05 May 2019

Makeup Collection๐Ÿ’‹

Hey guys, just wanted to tell you guys that the video of my mom choosing my outfits for a week was a complete fail but i will be making one soon thank you guys ...


hey everyone welcome back to my channel so today's video is going to be about my makeup collection and yeah I hope you guys enjoy this video don't forget to Like comment subscribe and yeah stay tuned that doesn't even make sense but yeah bye okay so I'm here I have my makeup containers which I bought at the 99-cent store they're really good they're hard to clean but they're pretty sturdy okay here I have this cup that I got from Target in here I put my makeup [Music] sponge I put in my brushes and my eyelash curler okay now in here I put in my favorite primer and my favorite foundation here I have some lip liners that go next to my primer and foundation and here I have the best mascara ever there's only mascara that I use and I also have my eyebrow pencil makes clear eyebrow gel now I'm just gonna put in all of my lipsticks [Music] and my chopstick hurt ok zone here I have my blush palette my highlighter my setting powder and my other two highlighters here in the first box I have a bronzer a blush palette fake eyelashes and a cream blush okay so now

in this second box I have two pallets for beauty creations these pallets are so good place on the right side I have some perfumes some of them are pretty old and on the left side I have my setting sprays and my hydrating primers and in this cup I have some example like face masks and a chapstick [Music] okay so in the second box I have my morphe palette okay so now I'm here in the gray box I have some cotton frogs and like cotton pads and everything and in the red Christmasy box I have nail polishes and the pink box I have earrings and then I just have my Lumiere Mike both back I have a couple of face masks and that's about it okay so in the first story I have my skincare I also have some micellar water and this little like the towel thing for your face and then I have some headbands for your hair and in the second drawer I have in this bold back I have like elastics and scrunchies and then I have my brush I have rubber elastics and Clips I also have like this pink cloth for like my hair it's it looks small but it's not that's yep okay so now my third drawer I have some miscellaneous things

like a big bottle of micellar water I have trash bags I have like another bottle of a face mask and also I have this travel size bag where I put in all my makeup and hair products and skincare and it all fits in here because like I try to pack like minimal when I go to like a sleepover or something like that [Music] I think that I sit on the floor well you're wrong you thought wrong never judge a book by it's cover I sit on chair this lighting is bomb this is why I like to do my makeup and buy a window because you know you just made sure that you're blending everything right and you're yeah I like to call this my beauty station or my beauty corner so um I know that it is a little bit cramped here but this is what works I share my room with my two sisters and honestly I don't really mind it's just out there really messy so like yeah I try not to be messy and clean up after myself but it's busy my sisters don't but I try to clean keep my room clean even though I hate doing my bed I just like hate it and but anyways I hope you guys like this video don't forget to

Like comment subscribe and tell me what you guys want to see and also I have a makeup routine my everyday makeup routine coming up very soon so yeah bye guys [Music]