26 January 2018


Been thinking about the hypocrisy in the world of makeup when it comes to representing Indian, south asian, dark skin tone girls. We are never promoted nor are ...

hey guys welcome back to my channel I'm

sure that if you're new do not forget to follow me here and follow me on all my social media platform all of the information is right below in the description bar so yeah that's about it so basically today I just wanted to make a different video just addressing an issue that's been troubling me and that is based on why are Indian women forget Indian women in general women of my skin tone to a deeper skin tone why is it so difficult for us to get foundation why is it so difficult for brands to feature us why is it that brands don't promoters the number one reason I wanted to make this video was because of the Todd shake tape foundation of which just got launched and has become the biggest controversy in the beauty world and rightly so only because when it came to women of color they had such less variety of shades at least someone of an Indian skin tone might get a shade or two but imagine though the african-american women or you know really the deepest darkest skin tone was not able to get their shade they made only three or four colors maximum thinking yeah you know what you belong to these three for shade range so be

happy with it and that is a problem not only a big cosmetic joint liked art has a lot of Indian companies has it as well this kind of you know care a damn attitude towards women of color I'm talking about naica as well when I bought the Naik asked ingenious foundation which is my ultimate favorite it is a fantastic BB CC cream a light coverage foundation and I actually really love it you guys and I have a whole review of it on my blog Shweta bitch Oh calm so if you're thinking of buying it you can definitely go and check it out but mine mine but my aunt who is two or three shades darker than me wanted the same foundation she was not able to get it how is it that cosmetic giants in India forget about their own people when they when India right now is leading when it comes to cosmetics okay are they forgetting just like a marriage what you call it you know those marriage columns that you get in a freaking newspaper where they want to face a girly girl you know as a bride that's exactly what even the cosmetic joints are doing even Lakme for instance how dare they forget the darker and the deeper

skin tone have they forgotten that there's so many of us in South India alone who actually have the same skin tone as an african-american what about them they don't deserve to have makeup they don't deserve to buy your makeup I am really really pissed off because you know when Todd came out with your stupid shade range it just got to me you guys because this is a problem that we have even in India it is so difficult to go and get yourself matched when you go in store and even for me it is really difficult I'm an NC 42 in Mac when I used to wear Mac I don't know right now I could be a little more lighter I'd no idea but I have a golden tone and even to get match when I go in stores to a makeup counter in India it is so freakin difficult because they don't know how to match you first of all and second you get a foundation that is really ashy yes you have your Maybelline and you have your L'Oreal and you have those you know one or two affordable makeup that really caters to you like for example for me I think pack will are stepping up your game and they are realizing that there are people out there who have deeper skin tone and it is not only about the

fair girly girls that are always always put on a pedestal I mean throughout for marriage for job interviews for everything even when I was modeling it was always a fair skin tone girl that was picked up more than me it was always my dusky skin tone which was such a problem and if there was someone who was deeper than my skin tone she never got the job yeah times are changing right now because a deeper skin tone suddenly photographs really well but you ask any cosmetic giant see your luck may add and see what they go for bill always go for a very fair girl they will go for a Shraddha Kapoor who is really fair they will not go for a Bipasha Basu who's really dusky or Ali sorry that's really dusky I think this is what gets to me about all own people how can we complain about an international brand when our home turf brands do the same India is like a huge developing market come on behalf every it's a known fact all right I was a former Miss India it's a known fact the moment someone wins an international brand it is money coming in to habla country okay because the cosmetic Giants know that India's again upcoming that

was the I'm not taking credit away from all our beauty pageant winners but that's how the system works I know how the system works because I was part of that system so when the cosmetic world is I in India as a potential market how can India itself not can cater to women of color this really is a topic that everyone should realize and it is not about it's time for people to wake up and stop praising brands and say oh you're my favorite brand or you are this or you are that it is not about you getting free samples of free products or being on the PR list just to be on the good side you need to question this even if you're an established youtuber you need to question the brand that you are you know bring bias about I'm talking about all the established influencers out there you're following is huge all right and you have people of different skin tones why aren't you questioning it as an influencer because isn't that your duty as an influencer first of all an influencer is someone who people reach out to when they have a problem so if you are knowledge in faith make up fake highly lip kits and fake a hood of

