15 February 2017

MAKEUP COLLECTION 2017 | Cruelty Free

After 4 years of moving towards cruelty free makeup, project panning, decluttering, and moving out brands that are owned by parent companies that test on ...

this drawer we have to makeup smudges on

it houses my entire makeup collection right now - two-face which is in a bag to be donated I'll probably do that in a separate video but this is all the makeup that I am keeping moving forward you guys ready okay I believe everything in this drawer to the best of my knowledge is cruelty-free at the time of filming and none of it is owned by parent companies to test that tests to the best of my knowledge at the time of filming except this Too Faced palette which is my pan that palette for the year I got rid of all neither well I put all my other Too Faced stuff in a bag which is going to be donated to my friends so let's just go right through it and see what we've got here I have I haven't done my inventory so we're kind of doing it together I have two foundations neither of which is the right color this first one is the Josie Maran vibrancy Foundation fluid which I prefer but it is too light and then I have the Milani 2 in 1 foundation + concealer this is really thick and I'm not a huge fan of it and it's also it oxidizes really bad but I'll mix these two together to get my right shade and when I'm out of these

I'm just gonna buy this but I'm gonna get a better shape that's not the right shade for me and then I have two liquid highlighters both by Josie Maran I have this one the Argan illuminizer which I love and then I have this one which is like a cream highlight and then as far as other highlighters go the only other highlight or that I have is a powder highlight which is part of this this trio that has a bronzer blush topper and a highlighter by the balm mary-lou manizer and then for blushes I have three liquid blushes are my three cream blushes the first one is Island pink by josie maran and then i have two cream blushes by flower beauty which are filthy really really messy I need to clean these off Primrose improper and what are you pure petunia and then for powder blushes I have the blush that was in here and then I have Physicians Formula brunettes this is by sleek sleek to the best of my knowledge is cruelty free at the time of filming but they are not on logical harmonies list which is usually the list that I use so sleek may not be cruelty free but I'm holding onto them I'll get to it eventually

if by the time I get through all my stuff I still don't know if there's this cruelty free then I'll go ahead and either get rid of it or pin it I've got this one blush nice sleek and then that's it for powder blushes for lip colors I have one two three four lipsticks and they're all by Milani I've got this natural shade pretty natural I have naturally chic which is almost done plum rose which has a little bit actually that is almost done too and shade that I'm wearing right now which is a fruit touch and then I have one other kind of like lip it's kind of like a lipstick and it's by elf and it is their matte color lipstick and it's in the shade natural uhm and then for lip glosses I have 3 crosses our Beauty um yeah I'm wearing this one right now and I have a one flask by Sonia Kashuk I'm not a huge fan of this this is more like a liquid lipstick actually and lipsticks all funky there's more like a liquid lipstick actually and that's kind of that brown color and then one by Milani which may need to go soon so that's it for lip colors um and then for eyebrows I have this

Milani ez brow brow pencil and two three eyeliners I have a brown gel liner by Milani I have a black pencil liner by Milani which I don't want to get rid of because it irritates my contacts really badly and then a liquid liner by wet-and-wild um like a pen liner not a huge fan of that either actually not happy with my liner situation and then I have one mascara which is by Sonia Kashuk for cream eyeshadows I had three I have they're all by flower I have this one which is wild geranium then I've got this really dark one that I don't know if I'm ever going to go through but it's are getting around and awesome blossom it's that right awesome blossom yeah awesome blossom those are the three that I kept and I have one concealer which is by physicians formula which is by Physicians Formula it's like this is the one I use under my eyes and then when I do get blemishes this is the one I use it's really yellow though so not crazy about that either then I have to UM to duo lash Machinist lash Jo what is this called glue I have the clear one and the black one and with that I've got one pack of ardell lashes

which I'm wearing right now I cut them in half and these are just the natural multi pack and then as far as palettes go I have the one blush palette that I told you about from the balm I have another palette by the balm which is nude dude and then I have my Too Faced chocolate bar palette which I am keeping only because I'm going to pan it this year and then once this is gone there will be nothing in my collection that's all my parent companies that test and last someone gets sold to a parent company soon here um my favorite palette is my own estancia Beverly Hills which appellate their you self-made palette I actually have naturally hit pan in these which never happens they were never part of a project but I naturally have yeah I love this love love love it's my favorite palette and then I've got two palette price leak which like I said I think sleek is cruelty free but they're not onto Sheena's list so I'm holding on to them for now I'm gonna have their original palette and i have their acid palette which is a really cool cool Calvin then I have two quads by Pacifica I love these Oh which one are you I don't know they have to pop I have

both of them so I have this one and then I have this one which has barely gotten any use because I bought this at the beginning of 2016 when I was on Project and pan that palette so I haven't gotten any use of it and then this this huge palette by wet-and-wild which my sister-in-law got for me mrs. J I'm not biased me makeup all the time which I really I love that about her because she does not she doesn't hardly wear makeup and she does not care about makeup but she knows how passionate I am about it and I know she bought this because I had the bunny on it like I know she knows that I'm cruelty free which everyone really appreciate this is every color of the rainbow and it also has various lip colors in it so if I ever feel like me on these lip colors cuz I don't really have as many lipsticks as I like these lip colors aren't enough I can always go into this this again I just got in December and has not gotten tension so yep that is only a tiny makeup collection I'm gonna film a separate video which will inventory all this because I didn't really count it and talk about what my goals are but I'm probably not gonna do by this year in

fact I have something coming in the mail right now Stila because I feel that just meant cruelty free very excited about it I might not buy any more pallets because I do feel like I'm a little hesitant pallets right now although I produced a great deal a pretty great deal um but I plan on replacing things as needed so like when I'm out of mascara I'll replace my mascara when I'm out of liner or replacement liner or place my brow gel on my brow stuff which is what I've been doing all year excuse me and then um for other things like lip color I think it's the big thing that I mean I just let myself but I don't know problem with this collection growth it all drawer if you asked years ago as my collection of maybe would all fit in one drawer I never ever ever would have believed you so I'm really happy with my collection right now I feel like it's a little bit more reasonable and maybe it's still bigger than like your average person probably but I think my mom actually has more makeup than I do right now and that hasn't happened in years like I feel like I'm like approaching normal person status when it comes to makeup like normal person who likes

makeup but who's not spending excessive amounts so um I'll probably roll back a little bit on coverage pans this year although I am doing a pan that palette and in a minute I'm gonna go ahead and film probably my Too Faced collection that is going out of my collection so subscribe if you don't want to miss that or that might already be like I don't know which of these is gonna go by first thanks for watching bye guys