13 September 2018


Hey guys, today's vlog is a weekend in London to celebrate the new Revolution Makeup Campaign I'm part of. Thanks for your constant support it means ...

hey guys we've just arrived in London

and we're gonna have an amazing day today we are because I did it's the revolution which today basically evolutional no two new foundation and you grow out the face [Music] I mean sorry cool but in my dream I will use revolution every day the biggest fan girl laughs ow oh and she got me a cute so I'm gonna open that when we get into this lab I don't look cute you look cute so but we've butch in a B&B got any but a cute a B&B so we're gonna go into it right now just arrived in London town and oh I was gonna say I was gonna sing a different one so many didn't think I was gonna say okay now London see everybody just keep those achieved ugly yeah deadly a blue Devlin no do you know I missed the easy end gigs we're not cool I swear I was my signature than you just slip this mine so we're on our way to throw a baby I'm so excited to and it's a beautiful [Music] you hey guys so just arrived at the air B&B and is so clean okay let me show you the mirror section and this is our little living room it's so nice I love this

floor this is interior design goals basically it's like New York Manhattan my loft vibes it's got marble even watch bit cheeky Marblehead boos here and we have our chef chef Graeme what's cooking Wow okay new cuisine yes this is love that these are partial this is my favorite proper house marble wet room like way since away anyway we eat it we live it we live in it we've the line is even fleek like the line is food I'm Lucas okay Alex Haney but yes so we're gonna munch on the mac keys and then we leave our baggage if we're getting it ready emotionally I'm allergy DNA I'm so happy about that and also a lovely darling sister got me a little gift because of the whole revolution campaign GPO Rock so sweet Antonio Rosie's money I love that look at all Boosh thank you and she got me cards this is my basic effort up what it's impetuses right now Oh even 3d cards we didn't you know we even Oh congratulations you're strong he even has textured so everyone's like what is nice about this one it's do not bring your gutter did you bring your son

I thought you were gonna bring it yeah [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] Chinchin Cheers this is how long I'll be struggle today chronic Sega's July mercy it is pretty major for a change the Epiphany you don't know us that's what direction they're gonna feed any of them as a friend because month because that's the Russians so go the pinks see like to buy see minivan really like a freak first mine see this is part of me just kind of friends the venue is kind of a wish we're trying to town baby and we look hella cute friends don't use near Carnaby I think is but know so who the height is so now essentially covergirl easy-breezy back revolutions thank you and a revolution makeup launch revelation makeup launch yeah thank you [Music] on to prasanta top 300 on a fifth locks don't let me you can kick rocks maybe petty to the tip-top oh my gosh off that's a game Alan Alan knows they start poppin trust you

[Music] I mean you can keep rocks headed to the tip-top oh my gosh off that's a game this is my final beat for the day is it a really quick be in the bathroom they can spike look so hey let's meet marble everywhere that black marble hey guys I even have bath towels don't tissue honey they have towels clean I mean that isn't school ooh yeah I don't know what does this is my OTP kind of get home we're just gonna go and shoot he looks and get some brunch and then we'll see you guys a little bit just waiting for grind ears away Oh TV's aren't it Josh this look like Dubai looking johnny is the space on top we hung it on a fifth flaps don't let me you can kick rocks I headed to the tip-top oh my gosh off that's a game I like I don't know say stalky I don't trust you cuz my brother hit it and my cousin Vito that's it so I can't tell you how improbable a a must be a money nowadays everybody wants it from me a a must be money