14 October 2018

Make up eyeshadow session

Smokey eye 3 colors palettes by Huda Beauty.


[Music] [Music] Oh [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] well cuz I'm so you said oh my god I'm used to like applying it on me so I'm getting used to applying it on other people complain so I make sure we both can go learn together and get you right right so I'm gonna go back in with this tapered brush and then we're gonna go in gonna do some cool but I'm gonna mix a few so we're gonna go in with this one and then also this one okay [Music] so you mix in it so that's how it comes out okay well okay but yeah but I'm gonna stick their thing on it right she got to put them is it it's a lump the holes on it on the end the next one use that put

that world that acrostic that's my mini-me she's trying to be in her makeup [Music] you all know I'll earn some extra I always thought just smoking I was you know pretty much more everybody say something I could always say you know when you're black you're out but that's the smokey eye that's what I've always known so I never knew that a smoky eye can be not just a black at more than one it's more than one color like she was doing so she's going to use like three different colors and that's also considered as a smokey eye I didn't know that but we'll see what it looks like at night so I learned something today the doctor cover well on your others [Music] all going collaboration and concealers and stuff [Music] [Music] yeah I do have someone takes time y'all okay look at me [Music] we're going to use the phone [Music] go back and explain a little bit more going back in and blending and adding

until you need shares your preferred [Music] this is one outer V we're going to also do that on the outer corners we also gonna go in with the pink color they'll be playing your crease on the bottom as well open it up for me sorry I know it gets close to the water line don't fire to keep it [Music] Hey I don't know how you got that column in the repetition Becky no we're just kind of a little bit with this lighter color [Music] [Music] increase