15 March 2019


LEPRECHAUN STOLE our GOLD PLAY BUTTON! DEPUTY JAKE is on the CASE! Thank you all so much for your support! We just got our Gold Play button and ...

I didn't order anything we don't check

it out all right I'm going off to work [Applause] [Music] a leprechaun what are you doing here have something special for you and your brothers what is it copper here I'll show you it's your golden leg but in thank you so much I have to tell my brothers no that's my grumpy brother he's disappeared into thin hair he's not rubber I know what to do come on I hope so well here it is this is our room wow he really likes green where do you sleep I sleep down here with the dinosaurs okay so what's your plan how do we get your brother look at me go how is gone gonna help us yes but special goal really mixed into a goal I have miss right here interesting if he touches it he's asleep and dreaming right away okay I hope this really works I use this on in my whole life but you're not falling asleep it only works on him well whatever it takes to get that play buddy all I do is wrinkle them all and this is my magic one as soon as he touches it he'll be asleep good he should be here soon let's hide

under the blanket so you think he's gonna bring the play button up there and hide a out there he hides all his gold up here okay let's hide in week two sometime you gotta make sure he doesn't see us under the blanket cover yourself really well on the blanket okay but what about you you won't fit under here I will well a trick to show you what is it you see this spring coin yeah if I put in my hat I'll disappear no way only for a leprechaun be a leprechaun you have to be born like a leprechaun okay fine forget it okay here's the best gold I ever done my whole entire life and a big this is the best day ever let me put it under my pillow I'm gonna sleep with you every night oh yeah I'm gonna go to sleep right now gold is my best friend look at all this touchy-feely over okay here it goes [Music] wait a minute that's my bleep up no it's not it's a super for kids me and my brothers aren't this play button what it's gold here mr. leprechaun I have something better than gold what is it open your hand for Hayley to go to flipping I'm gonna go show my

brother go play one I miss you the goal is to get to 2,000 mics and one way to present the two super front kids for passing 1 million subscribers youtube this is so go and play button hey guys just give this video the movies yes click one of these videos we picked up just for you guys [Music]