27 April 2017

Long Lasting Makeup | 15 Tips and Tricks for Everyday Easy Makeup That Lasts All Day

Sometimes you just need long lasting makeup. These tips and tricks are for realistic makeup that lasts all day. Most of these simple all day makeup tips can be ...


hey guys welcome back if you've ever had trouble having your makeup last as long as you want it to during the day or at night hopefully this video will give you some tips and tricks so that won't be an issue anymore whether you're going for a full glam look so that your makeup will last all evening all night long or whether you just have a long work day or a long shopping day whatever it may be hopefully this video will help you I know I've been asked by quite a few of you on my social media how I make my makeup last so long and I've been asked just by co-workers and friends how I end up looking fresh at the end of the day now that's not the case every day because some days I do skip some of these steps but if you're interested in how to make your makeup last longer just keep watching while most of these tips are going to be makeup related I feel like I really need to mention a couple of skincare related ones because they really have helped me over the past couple of years with having my makeup last longer during the day because they've helped my skin be more regulated I'm not sure if this makeup lasting

issue is more of an oily combination skin issue or if dry skin people have the same problem but I do know it's an issue for me and I have oily combination skin it was when I started using a facial oil at night when I started noticing that my skin felt more balanced and we're regulated and started producing less oil during the day so there's a ton of different oils out there it's really trial and error to see which one works for you because some didn't work for me some broke me out some just didn't agree with my skin I personally like maracuja Elle and Marilla oil but different strokes for different folks but I would recommend trying that out if you haven't yet my second skin care related tip is going to be to use a moisturizer in the morning as part of your skin care routine because I feel like a lot of oily combination skin people skip this step thinking it's going to cause them to the oilier during the day but skipping this step also then causes your skin to overcompensate and produce more oil if you're not doing this just be sure and get a moisturiser or even a lightweight one that will help

hydrate the skin and yet not cause you to over produce more oil they make nice gel ones there's tons of lightweight oil-free moisturizer out there that can really help your skin during the day tip number three is to use a primer there's tons of drugstore primers and higher-end primers to choose from some that have not worked for me have worked really well for others and vice versa I without using a primer for so long thinking they just didn't work for me and it was because I tried a couple that just weren't compatible with my skin or with the foundations that I was using and I assumed they were all like that and they're not I personally don't really like the ones that are very silicone e and slippery feeling I like the ones that feel more like a lotion and sink into my skin apply a pea-sized amount you don't need a lot at all for all over the face and then let it sit on the face before you apply your foundation so that it has time to do what it needs to do and now I'll talk about step number four while the primer is sinking in while your facial primer is sinking in before you apply your

foundation what I personally like to do is then apply my eyelid primer and I highly encourage you to use a primer on your eyelids it will not only help your eyeshadows to adhere better but it will help them look better to the ones that aren't tinted I find you definitely need to do a soft wash of a neutral eyeshadow before you start going in with colors just to even out any discoloration on your eyelids first applying a teeny tiny bit of the eye shadow primer is key or else they can crease there out the day after you apply your eyeshadow primer then top it with a tiny amount of either translucent powder or neutral eyeshadow topping it with a powder product will help it stick to the lid and it will give your eyeshadows a smooth canvas to apply to and adhere to now step number five as a stuff that I use if I'm having either a really long day or if I'm using a foundation like two-face born this way which I really really like but it doesn't tend to last well on me past maybe four or five hours and it just helps the foundation and here longer and helps keep me shine free longer so I had to touch-up left so I take a big fluffy brush and then I dip it lightly into a

small amount of loose powder before I apply my foundation and I dusted over all the areas of my face aside from my under-eye area because I don't want to put powder here before I put anything else because it gets very cakey under the area very quickly so it's a small small amount of powder but what that does is just help create on this another layer of primer for your foundation to adhere to and again the key is a very small amount dusted lightly over the face otherwise you can get cakey very quickly I think a lot of people have tried this before but they use either a pressed powder and doesn't work correctly or they use a translucent loose powder and they use too much and it gets cakey again very very very small amount step number six is a foundation and I find using a damp sponge is best especially if I've used the loose powder trick before and that again is not something I do on a daily basis but for again certain types of foundations or special events I'll use that I find you don't accentuate any dryness with a sponge you can use a brush if you do like a brush method I just find I have to be a little more careful about any

