07 May 2019

MAKEUP COLLECTION 2019!!// Gia World

Hey y'all so I will make sure to do a video of my makeup routine, but I wanted to show you guys my Collection first. Hit that bell and subscribe button Subscribe to ...

before we get into this I wanted to say

that you don't mind me stuttering in the video and like just stop talking for like a dead like five seconds so you guys will know what I mean just walk to my channel baguette again with another video and today's video is my makeup routine but before I get into this I wanted to say two things the first thing was this video is also gonna be recorded on my phone just because I had to order a new battery for my camera on Amazon because the old other battery I tried charging it but it just wasn't working so I just had to order another one but this video is gonna be on my phone but my next video should be on my camera but anyways I also wanted to say thank you guys for subscribing to my channel um out of like a couple of weeks that came to a lot of subscribers so thank you guys and then I also did I wanna say anything else I don't think so oh yeah my makeup routine of course okay so that's really it now let's get into this video so I have this little bin of like lipsticks concealers mascaras and chuck it in two but first I have two Beauty blenders this is the one from Real Techniques um I honestly I haven't used it yet okay then I have this one

which I just got at Sephora I honestly don't know what brand it is so then for primer which I don't do primer but I have this Maybelline primer concealers I only own two concealers which one is this tart creaseless concealer in the shade medium student and then this is the Too Faced Born This Way concealer in the shade line nude which this one's a little teeny bit lighter so then for some of my mascaras I have this Tarte maneater one and this Tarte lights off lights camera lashes and I have this one my friend Amy Kennedy she may be this for Christmas and then we came up like a Lancome set so it came with this mascara and then it came with the lane come primer before you put the actual mascara on so then I have you know let me show you guys here's some lip color der from Lancome NEX la colors tons of those and then I have this bareMinerals lip gloss which is so pretty and shiny can't talk to it then I have chapsticks lips and stuff but I have these like glosses and matte lipsticks and this is just the all to be brand oh but these are just like my little stuff oh well maybe she should

first I only have one setting spray because I ran but this is the Too Faced hangover 3 in one setting spray yeah okay now we're going to get into like my little palettes like little face stuff so why this Milani transparent base powder prep set go and it's just white let me give a little oh well I kind of just that really hard I love seeing like white okay okay so for that's one of my powders I also have this two-faced cocoa powder foundation or yeah it's a cocoa powder foundation it looks like that and this isn't a shade light/medium so good and then I have this NYX in on filter light beige looks like this like a brown gold colors so then for a blush are two blushes I actually have this Anasazi a Beverly Hills blush trio if this is a cocktail party set slinky is looks like and then I have this Too Faced blush which this isn't a shade peach my cheeks which this smells like apples but it looks like me yachts gonna have this one wild highlighting palette this is precious petals which if you guys saw a video a long time ago a couple of these items are from that 20 days of like Christmas thing but this is

what the highlighter looks like and it's actually gorgeous then we just have some nicely and then I have this starlight studio um liquid eye shadow right metallic yeah oh and then I have this tiny little Lancome Lancome highlighters which yeah I use it as eyeshadow so I'm just so okay so then I have another highlighter which is this one is like a palette and this is um aa Nastasia Beverly Hills sugar glow kit and it looks like this that's the sugar glow kid the colors are actually so pretty there's marshmallow gumdrop butterscotch and starburst so then I have this let me try it about this really fast okay so it looked like this and I got it for Christmas and it's like a two-faced Christmas tree I'm the first one it looks like this it says to face on the top and it hasn't got like you like what do you mean is it bright or whatever those are squirrels so then it has a blush a bronzer and highlighter no that's too pink is very just tell me I honestly don't know and then the second one is eyeshadows really pretty eye shadows and then the third one is also pretty eye shadows just have a little

bit more like darker colors so I have this NYX perfect filter palette oh yeah it's really pretty like the colors in it are really pretty like that's why I like the gold shimmers it's really nice okay then I have this tartlet toasted palette this is an RA shadow palette looks like that what is it smoking okay so then I have this morphe palette I don't know what it's called but it's just one of the new palettes looks like this those are the colors they're kind of just like more oranges like warm toned colors and then I have my last item I have here is this palette which is a morphe palette this is the James Charles morphe palette my opening which have used but it looks like the arts yeah but that's not my makeup I have so I wanted to do this so that I can make another video of showing you guys my makeup routine I just wanted to like show my makeup first before I actually did it I just forgot I have prices to show you so I'm not gonna show each little brush because that's just pointless but I have this cute little containers has contouring confidence and I have you

know Real Techniques brushes just I didn't know what kind of brand some of these are just turns brushes now that's the end of my video so don't forget to subscribe to my channel and smash the like button and don't forget to subscribe to Britney Barlow and Alexis Barlow they will be linked in the bio peace