26 November 2018

Lipstick challenge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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everyone welcome back with a in love the

video I really don't know what today's going to be a the log of log it's a vlog it's a Polly my sister's it down that hall my sister's my closet that was a mess it was a big so comment down below you everything got your clothes use of [Music] Everything Everything Everything Everything Everything even this yeah but today I'm not so I'm I just have a very cool video I can't but I really need so I'm Dumbledore you guys think I didn't need to make my videos but today I'm going to be trying on everything shower time - but this house is almost here I knew as I did it at much um ripstix on my lips I read good so I'm you know getting married so yeah oh my god I fell to my doom so that's step number one okay and even go to ramble I know that number 100 Mountain number two this is my multi black number four look at my lips it's update you number five well too much so I think I'll run the five-number sex [Music] thousands on Downton I don't do a sex and I don't wanna do anymore

no do not want to get determine but like in my mouth and I don't like salad I just Shepherd difficult but it looks darker it tooks yeah but guys up my record I was supposed to get to ten but I got to like seven and a half so I forgot to tell you guys that in the beginning so what I'm going to do not depart lipstick because I know it's ones which so I need to go this one okay I got this one I love this from you I have to put this on with my eyes closed so yeah okay Oh No oopsies that probably want everywhere except my lips only a big kind of big blob and I'm I look but that is the end of this challenge and my mouth that is the end of this challenge coming down but I mean call her down below - hashtag sweet subscribe if you guys want to get a shout out in my next video bye