05 May 2019


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hey good morning everyone so today is

Tuesday and today I was like I need to organize my makeup because don't mind don't mind this let's just go like that um I seen Patrick stars makeup collection and he was saying like how to put the eyeshadow palettes like at a angle basically so that we can like flip through them and that's not how I have my makeup right now right right now it's just like step stacked on top of each other but my drawers are let me show you this is my setup like see they're not some of them are gonna be deep enough so I'm gonna have to take out all of my palettes but some I'm gonna be too big let's see some I will be able to like stand up like that so I'm gonna do that because like I have way too many palettes that I can see so that's what I'm gonna do and I figured I will film it and show you guys so here's my before that side over there is my boyfriend's yeah this is my side okay so here are some of my larger pallets that are gonna have to go and the very tops anyone so I love these pallets especially this one unfortunately that one has to go at the very bottom these went to this one will probably go in the top just cuz it's not

like the other ones - one - but this is like my blushes I don't really use color that much but I still want to keep it that's my cousin and then I had all of those blushes and bronzers and stuff at the top but now they're gonna they blame someone else maybe you're probably right here because that's what I use the most since it's like right here yeah is it all deal so I finally got everything the way I want it right now at the top I have my larger palette and some glitters some setting powders the next drawer has bigger palettes in the back and then these two these two for pigments and then this one has some shorter palettes like square ones like this and then some singles and my palettes like this here in singles and stuff in the back this one is all singles and pigments I have some blushes here and artists Catorce just cheek stuff and I stuff and then the next one is more palettes some face stuff face cheeks yeah these are all cheese cheeks contours and stuff I just wish like these drawers suck because I have another drawer back here

I just they don't come out all the way and this was from vanity impressions no was it I think so I don't remember yes it was down here I got concealers more faced flip these are double right here and then more pellets came back and then these last three are super empty so I told my boyfriend um look at how empty these are and I have it facing this way cuz this is where I sit right here so I have it where I could sit and look at what I'm grabbing so floor archive doubles of these Inglot these drawers these last three drawers are a problem because I have way too much space these are Kat Von D do single single single single single I have two Gemini palettes and then lastly this is mostly color pop down here like all these back here color pop and then some Finn tea boxycharm they got two of these yeah two of these two of these so yeah I wanna color pop down here color pop so I like these cuz I could kind of like just pick it up easily and look at it I didn't know if I should put it sideways and flip but why can't I have this one but right now this is fine

like I like how I could just like open it so that's what I'm gonna keep these ones I think so yeah that is it this is the top here I did change this store a bit these are I shadow Zin the back faced uh faced uh cheeks yeah all these lashes this is an these are pallets I promise and that's it thank you guys for watching I gotta go