14 October 2018

Loreal paris paradise enchanted scented eyeshadow 🍒

Loreal paris paradise enchanted scented eyeshadow.

hi guys so today I'm gonna be trying for

real so a smell side candy guys so first I'm gonna swatch it on my hand so you can see the colors don't bury hello [Music] this how it looks like guys so he has 12 colors show guys so my taco - vanilla guys Cassidy by Machado meronym at Laguna eyeshadow so Sally goodness guys I know step by step now holiday campano is a guy when are Agusan your sweet sweet spell in shosanna once upon a time and trans inflamed chakra pleasure look baby look nah nah sorry cold so the unified anima experiment quani Malala Guyana's sallekhana show so I think the go win column [Music] once upon a time so first try not get on : at all number 3 [Music] I apologize Andina Akuma midnight primer need a second alone shop [Music] [Music] okay so next night all agree that the Thumbelina

[Music] [Music] [Music] now pause next few [Music] number eleven málaga Cindy I was totally expert must make of soul beginner fell enough also who made money monopoly of potala guy you know I am literate our expert to make up [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] Papa skates again it's not a new number ten I was up turn on only teen Lana banana como una cadena de Guise number tree [Music] so guys either you finished look but you want to in your Paris Aachen 100% official proposal bug apply Hindley comma here a pop back up like I don t long young illegal move talaga Makita Munna [Music] pigmented shockers [Music]