21 December 2018

Make up tutorial

Ron so for today's video I'll be showing

you how I do my makeup and so I'm gonna show you how to do my makeup and there's two special occasions dad it's about deep in Cassadaga so this is my gift to be so now there it is so first thing we do is to grab my foundation so first likely I'm putting on my eyebrows then wash it and it'll blend because I buckled in shop so depending upon good in service so make up so not just spread it out Shepard emanated reading doing and onion alone [Music] so the gummy cars don't make up the no kisses program and join Christmas party so let's get this right I shadow Natalia so by looking at the new green para mashhad amol or by mobile Usha then getting I got it then I shall be banished to the McCallum [Music] [Music] so next thing is is your brush so it'll be putting the blue this will be needing this once [Music] [Music] my dad I did so her oh no such issues

I'm done with a blush I'm done with a blush on so next London is before I put lipstick matte lip balm on uncle after dot thermosphere was my below your lipstick me oh my my my [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] no but now so I hope you like my face just kidding your video hindi your face I hope you like my video so I hope you like my video bye