texture on they have on my dry areas with a brush if you're having a really long day and you want your makeup to last I would steer clear of dewy foundations and semi matte Demi matte foundations for this type of a day unless they claim that they're long wearing hearts rainforest of the sea foundation for instance gives me that Too Faced Born This Way look but it lasts longer and it gives me that Demi matte finish but long wearing foundations are going to be your friend and you can share them out and make them more medium coverage with a damp Beauty Blender and that's why I like using it when you use that powder trick before you need a lot less foundation there's something that it does to enhance the coverage ability of foundations so before dotting it all over your face I would be very very careful about the amount you use if you use that powder trait before you can see how much I have left on my hand when I did that powder trick I'm going to link some of my favorite foundations that I use when I have a long day and I just want to look really fresh all day long so you can see those so for under-eye

concealer again I use a damp sponge you can use the pointed tip of your big sponge you can use a small mini sponge which clearly I use today because it's still dirty I've shown you guys in plenty of videos how I apply my concealer and top it with translucent powder but the key there is when you're doing your skincare routine in the morning hydrating really well under the eye so it has time to sink in that way your under eye area stays looking good all day long sometimes I'll put a couple of layers of under-eye cream under my eye just I'll let a layer sink in then I'll put another layer on after a few minutes then I'll go in when I'm doing my makeup with my under-eye corrector and then my concealer and then I'll top it with translucent powder applied with my Beauty Blender in the nul dust away the excess but I find my concealer can last all day long with this method and it looks really really nice and it never fades away and of course that's going to be concealer dependent too you have to be using the right concealer for you and again that's trial and error so when you're setting your foundation again you're going to go back to just damp

sponge that you use to apply your foundation and I typically use the side of the sponge dip it in your powder and you can use a ton of powder and just press it all over the face I don't know why this method works better than using just a regular dry pop or why it works better than using a big fluffy brush but it just does it works so much better at keeping the face shine free longer and it looks less cakey than putting the powder on just with a brush it really just works the powder into the skin so that it makes it everything one layer versus dusting it on with a brush so when you're finished packing your powder on and just pressing it into the skin then you can dust away any excess with your brush so at this point you're going to be looking pretty flat you've applied the canvas for your color cosmetics basically and so your face just looks like a blank canvas so this is where you're going to go for your bronzer your contour your blush all those fun things it's the blush that tends to fade on most people and when I put up my video not too long ago on what I keep in my makeup bag for everyday touch-up a few

people were surprised I didn't have blush in that bag and I just don't find that I have to touch up my blush on a daily basis I guess it's because of the way I apply the rest of my makeup and now no I don't do all these steps every day this is for really long days but even though my regular days I just don't have to touch up my blush now there are blushes that I prefer because they seem to last longer on me than other blushes one thing that I find that if you have an extremely long day and you really want your blush to last a long time using a cream blush underneath the powder products that we applied or even using a lipstick as a blush or a lighter formulation like a Clinique chubby stick as a blush first before again before you put on your powder products that can help and then putting on a powder blush as your next step can help make that last my blush brands of choice that I find really lasts extremely well during the day art art this is time a number one I find that these just they don't say at all during the day on me ever I feel like I could wear these for 24 hours and they would probably stay the same for morning till 9:00 on me and

that's one of the reasons that I'm such a the other the Marc Jacobs airbrush they left really well and cargo I find these to be very similar to the tart in terms of longevity these are just my three main favorite blushes to wear on a daily basis so I guess I do have favorites as far as which blushes last a long time those are my preferred so you guys want to know how my blush stays fresh looking all day those are the bushes that I pick at this point I put on the eyeshadow I don't do anything special for that other than the eyeshadow primer and top it with powder that I did earlier if you have watched my videos before you know I really prefer to line with eyeshadow as liner because I find that it just looks better in terms of getting a more precise line than you can with the tip of a pencil but I also find that it just lasts longer during the day because if you're using a pencil and you find that it's fading if you top it with a little bit of outer shadow it will help it last longer I feel like if you top anything with a shadow or you just line in general with the shadow it just it looks good at last a long time and that's what

