20 December 2018


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hey guys welcome to my youtube channel I

am Rachel and this is juice media where I am today showing you how I do my makeup or try to do it I hope you enjoy thank you Foundation I'm judge me you know what uses tried for like I put too much on it can be Oh boots huh you know I'm I'm just doing it so I have my Kleenex tissues oh don't even think you guys can see most are you in a second and I think I've applied few much so I have my guys my tissues let me try sorry guys my music is that : off I basically changed over broadband today I'll put on the songs I paid in debate as well I know success when they caught the fans was of this I just changed recently long - Shawn I told you I don't know oh man nothing guys I cannot do makeup yes to use tattoo bro six pounds in ideally is for you to look like yeah by rolling guys couldn't do some squatching I'm just about to see this one what makes you know one my next thought the most less in these last ones I used to use it in fact when I was younger I used to think about this

wolf foundation I told you I have no idea why my contract it's not something I would use doesn't get paid they would have been fine if I didn't do they [Music] [Music] [Music] my first video being a bit crazy we do something which I am aware I really wanna do and if anything she does we'll see that's totally up for you the number of human games toys not training clothes where's everything so yeah tonight come and subscribe share with friends rich officiates it alright thank you for coming I mean I am now I didn't why I forgot to put in sorry guys um elec furred sorry for the music when I'm aware [Music] [Music] [Music]