28 May 2018

LIVE !! Hina Khan MAKEUP Tips For Fans | Hina Khan Makeup

LIVE !! Hina Khan MAKEUP Tips For Fans | Hina Khan MakeUp For More Stuff Subscribe : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqPsfSCOGGjT9NMlPNk6xbA ...

you are live now

can you point some lights on on any on the edge hi I'm doing it for the first time why are you getting ready I'm done with my first performance I'm getting ready for the next one and love you too hi hi everyone so as you can see Saba is busy such an is done that's cute eyes Heena lard is busy - in a lard and her falafel kahani Leakey's Asik PSP while I'm chatting with y'all she's taking my pictures and you never know should maybe she's going live are you so first performance was good and that's it it's too hot in Hyderabad we've called for a biryani and you're gonna have Yanni after our last performance warning Hyderabad I mean from the city we've called for and right now we are in romaji they happens all the consumers running here so there's this place called paradise where you get very good biryani and you get it at night only so we want to taste this authentic biryani or Emory tsubame Anju they they may do same everything here so SVA come on your body a big kind of so that's it that's

what is happening and I have lots of people saying hello love you how are you a lot of people joining [Applause] shut up you know he nights next event joelmeeker I hear right Dubai man who could not really live elephant event conveniently family right but I know it's something to watch I want to do I don't want to do anything I'm done with this I think main Otto Wynwood see oh there are lot of comments that's what I was wondering came up Oh Daria your hairstyle is very good man thank you Abdi I can see all the comments up Kanaya sorry I missed it hi Cebu [Music] so yeah my next performance is on Josh que comer job bearish ecommerce until though I remember our she and I job much a patella that this is one of the songs they want me to perform on so I was like oh my god she loves this song so whenever like I'm saying or copy be at home or wherever

the river soldier be we we gotta purge time I so yeah she's good she's doing well I'm happy for her and lot of hearts I can see mera naam no alright there's no name there is seven six four nine two zero four four eight 8 nine 9 ten 10 11 12 I don't know what kind of name is this like a pickup and peroxide it meets that be honest it's nice nice looking so bleep you then I'm not Oh not that I'm legally man other and all Riga UCI so maybe back to hotel Julie he said your mission tilaka maybe it's given either either man copula hello ma'am please one time say hello hello sunshine I'm from Bangladesh like so much thank you where are you here the Hina have you got any singing offer I think you must said the singing of Rossy song was awesome thank you very much yes I have couple of offers so I am considering few but Mooji has a like that that I'm not ready for a professional singing honestly but my tries in Montana zombie - la la Mer

caffee's yoga sutra charter in u.s. barbecue chicken Akshay imagine a garage yes but Jesus seriously awkward Peter what did you put your photo to see our it's Dana you don't eat it the suspect or believe on how do I go [Music] love you dan even - what a ton because kike [Music] in our second and third in alert if a Cuba you ready to be having if you like yeah hypnotic knighthood with me as you can see peach I don't know there's some guy who's like lovely eyes Thank You mr. Salvi credit goes to him yes I've done a lot of drama in my eyes and my lips have kept subtle so yeah since it's a performance so I could play with my eyes and it's been ages I've applied filter on my eyes so azure a hoodie rice a castle at the time chemically or Chitina glitter cusamano but he's done a good job and so has saba they always do a good job

Neha Sharma they were taking your name be happy now at least apne Volia of cacao market dominated on the delicate area there are you going a chill Iranian thank you thank you hello hello hello every no sign of TJ on our brother Activa man big enough man suddeniy requiring licking job jumuchi more camera here dr. marrows a doctor mayor shmuel moo-cow shadow a freshman in our busan star shadow tell you go up I mean how do I don't know I mean okay dil se Han Casey kopua number a number Georgia you seen a shadow I don't know what only so it's quite a task me hi from isa ty who done your makeup sucks she's asking Sakshi Aruna he has the guy who's done my makeup session sorry back on them a bit Raschke kamat Raschke cavities shaped American reply they do Abby hi I've met whole yrk cage family except you so if you want to meet me like I met some of my fans today in romaji and wherever I go I always say you can connect with me I met some of them in

Delhi too so yeah next time which I was sitting I am in our logo with Simon sucked in Aleta complete cornica on ink of Reba Janie but then welcome maybe politics one sec on him icon here Kathy okay no it was enough alright guys I'm gonna go offline now I just thought I'd say a quick hello to you guys I am all set for my next performance rush que comer and he sang a cappella chain in the eyes jannat a raven all to cheese by you must must so these are the teeth of songs and