18 May 2018

LONG WEAR MAKEUP TIPS with Keshia East | Beauty Bay

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might look like a creep now but trust me

when your makeup last all night you'll be happy last laugh hi I'm Kara and I'm here at the beach Bay and I'm going to be showing you some tips and tricks on how to get long-lasting makeup keep watching to see more it's the first tip when going for long-lasting makeup is you want to use a primer 100% so there's a lot of controversy over primers but they definitely do help your makeup last longer if you get the right one I'm gonna be using the cover FX blurring primer because it's a great for keeping my makeup on and also it's gonna help to blur my pores so I don't actually put the primer all over my face I just put it in the key areas where I tend to get oily this primer really helps to smooth the skin which means not only am I going to get a long-lasting base I'm also going to get a flawless one when going for long-lasting makeup one of the most important products is a long wearing foundation and I'm going to be using the jouer essential high coverage cream foundation it's high coverage or your free and most importantly long lasting it's my tip when using long lasting foundations is to make sure that you

apply thin layers and you build it up rather than just one thick layer this helps it to look more flawless helps it to last longer and make sure that you don't get cakey so once you've got one layer on you can then put your second layer or if you're like me you can just put it on the areas where you get most oily I mean that's my t-zone when you have a long-lasting foundation on it really does about what concealer you use but I'm still going to use a really good coverage one and that is the coverfx cream concealer a good tip however when putting on your concealer is also to use for Beauty Blender that's wet this will help it to lock deep right into your skin and will make it a lot more long-lasting also another great tip for long-lasting red crab is before you put on your setting powder you use a holding spray I'm going to be using the cover effects illuminating setting spray we're gonna spray my makeup sponge with a setting spray and I'm just gonna press it into the areas that get most boiling throughout the day this will help to extra set your makeup and it's even more long-lasting thank me later if you want that extra

long-lasting hold what you want to do is you want to make sure that your makeup sponge is extra wet when applying your translucent powder I'm going to be using the RCM a no color powder usually I would just dust translucent powder under my eyes today for the extra hold I'm gonna be baking you might look like a creep now but trust me when your makeup last all night you'll be having the last laugh so usually I would just use an award makeup brush to put my face powder on but not today because for a long-lasting makeup I'm going to be using my powder puff and some la purga High Definition powder I'm gonna press my powder puff into the powder and then I'm gonna lock foundation okay so I'm just going to dust all of that powder off so I don't look like a creep anymore and then we're going to talk about the next step last step for the face it's looking pretty powdery now which is expected seen as we put so much powder on so I'm going to use a setting spray and that will help to just make my skin look more like skin and it's gonna help my makeup last all day we're going to use the Gerard cosmetics slave all day

that's pretty much guys and now my face looks less powdery and it's gonna last all day before I do my eye makeup a really good tip for helping your eyeshadows last all day is to get some concealer put it on and then set it with translucent powder this technique is really good for make control that your eyelids don't get oily throughout the day and that's why they lost longer and now I'm going to do my eye makeup okay so I just used the violet force ride-or-die palette to finish my eye makeup and there you have it guys long-lasting flawless makeup really hope you enjoyed that tutorial all of the products I use will be linked in the description box below give this video a thumbs up don't forget to comment and subscribe to see more videos from me [Music]