27 November 2018

LOL Surprise Doll In Real Life Snow Angel! Make Up and Dress Up Play with Princess ToysReview

LOL Surprise Doll in real life Snow Angel ! Princess Granny from Princess ToysReview uses make up and dress up play to make it happen at the make believe ...

there we go look at your snow angel

outfit I love it princess toy review hi Prince and princesses it's granny today I'm working at the toy salon cuz princess Sam took the day off and Princess teased on vacation so far been very slow and I don't know maybe I should just tidy up a little bit so let me see what I have over here and look at all my hair dorable dolls they all got big hair don't care like granny and hear all the different hair colors I love the purple pink blue green awesome for so much fun we've got more hair durables and here are our combs brushes scissors blow-dryer and on here our rollers towels some clippety clips some hair extensions and our box of toys but it's all for granny I need to put my apron on [Music] and I weighed whoa why this Oh gΓΆran here I have so many bloody tip that I'm still breathing whoa wait a minute I think I have an lol doll in my toy salon that is like a winter baby oh well I'm not doing anything and maybe granny's slow let's give her a call and see if she could make me that elbows on the phone the phone princess Pam's Thai salon oh hi princess fan are you busy

now no I'm not busy okay I want to come in okay yeah why don't you come on in I'll take care of you i-i'll see you soon bye yes she has a spot available for me let's go to a toy salon Frances family's coming I wonder what she needs [Music] how's your dad we're going oh this so slow I'm so glad you're here - you took the day off what are we doing with you well I took the day off but I had absolutely nothing to do but just like me and then I was freezing I don't know why it's so cold and then I remembered that wait wait let me see let me see I remembered about snow angel I want you to turn me into her that's no problem at all I can turn you into snow angel in no time awesome you are awesome granny all right I got even good let me see that and then you have a seat right here okay and I need to take this picture out so I can use it as a reference mm-hmm let me put this on my mirror so I can easily see it I'm so excited to become snow angel in real life Grandia where we gonna start I think we should start with your clothes first

Oh my healthy yes your I think so let's see I planted a bra Sim salabim turn princes fans outfit into snoring's of outfit there we go look at your snow angel out yeah I love it I love the white vest I love the purple shirt of course and I love my blue skirt thing is it's perfect is well we need to think about your yeah I think we need to start with your color first so let me see where is my wife right here you're gonna make it white white white white light huh oh my god we're gonna put this on your hair it's gonna take a while to develop so I hope I have enough for all your hair no need to put it in a towel oh that's so nice of you twist and twist and turn right do you know what we need now we need some blow drying yes we do all right this heat will make it develop faster and granny is the bestest hair dryer developer all right so while we wait for your hip to develop hmm we're gonna start your make up I got some great makeup skills let me use my imagination uh-huh that's a little scary we need we need all these beautiful colors and and we need

little makeup brush okay you just lay back relax close your eyes don't use too much imagination greedy a little bit okay we're gonna start with this one right here I think we need a little bit more color using granny it's a surprise [Music] I start with that collar no collar every snow angel needs this color is it white [Music] boy red oh my goodness there's red snow think so I think I'm wrong about that we need a little bit of blush because just libido bright cheeks from the cold weather mmm so we should go right here okay close your eyes and he's cold would you get a red nose - I'm not Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer that looks very beautiful now you need to close your eyes again okay and then I'm gonna put just a little bit on there okay right here very nice we are done with your eyeliner doesn't she look beautiful okay now we need to do your lips see this my clips that's gonna be interesting oh let's try this lipstick we're gonna try this one and see how it turns out is

lipstick time hmm does she smell good hmm you know it's not for eating no okay let me check oh it's not done yet not know about granny's getting so hungry I think while you wait I will go eat more lunch okay no peeking at your makeup okay I'll be right here my granny I can't wait I think I was just gonna have to look out my makeup I mean granny's not gonna know right did you I mean it is princess fams toy salon it wouldn't be the worst thing in the world oh my goodness my nose is red mile is it like they're chapped didn't my eye shadow it like goes all the way here um I think hopefully granny won't be too upset or I think I'm gonna have to fix it a little bit thankfully I had these magic wipes and we're just gonna take off some of this eye shadow here okay oh my lunch was so delicious you cheeks are nice red anymore oh I think I'm just all warmed up now Oh your wound yeah you feel pretty warm yep yeah I did outstanding on your makeup wait now we have to check your hair but

but before we check your hair we need to put this on so don't get it all over your nose okay are you ready oh it's a little bit white I think it needs a little more but we can style it and let it process more while we're styling it that's a great idea all right [Music] lot of hair and then we bring all this up here and we have to twirl it and twist it and then we roll it and rock like this just like that and we'll do the other side oh right here's our second bun and your hair turn right but now we have to add ribbons to your buds so we go round like this and it ties in how cute are you it's all things you granny grannys so hot song Wow let me look at you you are so precious granny something is missing here face your shoe oh yeah and hands go hard in the snow without shoes hold on it'll smell be here are your snow boots oh look how cute they are let me suck them are you thank you candy Wow I am super cute thank you granny granny pig dude then she's really dead let me look at the picture work with

we need your earmuffs hold on points s we might use our cold I found them I found oh let's see on over your ears ah you're so beautiful I look like snow angel real life you do in real life LOL snow angel and real fight Oh Brandi you outdid yourself again I can't wait to see are you ready to look at yourself I'm ready okay let me spin you I love my hair my two buns I love my white bows look at these here loves there even like a heart shape and soon and my makeup is on point granny and the outfit of course is super cute and the shoes are just extra princess fan print I mean princess snow angel yeah that's me are you ready for your runway show I'm welcome to Princess Grace Fashion Show introducing to you today princess BAM uh no actually real life [Applause]