14 October 2018

LESS THAN $20 EYESHADOW PALETTE REVIEW 😱😱 & TUTORIAL | @ameliaong_ #AmeliaBeautyJournal

HOLAAAA! I love this palette! Its affordable, its pigmented, it has nice color range, it has matte and glitter! 🤤🤤 Please support my videos by hitting the LIKE button, ...

hello guys welcome back to my channel so

today I'm gonna give you guys a review of one of my new actually palette I bet you guys are gonna be excited because this is not expensive and I think this is a very great palette with a variety of colors nice intention as you guys see I'm already ready with my passion and my eyebrows so yeah let's get into my eyeshadow palette today so I love this palette from glam writer it is an Australian on in store for makeup and look at some occasion guys so nice it's hollow and I love how I only bought two products and they give me a hell of a big so this is what I was talking about this is a makeup revolution Soph I never know how to read people's collaboration like it's acts I don't know if it's acts our paths are at her width so this is makeup revolution London solve with revolution except extra spice so the name of this palette is revolution extra spice what I love about this is my first impression was the packaging this is a very good nice one for an affordable price this palette is $120 so this packaging is unexpected you can take a look at the color this is rose gold which is very pretty I know when you open it it has a

big-ass mirror like a full mirror on the packaging which is very very nice that means you don't have to bring your own mirror and you travel with the power it's already enough and this isn't the cheap mirror that doesn't really give you a nice reflection if you can see the reflection of the camera you know this is a very good mirror because I have a few pallets with expensive prices and there they're all having cheap mirror but they are a fake mirrored good by me so as you guys can see it is called extra spice because it has variety of spice colors like these maps over here they have this this yellow which i think is very pretty this is one of my fav and this rare red color I don't know how to call this or this kind of bread but I think it's kind of rare and this color over here I'm not really sure if this is green or blue or black but I think this is worth that's right you can see I've already watched it on my Instagram like a little swatch because I don't like my palettes and today we're gonna try it on my eyes so stay tuned first of all let's create a simple kind of soft matte look with this eye shadow palette um I'm gonna start

with this color this is called sweet and sour it's kind of orange but it's also brownish it's not too powdery which i think is very good because it's not gonna run out of here I'll let you soon look at the pigmentation I love it it's very easy to blend I don't know this colors were unique like it's orange but it's brown and very blendable okay so this is the first color it's just like our base color for the Queenie's I don't even know what I'm gonna create today with this palette I'm just kind of give it a go I love this color so much and you've never been expecting to turn out this good on my skin okay so the next color it would be this yellow it is called the vitamin C because just because I'm loving my colors right now I've been looking for the right yellow map to color which will look good on my eyes so let's try it we'll give this color Riggins I don't even like ice this is a very easy to blend why it's very good effortless and I've just noticed that the color is buildable so the more you add it the more depth you give because people are gonna like you can see my eye color

right now people are gonna think that I'm using three colors well in fact there are only two colors well since I'm filling simple and muck today I'm just gonna leave my eye shadow to be like this simple as possible and let's work on our lashes let's go with very simple ashes because I don't want to cover this simple I should [Music] [Music] look lashes are on now we're gonna move into the mascaras which make it more cool I'm using cameras cosmetics glam and all its comp and volume mascara this mascara is already sculpting I like it gives you the dolly eye shadows on over where I now let's add some highlight to our inner corner just because I want to show you guys how pigmented these glitters are they're amazing let me swatch these for you this is in shape blacks on the second one is fading [Music] and the next one is the shade every day [Music] there is this green dinner shade cool Aurora and the last one is this shade in Queens

that's very broadly it doesn't even really show up missing okay probably I'm going to use this colored this yellow girll shade hopeless on this one on my [Music] [Music] now that is done later corner I'm glad something to my lower lashes to make it like not bold now that's better much better [Music] move on to our blush and all the small details I'm using the NYX blush and shapes in one this is a very nice warm blush it's kind of orangey I'm adding some freckles [Music] I'm loving this freckle do this one on a rock okay they look so natural I was mixing these counselors wait all the dark shades it's just a result I'm proud of myself let's touch or my lips it's gonna be from Marc Jacobs in shade all the way so this is a very nice orange color there you go nice and simple an array and we're good to go [Music] [Music] so this is it guys my simple look from

this palette I hope my video gives you a clearer vision about how good this palette is and I hope you guys like it if you guys have more questions regarding this look or this palette do not hesitate to comment below or follow me instagram at Emilion underscore follow me there and we can choose up there because I'm very active on my Instagram lastly please please please support my videos by subscribing and give my video sometimes up because it will mean so much to me it's gonna motivate me to create more videos for you guys thank you see you on my next video bye