30 October 2018

Makeup collection

hey guys welcome back to my channel I'm

currently at harm it's Tuesday about 12 o'clock one o'clock somebody round that I'm actually at home sick because yesterday I was really sick and I'm still really sick now um that I was just watching YouTube I was watching declutter videos but I'm not gonna actually do declared with you for you guys unless you're just gonna do a makeup full of everything and but with eyeshadow palette I'm not gonna show you a little like every individual Shh night cult shade because it's gonna take away its shoot long and I'll just make sure you the brushes like keys and an elf brush here's a blah blah blah like like that but yeah I know just that's just gonna leave it here I guess so um sorry I sniffles video it's just I one of the main things is my story's really so let's just get onto a frozen tundra pilots that's like the main thing I fly around 15 to 20 sorry yeah sorry I mean the new being the juvie is my glitter eyes which is the unicorn palette I got some fish Todd is Pro palette by top I'm fifty inches of fame babe I should have followed by sports dog we can't your favor

[Music] just like complexion perfection face and I have obviously used this shadow I've already hit pan and I'm actually about to hit pan on this one I tried outreach booth can't go much anymore isn't my first cheap two-faced it's a festival [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] sports go around that face and I should the jaclyn hill palette by multi [Music] Cosmetics Tuesdays and Kat Von D better together palate [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] next is fake face and cheats so specially the foundations I've got an Osman and light to fit me I have a studio I have a mode two and one concealer and Foundation which is the another nas one that it's the same shade as the next maybe onto highlighters I've got no ethics to do illuminating

illuminator Bunji Beauty highlighting stick shape confetti oh I just have a car - I have the jeffree star cosmetics heat goddess I had the jeffree star cosmetics crystal ball Jeffrey stop his minutes summer I have a vivid illuminating palette by BH now BH and blossom dreams essent rainbow highlighter and elf collar and leash a moon right pearls and oh it's X cosmetics highlight and shade Bruce the last one is a two-phase ray of light okay this is the electric Studio B translucent setting powder loose but this is not good I don't recommend buying this is like I don't know it's horrible actually that's gonna be true Boston's video already eight minutes in so yeah two or three Possible's in here this a face of Australia transition who's how to best such a big tub and yes and let's draw is an all-day spray Rose wouldn't refuse to make up sentence might advise opposed Oh sorry guys Oh stay tuned for part two and maybe part three service doesn't