27 October 2018

Make Up Challenge Accepted #makeup

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eyes welcome back to my shower and by the way this is not my cat your service and for today's vlog I go up on a makeup challenge tied by Judy Parma which is absurd okay um before I start on sign up come back una cosa I can China but kawaii mania he got us on bond guy he got screen on red button the internet but nightfall come to Busan upon watching video and don't forget to hit the bell bottom so that not affect gave us a kick next vlog alright guys and don't forget to leave the comment down below any comment all except that guys don't worry okay so let's check it out come on don't go doing go for the whole hug so Charlie Schneider alright I think makeup challenge okay so I have here my actually is all school supplies and I signed a big success shock you want that them again also I haven't here I'm gonna use this mine I'm gonna use my pants for my face faltering okay and then I'm using I'm using the eraser okay I'm gonna put the pawns here to spread all right Carla you know punch okay

it's nice finish underneath then you eraser John you indicator garlic and now he's new Bethany belong having some sponge and then indication my Vita asana I assure ya personal next year's Reba next thing is we're gonna get on our foundation I didn't develop admission these blush on okay I have your chalk so shaman but I mean did nothing blush on such ignorance I mean cheekbone right now we gain attention Sanna to my fellow unit in sabila then I end by here Conchita Avila oh yeah piano Santa Mira nah - remove it for sex magnifier and I both are you eyebrows tire color red nothing but I thought I color pencil yeah the part of mallanna money cinnamon the balls and along which belong sorry ma Hawkins nada para nine keeping cool I blah okay Nexus yeah and this is a red color pencil next is that again a phenom eyeliner which is sped pulpit oh my gosh this is terrible there is another you better papers are the eyeliners Anunnaki top of shops

because I know anonyme Ruhr red eyeliner ksama Tahoe which is dangerous yeah Ginga was shameless Avila then Anna and I and another Sabina Binion yeah and para maana non-monster [Music] I know Bob amoeba I'm gonna get naughty Nam I know you know neato old again because I'm gonna make up in the corner on the powers you must die in Farnum I shadow but then again I didn't call I disappear shadow shadows came a nagging me to you and Noble pen pen the color pink tapas fish Kunis anima militia under dead by my hand back Cassie bullpen yeah hobby like money you know moo-ha-ha confit grandpa's he made up some angle in mom I ended back Augustana man whenever I sake tomorrow read vampire tapas chef rahim allah when I'm lipstick Submariner on lipstick veto I think called be smuggling Bala Filipinas the gurney did not ensure first are taking lives Chandra convey lanolin inside even the leery [Music] Paw Paw Paw Paw renew pinnacle India you

know you don't know homicide in manpower the spy in the palace non-methane I'm a blend down I'll let them make up are my friend nothing eraser young boost knocking makeup challenge hmm okay okay now then bang thank you for watching the gusto when you on have you video at all please leave a comment down below please hit the like or dislike sign about this like please leave a comment down below alright thank you for watching unleash me pickup challenge is Julie part my my busty see ya and shiny shock accepted on and finally nearing the end of October November 1 so it's for Halloween party yay okay thank you for watching see you my next video guys she's marrying among the families I should shout that cool monkey mama loves difference so which is number one is truly far my as Sean I think you know first the friendship so whitey and next two generations and next the crystal Valderrama hi sis and Lucy's eyelash glue and next mom she misses bear which is mom she and next grace Gallardo and Tarbell's and Eamonn ceannt oh and hello Tom and next to each this and next to Ryan

Edward so hello bro and what is his Shawn and muddy spot right shout-out in your eyes and see ya T on my next month