06 May 2019

Makeup artist skit

A funny makeup video with 2 lovely sisters.

welcome back to our Channel today we are

doing life of a makeup on this camera makeup artist Emma I'm going to be the person okay so I'm gonna go and wait for a phone call okay bye it's my hello who is this oh this is Abby I would like to book an appointment what time can it be at 2 yes sure are you going to a party or anything it's just for my birthday okay bye yes it's 250 um so it's gonna be two in about 45 minutes so see you later 45 minutes later Oh summon up to the door I'd better see who it is oh it's me from the appointment okay come in and sit down okay just start with some foundation okay I'm so ready to be makeup okay Oh what do you do okay five minutes later lovely Derek um why didn't he just look in the mirror um it's fine I'll redo them okay say should we do your eyebrows next okay so I've got a pencil here and they feel a bit big of they're fine amazing I'm not done my good for a big [Music] you're fine which I bow would you like me to do first I close my eyes no you're fine you're looking beautiful beautiful

okay humming okay can I just go in this minute okay that brush feels nice and my face yeah it does okay okay say next we're going to do blush or should we do highlighter blush yeah definitely what color are you looking beautiful I love this next I'm sorry but I'm not done with this one I'm making you beautiful for your birthday darling I know you're not done with my glue to you I can't move out of my chair don't worry it's just super good I'm not going to my party like this differently ah you look like a superhero big now time for highlighter oh it's not showing up up I know you don't need beautiful darling no just someone you're known okay what should we do really good next to me do lips now hmm start with the lip liner look something's not right um I think it's no it's not done done this is the makeup thing ever what should we do next lip gloss this eye shadow there's my brush she's just getting the brush for me school lipstick on it are you ready come and done and just to finish off which

lips tell you I'm stop glue shh shh okay which one do you hate the most [Music] and done yay I'm gay I'm gay I gay I [Music] know the eyebrow not let's go down your eyes it's done now um I feel like I should get paid money your purse just do 50 grand yes in my piggy bank okay dude um okay this is the worst you'd play ever I'm going to cool this okay hey that was our video today look how disgusting she looks yes I'm going to write off so thanks for watching our video don't forget to Like and subscribe and please turn on our notifications if you want you can share and this is our first ever video please don't judge us if it was bad Adobe not no effect if you feel you're gay gay nose rude bye see you later bye peace if you don't like this video just keep scrolling just keep scrolling peace