30 October 2018

Makeup collection

hey guys so today I'm be recording a

video for you guys today in today's video is my makeup collection I'm gonna show you guys like where I do my makeup and all my makeup so yeah let's not make this intro too long but before we get started don't forget to hit that subscribe button hit that notification bell so you guys gonna be notified every time I post a video and hit the like button I have my spray bottle with my gel my lotion my two perfumes my argan oil for my face my rose water my sunscreen my hair product and my two brushes makeup stuff right here I have my rose water my matte finish spray from NYX this glittery bronzer my eyebrow powder eye shadow palette sharpener and then under eye shut up and contour and then moving onto like these little slots I have this NYX glittery pearl highlighter it's a liquid highlighter and this is expensive stuff it's like $100 for the big bottle but this is a freestyle one I have two things I have my pumpkin pie chapstick and my mascara minerals last I'm using mascara I have another aquaphor and an elf clear lip gloss which I have put this orange lip gloss and it turns out clear when you try on this is what it looks like moving

on I have my Maybelline fit me concealer I have my Tarte crease concealer I have my ELF penciller and I have a little Beauty Blender and then moving down here I have a Beautyblender which I'm getting rid of these two and I have in the shade golden I move on in my highlighter which in here looks like and I obviously use this I did use this a lot but then I stopped using it because I wanna see didn't really wear eyeshadow so little this little holder I got from BH Cosmetics [Music] ultimate blending eyeshadow blending Brown crease elf concealer brush which was used this brush from ELF eyebrow and eyelash gel or like base for your eye brows and an eyebrow brush with the spoolie a twin tip in the eye brow brush on the other two another eye brow brush concealer brush another eyebrow brush and I honestly don't use this anymore I used to use this when I literally had none of this makeup this is an elf highlighter brush elf eyeshadow cebra I got this brush in my blazing palette right here I'm so honest you don't even know what it's called and I had like one

of those spongy tips at the Urban Decay Naked Foundation I want to go get Foundation matched and I grabbed the wrong one a different one that they told me so this is wrong color so my mommy's I have my airspun powder this is a translucent powder extra coverage but sometimes it does gave me flashback because sometimes I apply it very wrongly you know like way too much like for beauty blenders and then I have like a couple of like these ones and then I have like small flap and I got this from Melbourne collection and some of my hair product collection so I really hope you guys enjoyed this makeup collection I will do an updated one when I get like way more makeup but for now love you guys bye