21 December 2018

Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Self-Setting Concealer Review + Wear Test | Influenster | Vlogmas Day 20

Y'all this concealer is so bomb! It's definitely my new fave. To request a website, clothing brand, beauty product/brand, or wig for me to review, comment below or ...

hi Milo's I'm Felicia and welcome back

to Felicia Marie TV today i have a new beauty product to test out with you all influencers sent me some makeup for ever HD subsetting concealer and I want to test it out because you guys know I might get ready with me my simple makeup routine just involves a little bit of concealer and a little bit of powder so we're gonna jump right into it you guys I'm also gonna do a wear test for you I'm going to wear this all day at work so I will be out for about 10 hours today and then I'll come back and see how it looks on camera [Music] [Music] okay guys so right off the bat I really like this like Coco brown color it has a little bit of red undertone so we're gonna see how it blends out with my skin [Music] it's giving me kind of a naked face vibe like it almost looks like I didn't put out any concealer at all I don't know if that's good or bad so let's try the mouth area [Music] [Music] you [Music]

[Music] okay also I'm liking this so far like it's giving me fresh face makeup no makeup but let me see how it looks in a selfie oh I'm looking very Coco Brown oh I like this this is definitely light to medium coverage because I still see some of my dark spots um I think if you want to go like heavy coverage on this you gotta do like two layers but it's cute so far yeah how come my cousin told me to wax my mustache cuz y'all so might get ready with me I was talking about how I do a lot of concealer above the lip because I have dark marks from like previous eczema scars above my lip but I also have like a tiny bit of a mustache and I'm sorry ladies you could pretend you don't but we see it it's there so I might next time I go to get a wax neck someone go to European wax Center I'm gonna go ahead and get me a little Oh a little over the lip wax you know they ask you anyways you know when you go to the beauty salon and she's like let me let me backtrack on the bow you know they're mad rude so I might do that I feel very Coco brown with this concealer like you can see where it

covered my dark marks but it also doesn't feel like too full coverage so now I'm gonna go in with my black radiance pressed powder was my absolute favorite pressed powder as he can sleep she's getting a lot of use [Music] [Music] [Music] I still look very Brown even after I put my powder on I still look brown with a little bit of orange undertone and I'm liking that because it makes me look very sunny and I'm a Florida girl I live in Florida so I like looking a little sunny now you guys know we have to do the flashback test we're going to take a selfie with flash what ok she's looking good she's looking good she's looking good let's do it this way first things first was a piece Oh Coco well room flash my ass oh I could do it right here I'm just a girl my eye okay but looking good on flash back we're looking good we're looking good [Music] oh sorry the bronzer I just put on is Black Radiance artisan colored baked bronzer in the color rose gold this is my go to get ready with me this is my go

to makeup for work in for like average everyday and then for other events I do like having coverage makeup or I'm trying to learn how to do every coverage makeup so I'll eventually do look like that most of them I get ready with me czar in the same face with maybe a little different I okay and now I'm using Jackie ina artist couture LeBron's it's a highlight LeBron James number on James LeBron James LeBron James I love that vine is that a vine I was about to say mean look Rudolph the glitter nose reindeer um are you guys ready for Christmas it does not feel like Christmas like I just realized Christmas Eve is this weekend it's like because we always have a Christmas Eve party at my parents house and I'm like oh snap the party is this weekend like what it does not feel like Christmas at all and a lot of people are saying that like I'm not the only one saying that excuse me I haven't eaten breakfast yet what time is it oh it's time for me to go to work good thing I got dressed before I can record this video so I'm about to run out the dough I'll wait for you at the dough you're not you you hear my Brigid

girl oh I was watching who was I watching oh my gosh I don't want to say the wrong name oh I was watching meanie moments and she was saying to learn makeup she didn't just watch beauty gurus on YouTube but she watched like real life professional makeup artists and she said she learned so many tips from them because like you know they're actually in the industry and one of the things she said is when you put on highlight you want to see it from the side but you don't want people to see it from the front right so like front profile you can't sit not highlight but when I turn boom I just blinded you you get me and when she said that I was like oh girl you are so right I like her me me moments she is I met her through a company called it's a wig and then I just got to know like I had been watching her videos and I've been following her on Instagram and she's like a really sweet girl I like the video so far she's been doing vlogmas quote-unquote like I have a video every day and I really like her okay guys so I just applied the Make Up For Ever Ultra HD self setting concealer it says it's self setting but I still

said it with my powder cuz I live in a flashback and I will take pictures throughout the day to see how this concealer is really holding up I will do a wear tests for you and then I will come back after 10 hours of being at the office and I'll show you how it looks let's see how this hold up already I really like it because it's kind of giving me like a reddish orange undertone and that's kind of the color I want to go for because it highlights my natural undertones which are reddish orange and a little bit in orange so why not look with some lipstick on you guys I'm making it a point to put lipstick on on camera because if I don't then I forget to do it all day and then I just have concealer lips and y'all know that is not cute you guys remember that one that was a trend when you would get foundation or concealer or anything on your lips I remember seeing girls like that cuz I didn't wear makeup back then but I've never seen girls like that and be like inside of nude lipstick her foundation however loves welcome back so I did about a 10 hour wear test I did my face

this morning at 7 a.m. and it is now 9 p.m. oh my gosh that's like a 14 hour wear test tell me if I'm doing that math right cuz I'm probably not anyways so here are my likes and dislikes my pros and cons for this makeup for ever HD concealer so what I love about it is that it gives me the no makeup makeup look it covers up my blemishes but it doesn't give me too much full coverage I'm not really a full coverage kind of girl outside of special occasions so I really like how this covers up my blushes but still blends with my chocolatey skintone and it really accents and plays up my natural undertones I really really love that it makes my skin look great it makes me look more radiant and I love that about it my only con it it gets very very oily in the cheek area and the under eye area this is where it got oily first and this is where it got Laelius throughout the day and the earliest so around noon today when I went on my lunch break I noticed you could see where there was oil pulling up and I just you know of course I blotted and of course up here little bit of oil a lot of bit oil but

you guys I work in sealer for 14 hours I didn't expect it to look perfect at the end of the day and honestly I love this concealer so much now that I've given you my pros and cons I love this concealer so much that it's probably going to replace my la girl Pro concealer because it creases far less than la girl Pro concealer and it looks far more natural than my la girl Pro concealer I was previously wearing la girl Pro concealer in the dark cocoa color and I love this one so much better because it's giving me more of a brown color than a grayish color and it's just really like adding dimension and adding highlight and warmth to my face so you guys that's why I think of this new makeup forever concealer I really did not know what to expect going into this and I didn't think anything could replace the tried and true la girl Pro concealer if you guys watch YouTube you know that is the go-to for brown girls everyone swears by it but I really really like this one and I think this might be a good one for brown girls their shade range is actually pretty good for concealer I am wearing the second-to-last color there is a

darker color and I really think it could work for us brown girls so you guys that is my video I hope you liked my wear test I hope you liked my review if you want to see more videos like this make sure you like comment subscribe and turn on your post notifications I published new videos every single week thank you so much for watching and have a beautiful day [Music] you [Music] you [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music]