I play play palette and I always use this in videos sorry but yeah and then I have the Mary Kate that I actually got there's miss and y'all probably ever seen this before but yeah and then I have the elf for peace lash set and you could probably see which ones I've used yeah and then I have these lashes and these are more like glam stuff and then I have some foundation that I don't use and I'm pretty sure I'm out of but I just keep the bottle for reference if I want to get some more and then I have some lip balm and this is a mess you can probably see that I've had this oops but yeah and then I also last but not least except for this like lip thing my joke is I'm like stains is a stream glow palette that see if I can open this and yeah this is what it looks like it's really cute I like it but yeah but yeah that is about all I had for makeup I don't have a much makeup but I just figured that I should make a video about what I have because I've done one in the past but I just wanted to do any one because you know the girl got some new

kind of makeup not really I should have like no new makeup but it's okay you know it's fine but yeah thank you guys so much for watching if you liked it make sure you thumbs it up and leave in the comments down below what kind of makeup you use on a daily basis so that was really bad but yeah um I love you guys so much and see you guys later bye