05 May 2019

Makeup artist

hey guys welcome back to my Channel

today I'm going to be face painting my fix and also mine like penny wise we're not doing hers um we're doing hers another weekend so let's get so first I want to pull my hair back in a hotel so wait no face paint that's on my hair alright next I'm going to take any color and do whatever I want on my face so for example I'm going to draw this is just for exam me to draw like let's say a heart and you guys think about what you like about it and then put it in the common stock so let's start off with red the best way to do is start off with the circle in the clerk and then rabbit as you see it kind of looks like blood sorry if you guys can't see that well I'm in a Windows and stuff well spread that is going to be oh my nose and my service pistol so it was gonna be a super long video because this is step by step this is technically going to be Monica I'll get to my actual house I'm going to do more makeup videos next what - hi [Music] I'm just calling my weight yeah any

wimps needed whips now I'll put yours what are you doing next oops I will show them my face hey this is face Pete pens so yeah and that's your beauty face no look at his face what are you tantalize he's pretty much you did that himself [Music] so this is my fix now I knew I wait I do my own face [Music]