26 November 2018

Lipstick challenge

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hi guys what's up back again with

another video a challenge video and today we're gonna be doing these lipstick guests challenge I guess tap I'm gonna pop on their lips and then I taste it and yeah so we have Mountain Dew Code Red we have Pepsi cherry Wow cherry we have root beer these are new guys don't know how to have regular Pepsi we have Diet Pepsi that is Mountain Dew Baja blast this is Mountain Dew live with livewire Mountain Dew livewire it's gonna be so hot nice Mountain Dew whiteout and Pepsi cherry vanilla so I'm gonna go first guys but we both have to do the same one so pick one oh I'm not looking root beer yes you're right so I got one point and give me all right yeah I already twisted it still keep your eyes closed you didn't put it in neon uh-huh you did okay big lad Pepsi no it was Mountain Dew livewire it's so good let me try it mmm now it's my turn to tooth one two ready did he's goofy oh yeah take him out and so wait I got a point you did it though put it back here he has to since no I only have one hmm all right I'm gonna already twist it okay it's all

hard guys to twist it cuz these are new cherry Pepsi no Terry vanilla dorm I got one I want to try this one real quick I see yeah no you can't I got one so it's my brother's turn now you didn't go on it No says I said it yes no to your turn and you have to try to win one if if you guess it let's see close your eyes keep your eyes closed I didn't taste any [Music] regular Pepsi don't do weight the woman's have we'd always done this one this one yeah but I need some that's not fair you didn't win you nobody won those okay so we're gonna put these til it's this one the livewire and the Pepsi vanilla cherry cherry vanilla Pepsi okay then we've done that one okay pick one for me I get down I am I can't see Jake oh you have a dog that's turn t think that we have food up here okay just oh I just twist that I can't feel trusted you got in hand there's nothing Oh drab Code Red Mountain Dew yes you know I had that soda before no you didn't win it so we have five left and he's gonna get

those five no cuz you're it's your turn no I here's one for you at the end guys we're gonna taste them like like them no I'm not looking for them on our lips and then look at ya close your eyes Nick nothing Terry Pepsi nope my turn I guess I'm on you definitely Diet Pepsi even doing that you can like cherry Pepsi yep this is a good one did you get some I'm not sure some Mountain Dew it's blue oh I said Mountain Dew so put it over here and there's Mountain Dew and Baja blast yeah livewire clove I'm on guys yep I'm right so you already know the last one since you saw it so we did it yeah well it's already the end guys so that's the noise of our dog mmm now no one else know I said we were but I'm good right now so thank you for watching please hit that subscribe button and like in five four three two one done yeah I got that from another youtuber um and thank you guys thank you for watching bye