06 May 2019

Louis Vuitton Unboxing | Volcom Pants & Blazer OOTD | Charleston Makeup Artist

Louis Vuitton Neverfull mm Damier Azur Rose Ballerine https://go.magik.ly/ml/mukq/ or for a brand new one: ...


I just got back from the gym and that's why I look like a yuppie I haven't got a package in the mail I'm gonna quit showing y'all my address and stuff because I've had some some silliness lately regarding where I live so you see that anymore let's see what I got let's see if I can get into it all right so what we got so far got an envelope thank you for shopping with Louie Vuitton your product has been crafted by experienced Arizona's Buffett applause got a return thingy probably will not be returning it Wow return policy I don't my hat I don't know how difficult that is hopefully that's not gonna be the case right all right let's get that back in its envelope I guess that's its authenticity card Ivana I don't want to open it efficiently - oh that's in case it was a gift has nothing on let's get beautiful ribbons on Scott its own desk back you ready it still hooked there in the center I got the rose ballerina I got to be powerful mmm

it has a do dot in the inside wow that's nice which hooks to the thing on the inside [Applause] it says Lily is his Lily on inside so where's the authenticity card coated fabric cowhide leather trim does that it does that the authenticity card that's not very impressive was it in here how to return it thank you for shopping exchanges and returns register your return online prepare your package for uber I don't know what the authenticity cart looks like it probably really doesn't matter probably because I'm gonna keep it anyway guess I'm gonna have to go watch some YouTube videos and find out where they often - that's just a blank gift cart with nothing on it I ordered this online from the lumene website made in the USA of imported materials and I ordered it last Friday and it took it where's my serial number oh well that's all I have to tell you for now good morning or a good name I've got something on the front porch today so I thought I would share it these pants are from welcome they're like a dress pant I have an old it's not even pony fur it's slight

anyway it's a fake fur it's a faux fur leopard belt that I've had about 12 years this is a t-shirt from American Eagle in TV and then I have the Golden Goose on with with this and I'll show you the other piece in a minute this is the way Pat prefers this outfit style he likes the Tiki flip-flops with it these are a patent leather black Tiki flip-flop and so he likes it styled this way I guess I could tuck the shirt in all the way around let's see how it looks that way I got a small in case you're my size I got a small in the slot thus lacked the pants and the Blazer I'm probably you know a 27 and jeans and I'm usually a small in in a blazer before and I'm five nine and this is how long they are my nails are different today I did the flash and ista over irresistible by Revlon I'll put the exact brand and names of the colors in the description box but there's my nails there's there's my toenails I have a bandaid on my toe cuz I wore my golden goose without socks and there was a little scene that wrote the top of my egg but anyway yeah there's my toes there's my nails there's my makeup there's my hair I'm

going to do some prom makeup and summer bill and I'll catch you chicks out there in the car it's probably too late to have another coffee so get you a bubble water and I'm catching the car it should reach your destination by 2:17 p.m. everybody everybody keep your pants on we're going to we're going to Somerville or yeah that's where we're going my friend Claire be turning onto South Carolina 41 or has remind me to show you the water today and should be really pretty my friend Claire has her senior prom this evening so I'm going to do her makeup and she had a spray tan misfortune and I'm going to help her fix that with my note at zero tanlines by benefit so let's talk about my makeup y'all are probably going to overheat pretty quick because you're in the sunshine I have on the Chanel CC cream as a proper I have the Westman Atelier as my foundation Charlotte Tilbury magical way as my eyeshadow primer fringe by color pop the individual shadow as my lid color my crease color is rip I think that's what it's called now what is that thing called anyway so my new

Urban Decay eyeshadow I'll put the name of it right here and I have my new Urban Decay pencil called torch I have my Sigma wicked liner as my baby wing I have Chanel allure volume extravagant as my mascara over the top of the Lancome booster seals I have the maybelline instant age rewind underneath my eyes today the reason being is because I'm a little dry under my eyes today my blush I tried to do the Lisa Eldridge watercolor blush thing where you have about six or seven flushes on I do I use Rachel as my contour just a tiny bit and to contour my nose for sure the highlight part on my face is because some of the blushes I used were luminescent or we're shining just a wisp from back and even know so we're some of the ones and I've to see let's see if I can name all the ones I used cabana boy Luminoso but first coffee by bare minerals weaken us by buxom ritual by Laura Mercier I used the best day Lauder multitasker brow and light brunette and benefit 24-hour brow center my lips are the Pat McGrath lip liner in suburbia and the beauty beauty grand lip conditioner up

with the exact name right here and then there's a Chanel let's stick over that it's like number 73 81 I'll put it right here that I used the Charlotte Tilbury here airbrush flawless powder to set my whole face before I went in with the all the different blushes to make the watercolor blush there's no point in you riding my bumper because there's people in front of me I have on an American Eagle t-shirt I didn't roll the sleeves because I had a little blazer one her first but this it kind of makes a blue-eyed little cap sleeves I have on my blue crystal earrings target I haven't bought any new jewelry lately I think that's because that's something I like to look at in person and try on you know I don't like to buy that blindly off off website electrolytes Gigi had the UH y'all wanna hear funny story so I was asking my young hip whippersnapper friend I got some young for him today she just turned 30 I asked her so she because she just bought some new sunglasses and she bought some new

once I said so what's trending with sunglasses down she says you know there's really ugly ones there like this that's that I got a beer those that bunny they are kind of ugly she says you know like the ones Khloe Kardashian works [Music] Jiji honey anyway that's okay she doesn't have she says up and then I said yeah I got a pair of those see it's just oh they look good on you she doesn't have to like all my stuff right we're all individuals we all have different tastes that's it there's anything else about my face I need to share with you I'm still using my 3d HD kabuki brush from Sigma I used the Watts up on my tear duct I washed my hair with my orb a smooth shampoo and conditioner and then blew it out with my dyson blow-dryer and my Cricut thermal brush with my Revell Redken frizz dismiss and deflate somebody said they were going to try that anti humidity product I would not she said her hair goes flat when she goes outside I would think this product

would serve to lean make her hair more limb don't do that I would use probably a volumizing hairspray while you're styling and then anti-humidity hairspray at the end you know heavy heart hold Kendra banks run Scot like it word on it I cannot tell you what number it is I'm wanting to say 25 Hey so we watched a movie last night it had Nicole Kidman in it it's called The Punisher or punish or just Punisher they made her ugly and I think there were some articles written so these stories about that how they were able to make her look Haggard she was a undercover cop joined a gang they were selling I think you're robbing banks where she joined that gang anyway it's a tragic story [Music] watching tragic stories I did watch a sweet little teenage rom-com the other night where ended happily ever after right did I feel better for it no I felt stupider so I got my card in the mail from Sephora I'm not rich

I don't spend enough I gotta save my money to support my my freelance business my money has got to roll back into my business you know I can't be buying now when I hit you know 11 million on you 11 million subscribers on YouTube I'll be buying I'll be buying some random stuff then but for now I kind of have to stick to practical practical purchases that are ambidextrous that worked well at my vanity for me and okay so the camera cooled off and now we're back we're almost to our destination so if that wasn't working he worked seven days a week here Colin's girlfriend is supposed to stop by and see me this afternoon when I when I get home from from my gig bring me organic eggs when I was talking to him on the telephone the other day I can hear the person I heard the rooster in the background very crowing sound like use full of it all right I don't have anything else to say so I guess when I get back at the car I'll talk to you about by

and what she was wearing while of the top [Music]