13 October 2015

MAC 'Upward lash' mascara review and first impression | EmmasRectangle

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can I just say first things first I'm

not naked I'm wearing a towel um I actually just got out the shower and I wanted to film this video but I overslept I'm going out for lunch in like literally 20 minutes but I want to film my first impression of the map what is this called I am doing my first impression review of the Mack uplift mascara and I bought this about a week ago I thought oh you're not funny anymore and I've been really really keen to try out I'm just so intrigued by how small and teeny-tiny the brush is I talked about it a little bit more in my haul so I'm not going to go into crazy detail this was 19 pounds um and it claims to curl your lashes will help with people curl um and create a volume and lift and great great things I'm going to apply it liberally right now and I'll let you know my instant reaction here we go I am curling my lashes because I curl my lashes everyday and I think it'd be unfair on the mascara right keys let's begin oh my god I'm losing my voice I'm getting sick I feel like crap everything it's just been one of those weeks do you hear me so let's apply Wow

that is like one light coat that's not that much thing is with this brush is what I was expecting was it for me to take ages but it has it deposits so much product like it is putting a ton of mascara on these lashes and because it's so small it's really controlled I can put them on like sections of my lashes at her oh my goodness okay let's try it bottom lashes because it's quite small so I think it will be good on them oh boy god I love it when I buy mascaras I like I'm so fussy with no scars I'm so fussy a lap all right let me apply it closer up for you so you can see the magic happen what's the time okay it's 9:30 I have to leave in 20 minutes my hair is still wet and I'm going to clothes on oh just what she wants that it's like instant like did you see how quick that was bottom lashes it's small so you can avoid the skin under your lashes which is nice because sometimes that can just make it look a bit messy right so first impression I am very impressed I mean I don't know if you can see that because normally I wear a few mascaras and build them up to try and

make them look like this but this is one mascara right I kind of need to go I'm gonna stop in every few hours let you know how it's holding up whether my curl is dropped or whether it's like smudged or flaked underneath my eye I'll keep you posted I will see you in a bit ah also a little side note this has been my everyday makeup routine at the moment like my current I mean obviously the mascara is new but like this makeup it's basically what I've been wearing like every single day to work and stuff so if you want to see an updated everyday makeup routine then comment it down below and I'll film the feedback is I can just film it like before I go out to work or something I've really been like it is now 2 o'clock in the PM let's have a little look upon how the old lashes are doing or we need to pluck my brow to stick and all that okay there's no smudging or flaking under my eyes at all they are still curly they're still lifted so far not much to report nothing has changed they look exactly the same as when they did when I put it on that that was the sentence ever and I don't know what the neighbors are doing

they're trying to move like a campervan out of the driveway but it's way too small in the driveway not the van the van is way too big such childbirth so that's all for now folks I'll let you know if anything catastrophic happens so far this mascara I'm gonna give a 9 out 10 which is to get a high rating from this girl mascara is a pretty big deal chin a bit okay it's I didn't check the time seven o'clock at night I've turned on my ring light and stuff now because it's like dark outside I'm gonna I'm gonna watch your film and you guys know the drill I cannot watch a film with mascara on because I just pick it off um which would not be an accurate representation of this mascara because I'd be a let's have a little zoom in and see the final verdict shall we Wow oh no smudging they are still nicely cold you see it we use the root it's probably been on for about 10 hours and normally I find my mascara would have flaked or that my lashes don't just don't look as good as they did when I initially put them on and I won't lie to you I am so so so so impressed I'm

yawning I'm so overtired bloody good Mac I've never really been a fan of Mac's mascara so I'm not going to lie to you this is probably the first one I genuinely genuinely genuinely loved and I think I would repurchase I'm going to see how it like you know as the tube starts to dry up see if the formulation starts to go funny or anything but as of now and a first first day where I love it it's got quite a strong scent I don't know what it smells of it's not floral or anything it's the strong smell said that you can't obviously you can't smell it when it's on your eyes so it shouldn't really matter but just just if you're wondering I think that was worth worth 19 pounds I actually genuinely think this is a really good mascara so I recommend you guys giving this a go if you're looking for a new mascara if you're like me and you like big lashes like a lot of volume um yeah I've never tried anything like it like the brush and the application is something like it's not I've never tried anything like it before so I'm very very impressed well done Matt I hope you guys found this video helpful if you did let me know so in my lip liner it's coming

off and all sorts of crazy places have lipstick on my chin I look like a hot mess I have also had three costume changes today costume changes outfit changes life is but a stage and all of the clips I think I'm wearing something new I mean sue me have a great day and I'll see you in my next video bye