05 May 2019

MAC Disney Aladdin Collection & swatches

MAC Cosmetics has released a Disney Aladdin inspired collection to coincide with the film release on May 24th 2019! I bought a few things which i have ...

yeah everyone and welcome back to my

channel so today I'm going to be doing a review and a demo of the new Mac Disney Aladdin collection to coincide with the release of the live feature film of Aladdin which is going to be coming out in the next few months so everybody's been very excited and I was actually quite surprised I thought that this whole collection would like sell out you know like how it used to happen back in the day I remember the Hello Kitty collection sell out you know that sort of thing but it doesn't really seem to be the case these days I think the only thing that I've noticed that has sold out is one of the lipsticks and I was like right okay and personally I mean you guys know I don't really find that much Mac these days and I am going to admit that I did just jump on the bandwagon and the hype because I love the packaging and that was it really and just to go with the theme of the video why not we have Princess Jasmine here right now she's she's here with us a whole new world and all of that this is from Zara again I think they released this because of the film not gonna lie my favorite Disney films be in the beasts for anyway

so they released all of this collection stuff on the 1st of May I want to stay on the first and then it's got a worldwide release on the 15th of May now when I say it released on the first days in the UK and Ireland the rest of the world will be later on so I'm gonna try and get this video up before it's released worldwide just so that you guys can see and make a decision if you're interested if you know now I've bought five things from this collection I bought three of the lipsticks and I bought both the blushes now firstly the lipsticks cost 1750 each which is I think the standard price of a matte lipstick and then both the powder blushes cost 220 350 now first off I'm just going to quickly show you the packaging because it is divine I absolutely love it it's so like Arabic this is what the box looks like it's absolutely gorgeous you can see the gold metallic the designs off of it this is like a little peacock there's a little lamp don't even look at my Scabbia nails I really need to change my nail polish bottle under this video that's because I love you guys and I just like share so that's what that looks like and then

inside is again this metallic a print type of attracting case says I'll add in on it it's got the beautiful design around here and then you open it up and this is what one of the blushes looks like with aladdin's the genies lamp in the middle with a nice mirror on the top this one is called your wish is my command and it is a matte blush well that's what they've called it anyway and then this other matte blush which again that's how it's been described it's called always one jump ahead and again it's got the genies lamp and you can see what the color itself looks like with a nice mirror this is the lipstick packaging similar to what you've already seen on the blushes says Aladdin on here it's got peacock feathers on here and then when you open it up this is what the bullet looks like again the same as the blushes and then it's got a print of peacocks on here and then you open up the lipstick this one here is called princess incognito this one is called Raja and then this one is called a whole new world this is the one for some reason has managed to sell out not sure why it's not my favorite out of all

three now packaging and gorgeous designs aside let's clarify some things first neither of these are blushes I don't know why they've been too called blushes I don't know why they've been described as blushes this is a bronzer and this is a highlighter neither of them are blushes you could call a bronzer a blusher if you wanted to I'm being real and make up terms we would all call this a bronze eye is completely matte and it's brown most people use this to contour their face not necessarily as a blush and this is quite clearly gold since when is a blush gold it's a highlighter people three of the lipsticks that I've got have a matte finish I'm first off I just have to let you guys know I didn't want to really get any more of the collection I mean there was some sort of greasy looking glaze what am I gonna do with that the eyeshadow palettes they never really that good especially color away wear eyeshadow that much these days I'm not going to use it and be a waste of money but I do have to say 10 out of 10 10 out of 10 all the lipsticks 10 out of 10 I love every single thing that I bought now I'm

trying to step away from the aesthetics of it and let's get down to the nitty-gritty of the actual products themselves now this bronzer is very very very dog look at it in comparison to my skin tone in Mac I am an NC 40 at the moment I'm just wearing this CC cream by it cosmetics in medium tan and that's what I've got on my face this is doc okay when I first used it I was like oh my god I just had a big blush of brown right here I had to blend our blend our blend our blend it out it's a little bit powdery but not too much it's packed in quite nicely and I like that about products like this because it means there's less fallout there's less wastage and it will last you a lot longer as well but this is a very deep brown shade if you've got very fair-skinned don't even waste your money you're wasting money okay you will not use this it'll be too dark for your skin tone you'll use it with such a light hand they'll almost just be pointless you may as well get something lighter so you can get full use out of it if you've got my skin tone again be wary you need to go in with a very very light

hand if you've got deeper skin than me even then go in with a light hand this has been described to be fair as a deep golden brown and that is a hundred percent correct description for this and I'm a little bit surprised that they came out with a highlighter and a bronzer but not a blush very strange but that's what they've decided to do and then this one here which is called always one jump ahead made a mistake they haven't described this as a matte look why would they it's not matte it's frosty it's described as a frost and it's called gold with gold shimmer that's exactly what this is I absolutely love this this will work well on fair medium deep and mega deep skin tones on every single person out there this will work on their skin tone the one thing I like about this is that it's almost got the texture of a blush it's not that kind of freaks up loads of kind of too much the dust a sort of thing that you can get with some highlighters it's not like they're extra dimension skin finishes it's not like any of their highlighters to be honest it's the first time I've ever used something with this kind of soft