I personally do and I never ever have a problem with any of my eye products fading or smudging or wearing off during the day at all ever so for mascara you can do one of two things you can use straight out waterproof of course that is going to help your mascara last better all day long however it's not really that great to use waterproof mascara every day that being said my first coat of mascara is always waterproof because it does hold my curl I just can't get a non waterproof mascara to hold the curl in my lashes at all I just can't so my first light layer is always waterproof and on my bottom lashes it's always waterproof it just doesn't smudge and then my second coat is usually non waterproof occasionally it's waterproof a lot of people reverse that a lot of people will do the first coat non waterproof and the second coat waterproof and it really helps mascara and keep it from smudging and flaking during the day if you use waterproof or non waterproof as your top mascara and you're prone to getting smudges up here like I am just take a fluffy brush and a little bit of powder

and you can use loose or pressed because I've done it in the middle of the day with my pressed powder before and just take it and rub it along tips of your lashes and it will help lock in that mascara and you won't get those smudges you can't see the powder on the tips of your lashes can do it at the beginning of the day the middle of the day whenever and it just it works to help lock in the mascara I would recommend always wearing a lip liner underneath your lipstick and it does not have to look obvious more times than not I use a color that is my lips I'm always looking for that perfect my lips lip liner and the simple reason is now that I'm older my lip line is starting to fail a little bit and it looks kind of uneven and so I really do it more for the definition but I also bring it to fill in my lips too and just lightly I don't even use it really with a heavy hand I just like to put it there so that my lipstick adheres a little bit better and it gives my lips a little more definition this next step I think can really help a lot of you especially if you're not a fan of setting sprays and it's one that I use actually pretty often not everyday but I

mentioned it in a few of my other videos so it may sound like a broken record but I take a soft focusing powder and I just use it as a finishing powder to top over everything that I've done and it doesn't look cakey you just take a dense brush you can take a smaller kabuki brush a full kabuki brush and you just start buffing the powder over your finished face it doesn't wipe away product or anything like that it just kind of gives you this blurred soft focus effect it not only feels in what you've done but it also just makes your makeup look really good and I don't really feel like I need a setting spray if I do this let's talk lips we've only done lipliner a lot of us don't like liquid lipsticks if you're one that wants to wear just a regular lipstick this is actually a tip that Brooke gave me before I was even watching any of these YouTube videos at all and I certainly didn't have a channel you apply a layer if your lipstick like you normally would and then you take one ply of a regular tissue and you place it over your lips and it looks kind of goofy but that's okay and then you just take a brush or a puff and you dip it in translucent

powder and you put it over your lips and it helps seal in that lipstick you can put another layer of lipstick over it if you want or you can just leave it at that I find that just talking it with the translucent powder can fade that layer a little bit so I typically will layer another over it but it just helps seal in that color it helps it last a lot longer especially if you're someone who eats and drinks a lot after you apply your lipstick and talks a lot I personally am NOT someone who likes the drying liquid lipsticks I like the ones that are a little more forgiving with the lip lines especially if I'm going to have to be wearing it all day so I look for formulas that top well over themselves or that will allow me to top them with a lip gloss or lipstick as the day goes on Smashbox Marc Jacobs the NARS velvet lip flies there's a lot of brands out there but I typically stay away from the really really drying ones just because I'm going to have them on for a long time and I really don't want my lips to be very uncomfortable but whatever you're wearing just bring it with you

during the day and maybe bring a gloss to so you can top it with the gloss the last thing I'm going to mention our setting sprays you can have a video that talks about having your makeup last all day long without talking about setting sprays right so I have the Urban Decay all nighter I'm almost finished with it I haven't decided if I'm going to repurchase or not I may get a different one with this one if you have suggestions for makeup setting sprays that you love that are good for oily combination skin I would love to hear those in the comments section but if you have one you really like I would highly recommend misting it over your face lightly on a day that you want your makeup to last and look good if you our fan of settings price not everybody is so that again is a personal preference and that is it for this video that was a lot of tips and I think this video is probably longer than I'm meant for it to be but there's a lot of things that go into making your makeup last all day long I hope you enjoyed this video I hope you're able to take something away from it and it helped you out a little bit and give you some kind of a tip or

trick to do next time you need your makeup to last a little bit longer thank you so much for watching if you're not subscribed to my channel I would love it if you did so today I'd love to see you back here on a regular basis if you're not following me on my social media I'll put that on the screen and in the description box below I'm very active on snapchat Instagram and Twitter and do talk about what goes on in my life on a daily basis so thank you so much for watching I will see you guys next time bye bye [Music]