25 November 2018

Makeup and hair tutorial

hi guys welcome back to the FF vlogs my

friend Juliana isn't here today because she couldn't be here at my house oh my my house but at my friend's house so she couldn't be here to make a video so I'm just gonna be doing it so what we're going to be doing I'm gonna be doing today is a makeup tutorial so the first thing I'm going to be doing is my eyes I said very handsome on but I can still do more so my eye [Music] so there's my mascara yeah my friends here but she's not my friend that we do it with so I used to put this mask on this is really sparkly but it's not like [Music] this is an all my makeup I just don't wear so I'm also going to try and do my hair that's okay yeah where's your out like perfect braids I like like crooked Brewin I crammed way they look prettier to me it's not really a breed I would say so [Music] then I do to put the braid back whatever butterfly style I like doing crisscross sometimes so here's how it turned out it's a matrix just to subscribe to my channel hit that like button and have a

good day guys [Music]