06 May 2019

Makeup Collection and Storage 2019

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hello and welcome back so this is going

to be my makeup collection and storage video I will be showing you what I have behind me in my makeup collection I have done this video two other times and the last time I did it I actually gave you a whole tour of my room here so if you're interested check that out I will link it below and I will just show you how I store my makeup which is obviously right behind me and I will also be pointing out where I strategically place my project pan items for ease of use so yeah let me show you okay so this is the overview of my vanity this is a Revlon mirror from Target this vanity was on clearance at HomeGoods for pretty cheap turns out these drawers are very difficult to open and they shake the whole thing so I don't even use those sadly but that's okay so I'm gonna zoom you in in different parts and show you what I have so here I keep q-tips and these palette holders here I have this blush palette this just doesn't fit anywhere else and then this is where I keep my pan that palette for easy use and then this is where I keep whatever other palette I am either trying to hit pan on or whatever I keep makeup wipes

here just in case and then this is where I keep other things that I reach for everyday or are in project pans this is my ambient lighting palette I use that every day this is my baleen fit me powder this is my butter bronzer I am still trying to pan this even though it's not actually in a project this is my only under-eye powder so I keep that handy there's a moisturizer back there it's container here this is all of my foundations sit here I only have six so I just keep them all there this is where I keep other everyday things liquid eyeliner brow gel black eye liner and brow pencil I keep my eye primer right in front and then here's where I keep mascara here I keep my liquid highlighter and my only face primer right out front I keep my only two concealers elf setting spray I haven't been able to find a good spot for my eyelash curlers so I just keep them sitting here okay on this side of my vanity I keep all of my brushes there I keep my morphe spray here because it doesn't fit in that white container that you saw over there tissues and then this little basket I keep my sponge tip applicator zazz you know I use those for

my lid shade everyday a moisturizer this is where I keep my beauty sponge I have a little container for it so that doesn't get everywhere this is the blush I'm paying this is the highlighter I'm painting my face oil and a chapstick so this is the top of my IKEA drawer I have two IKEA drawers but the one over here is not makeup it's other miscellaneous stuff paperwork and blah blah blah but this one is all makeup so on top of that I keep my makeup basket for my shot by stash that just sits right here this used to hold my lipsticks I decided I didn't like that because I would run at my hand into the makeup basket trying to get them out so you'll see those down below this is empty though here I keep my lip glosses here I keep my morphe like a liquid lipsticks just because they don't fit in my other liquid lipstick container these are other brushes now these are all clean and I'm not using them now if I decide I want to trade out a brush I washed whichever one I don't want from there put it here and take out whatever else so these are clean brushes I'm not currently using this is just my sunscreen this is the

cope re lip gloss II and then this is the sharpener for lip pencils oh and I have a sharpener right here for eyeliner and this cup with the letter I this which is what my name starts with the way this thing my sister got me and I decided to use it for liquid lipsticks so in here I have liquid lipsticks I don't want to have these laying down I used to do that with my liquid lipsticks and then a few of them leaked so I like to keep liquid lipsticks and lipglosses standing up okay so this is the same view of my IKEA units I have the five drawer like I said two of them that one is not make this one's not makeup but this is all makeup here's my makeup box kit again so let me show you what's in the drawers this first drawer this is miscellaneous products like my Stila glitters and colorful eyeliners this is all my blushes here and then these three are blush palettes and then this is all bronzer and contour products and then right there I have a beauty sponge I'm not using an extra eyelash curler okay so this drawer is lipsticks this is all tube lipsticks and then my two lip liners that is a utensil holder that you

see there and yeah I don't mind having these laying down but like I said I don't like the liquid lipsticks laying down this is my highlighter drawer and I'm pretty excited about this because as you see this red here that is a towel and I saw too much Tosh she put down some velvet on her drawers and I just decided to use a kitchen towel and it keeps them from sliding around and it looks kind of cool so I was pretty excited about this okay the last true drawers are eyeshadow palettes and as you can see that is a shoe box right there with some palettes in the back you see my Jaclyn hill palette and a Davina palette these over here are my magnetic pallets that sit right there righty last drawer so these little gray plastic things are from Target so up front here I have my two BH Cosmetics palettes and then my Juvia place in between this profusion palette because it really doesn't fit anywhere else but that works well and then this other plastic container here I have smaller palettes like my Tarte palettes and color pop back here and then the smaller Too Faced palettes okay so that is it for my makeup collection and

storage I try to keep it fairly organized but it really has to be functional for me so it's not super super clean and organized but it works well for me so yeah that's it let me know you think and thanks for watching