blush type of texture look at how intense it is it's absolutely gorgeous and I love love love it so first off what I'm going to do is I am going to use the bronzer and I am going to go in from some of my reviews I go into the heavy hand just because I want you guys to see it it's full capacity but your friends gotta go out and public later so there's none of that right now so what I'm gonna do is I'm going to use this clean Sigma large angled contour f40 brush and I'm going to use it to contour my face so I'm gonna go in with a very very light hand and then you will see how deep and how amazing this actually is so there you go look at that I barely even touched my brush into this as I applied it and it applies beautifully and blends into my foundation and my powder with no problems there's no patchiness it doesn't move around it stays on my face all day long and I think it looks absolutely beautiful and me just tidy up this contour now because obviously I like to tidy it up a bit and then I will be back in a moment alright here we are now you can see look at how beautiful that looks lovely warm toned great for people who've got warm toned

skin now just to be extra before I apply the highlighter I pulled out this vintage one would remember the Disney Villains collection there's Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty and this is a beauty powder in the shade called Briar Rose so old school here's what it looks like lovely gorgeous lovey - there we go now I look like I've got a little bit more color to my skin now let's go in with the highlighter always wanna jump ahead I will be using the morphe m5 at zero one pointed blender brush to apply this so kicks up a little bit of powder but not too much and here you can see how golden it is and how beautiful it looks now it definitely emphasized is check texture slightly but not as much as like the extra dimension skin finishes because it's got more of a blush kind of texture it almost molds into the skin a little bit more but bear in mind if you have got textured skin you will be able to see your texture a bit more even I mean you don't really care go for it and a little bit on the Cupid's bow just to give your lips that little bit of an extra full up looking texture so here we go the highlights are the contour

everything looks at beautiful and I love it so let's move on to the lipsticks now as I said I have got three of them all together what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna swatch them on my hands first off just so that you can see how they look very thick against my skin tone and then I'm going to swatch them on my lips along with three recommended lip liners I have decided go very nicely with these so this first one here is called a princess incognito so this is a beautiful a very neutral toned pinky sort of shade I absolutely love it it looked amazing against my skin tone as a very kind of everyday wear kind of lipstick and it has a matte finish this next one is called Raja which is obviously named after princess Jasmine's tiger and it is a beautiful red berry sort of shade with a slight muted tone to it absolutely beautiful would work well with all skin tones and it has a matte finish and then last but not least is this shade called a whole new world which is obviously named after the very popular song from the film it is a bright blue based pink and this finish is a little bit different I don't use

Mac that much anymore so this is something quite new to me this is called a velvet matte finish now the only difference I can tell between the other two is that it's got a little bit more of a glossy look to it as you can see as the light shines off of it alright let's move on to the lip swatches so the first one I'm going to use is princess incognito and I paired this with saw lip liner which is a beautiful warm toned pink and it works really nicely with the neutral tones of this shade to create one which is a lot more wearable for people who've got warm skin tones so this is princess incognito as you can see is absolutely lovely it really works nicely with saw lip liner it looks nice and natural and it's definitely something you can wear out during the day or to work or you can even deepen it up to wear it in the evening when you've got really kind of strong eyes and you want something quite natural on the lips this shade is definitely for you okay so the next one I'm going to show you is called Raja and the lip liner I'm using for this is called half red and this is what this looks like of course and it is named

after princess Jasmine's tiger okay so this is Raja and as you can see it's absolutely beautiful such a gorgeous very tone color Timmy ferry is very autumnal shade however this is not a seasonal collection it's just for Aladdin I don't remember how she wore a shade like this but anyway this is what it looks like and I think it'll go well with all skin tones okay so the last one I'm going to show you now is this one called whole new world and the lip liner I'm going to be using with it is Mac's talking points they're both bright hot pink shades okay and then this one is whole new world this one like I said before has got a velvet matte finish it definitely feels a little bit different than the other two this one has a more comfortable feel not that the other ones have an uncomfortable feel but this one is definitely more of the like in-between amplified and a mapped so maybe that's why they called it a velvet matte because it's got a softer kind of texture on the lips but I do have to say overall with all of these lipsticks the wear time is absolutely excellent when I wore princess incognito the other

day to work I literally put it on at 8 o'clock in the morning a o'clock and I was still on my lips it hadn't needed to be touched up at all if anything had faded a little bit boy what I like about these is that they fade very nicely so even if you have another chance to top it up it still looks really nice on the lips so overall for this whole collection I absolutely love the things that I've got but definitely my favourites would have to be the highlighter and bronzor I absolutely love both of them I'm sure I'll be getting a lot of use out of them and then in regards to the lipsticks if I really really have to pick to say which one was my favorite it's the one that I said earlier this one which is princess incognito it's just the perfect country this isn't something that everybody would wear all the time but this is one that you would definitely get the most use out of and I always like to put forward what is value for money seventeen pounds fifty for something you're gonna wear now and then maybe but it's not a must-have I would definitely say that these two on these three products are more must-haves than

the others but that's just my opinion that's it really I hope you guys enjoyed the video and my earrings are also from Zara because we all know how these days charlene is like Zara obsessed and other than that I hope you guys are wonderful and great if you've got any comments or questions about this collection especially those of you that are outside of the UK and Ireland and you maybe need a little bit of guidance or advice on how some of these perform ask me below and I will try and get back to you as soon as possible and that's it I hope you guys enjoy and I'll see you soon back