beauty you know makeup that itself is wrong second if you're not questioning the brands and if you're not making videos and you're not showing your audience that you are there for the mass then what is your duty as an influencer you just can't just show six or five to six range of your shades in foundation and say oh it's a really good brand I'm talking about the mindset of a few cosmetic companies like Todd you go to Christian Dior also you will not see you know a shade variety of for people of a skin tone so forget about the deeper skin tone alright you go to any other I mean yeah nas has it you know makeup forever has it L'Oreal they try their level best to cater to women of color Maybelline also does the same thing sleek for that instance as a drugstore they always cater to women of color so they are view of those potential brands but it is so difficult to get a brand that is cruelty free and at the same time just acknowledges women of my skin tone or even worse the deeper skin tone you know it is for them and I also have to talk about brand representation representation

matters you guys so if you're a brown skin tone girl voice out your opinion voice out your bloody suggestion to the brand's that you are biased about if you are on your peon list voice it out because that is what you are that is what your position is all about and another thing that really gets my goat is when I see brands not featuring enough Indian women alright if they feature one or two Indian women it is all about someone who's got more than hundred thousand following or two hundred thousand following on Instagram why don't you feature more and more Indian women forget Indian women Sri Lankan women Indian women Pakistani women why are they so badly neglected for example if you see the biggest business mogul who has an Instagram page and a following of about 20 million I'm not putting anyone down just see most of their P agency are Indian women being featured unless they have a really huge following you guys are they being featured no you will see maybe the darkest and deepest african-american skin tones or you will see like you know the fairness of course it is filled with the fair skin tone if you come at me

saying I'm racist I swear I'm gonna block your bloody ass so it this has nothing to do with racism I'm just saying that it needs to be an equal opportunity for everyone brands need to realize that they are so many shade variety when it comes to women a skin tones are different and just feature everyone equally it cannot be because of a bloody following that they have on Instagram it is not about the numbers anymore you see somebody with a talent you see someone with skills feature them irrespective of their numbers only because you are showing other people that it is beautiful to acknowledge your bloody skin tone even today in India you have women who really feel bad if they are dusky and appear dark it's only because of a certain freaking mother-in-law and her son who chooses a fair gory bright these are the mindset that really needs to change and it starts from a grassroot level there's so much that needs to change in India if the cosmetic joints can actually start off by appreciating women of color that itself is a great change because charity begins at home when they do ad

and then they you know caption are all over their social media about how dusky is beautiful dark skin is beautiful all type of skin tone is beautiful then only the mindset of our Indian people will change again and again and I'm not talking only about India alone I'm talking this is this is generalized everywhere every bloody continent has a problem with someone being really dark skin or dusky skin is all about the fair-skinned guys and it's about time everybody bloody wakes up and changes their attitude especially if you have a YouTube channel you have a blog you have an Instagram following whatever it is use your platform to voice this and reach out to the brand's and ask questions it's about time 2018 is about asking questions and not about being a kiss-ass just because you want to be on the PR list because let me tell you how brands work if you say something or if you don't like something you are off their pls that is how fickle minded it is I'm so sorry if I put out another video where I'm ranting in no means am I trying to put any brands down I'm not trying to put anybody down any bloody business mogul in the cosmetic industry

down nothing I'm just saying representation matters it really matters because you are the one that can influence a young girl to feel good about her skin whatever the color it is and I wish the brands would give us more and more bigger products because we freaking deserve it we don't want to look ashy we don't want to look yellow we don't want to look orange we just want to look normal we want to look beautiful and we want to be appreciated that's all we want so if you can't appreciate it being in a home turf I cannot expect an international brand doing the same thing first of all it is so difficult for somebody to make it in this bloody social media scene at this very moment and if you don't have the backing of a brand then I don't understand why are we here you know doing makeup tutorials I just don't understand let us just do cooking tutorials because that seems to be much more easier but it's about time they wake up smell the coffee and just appreciate all of us equally I shall see you soon bye for now