18 March 2019

Laura Mercier Flawless Radiant Skin | Lilit Caradanian

Hey guys! Here's a Skin Tutorial using the new Laura Mercier Flawless Radiance Collection. This is ideal makeup for anyone with normal to dry skin. I hope you ...

hey guys welcome back to my Channel

today I'm going to do a little review first impressions tutorial using the new laura mercier flawless radiance collection I am absolutely obsessed with it they also launched some new lippies and eyeshadows so if you guys like what you're seeing continue watching alright so I wasn't sure what I was gonna film today until I got a couple packages from Laura Mercier here it is this is their flawless radiant skin collection that they sent over along with some lippies and caviar eye Stix I figured I'm gonna just do a Laura Mercier review and the flawless Lumiere skin looks for you guys I've never tried this foundation I believe it's brand new but I have tried the hydrating primer in the summer absolutely loved it and because my skin is so dry now I figured this would be the perfect time to do a review on these products they also have in the collection the Laura Mercier powder glow the loose translucent loose setting powder glow so I'll be setting in my face with that but I've never tried their concealers I mean other sponge so I'm going to use that with a bunch of like previous launches that they've had

some of you guys have seen me use some of these concealers and some other highlighters I haven't even touched some of the other ones like this which was really pretty don't know what I'm doing so what we're just gonna do is a flawless glossy skin starting with the hydrating primer I already have on the glow enhancer for on all over my skin because again like I said my skin is super super dry and unless I put the glow enhancer sometimes in the mornings my makeup just moves very dry on my skin and then it just looks thick and patchy so make sure you are moisturizing well before you put on your foundation if you have dry skin okay so I have two shades of foundation that we sent me I'm hoping one of these to work and it doesn't end up being like my last video I have one N one creme and 2w one macadamia I'm going to assume I am the lighter one I'm very very white right now in denial but very white I'm actually so white I'm just like pink at this point but you know I don't like pink as you can see I have all of undertone I just my skin gets really pink when I get really white that's all I'm gonna blame it on all

right so it says to use the curved part of the sponge right here and we're just going to start at the jawline because that's how Laura Marcy recommends it saying that you should start at your jawline coming inward because you don't want too much coverage in the center of your face that's where it's most obvious wow I'm actually not as wide as I thought I was this is lighter than the skin I think the second layer I'll go over it with the darker shade but I'd rather the lighter when they send me stuff then dark because I can't even like test the color when they do that just just stipple it right along my temples and I never use sponges dry this is my first time actually using the sponge that's dry but because of the texture actually I like it and dry sponges will generally give you like full recover egde but because this is a light coverage foundation it seems you need the heavier coverage application unless you want it super light coverage and I would just suggest using like a damp sponge instead so I'm just gonna go to the second layer the darkest the darker color that I have here the macademia it was called yep going over

the second layer with the darker color which is actually perfect for me it seems yeah should I just Connor with this one okay chances are I would do two layers anyway because it's too light of a coverage for me so I like thin formulations but I still like coverage I want to have my cake and eat it too but you can tell this side you still see a lot of imperfections underneath this side has a lot more coverage with that second layer and I love that I love that you can layer your foundation to get the coverage that you want I've always been a big believer in that because you don't always want heavy coverage sometimes you just want to put on like a really light layer just to go to work you know like a tinted moisturizer almost but they still have coverage and then other times you want to go all out and I love the texture and if you guys can see when the light reflects it it's very glossy but not frosty I always wake up my ears on camera I just ignore my ears everything I don't have them I leave my under eyes for concealer that's why I'm not going in there with that what I am going to use is their secret camouflage concealer in number three and if you don't know

how to use this basically it's a really really dry concealer you wouldn't just take a brush and put it under your eyes you're supposed to use your finger and warm it up so this is the corrector side so you just kind of warm it up like that and you can even warm it up on the back of your hand because if you put it on dry then I'll just get cakey under your eyes so you want to make sure it's warm and then you just work it off the back of your hand as you can see magical stuff this concern is used a lot like on set on TV it has a great coverage and the fact that it has you know corrector on one side so it feels like you're not putting anything wrong because the consistency is like so thin because you warmed it up but in fact it has a lot of coverage and I think they have about six sets of these in different shades and you just got to make sure you're using the shade that's right for you this is number three and I could get away with number two as well but I think yeah so then I'm gonna take the lighter shade also warming that up on the back of my hand and you can tell the corrector is a little bit more peachy and the highlighter is a little

bit more on the yellow side concealer is more on the yellow side so it's going to highlight along with correcting for us and you want to make sure you use the peachy color first this is a genius product she's had this forever I love never see I love her as an artist as a brand she just comes out with products that are just we work you know and I'm gonna take that yellow put it along the sides of my nose where I usually get a little bit red and then I'm just gonna take my sponge that has a little bit of that foundation and I'm just gonna go over this concealer because I want the consistency to all blend together nicely I'm just going to layer this on top and that's gonna again give me that glossy finish underneath my eyes with that concealer that was really not alright I'm gonna use the glow setting powder all over my face and use using the regular translucent powder underneath my eyes and I'm just gonna use a fluffy brush for this okay so using the lux e 181 brush from JD we're gonna just make sure there's no creasing and then we're just gonna set in using the regular loose translucent powder I'm

using a brush because I don't want my under eyes to be dry looking normally I like a matte face with like you know glossy in certain area but because I want this whole skin to look really glossy I don't want to matte it out too much alright using the laura mercier glow powder brush and the glow powder and has like a nice curve to it again it's supposed to fit the curves of your face and we're just going to stipple and I love that she created this product because a lot of times you know you have all these brands coming out with like glowy foundations glowing skin and then you have to set in your face with powder because otherwise it just you know your makeup might not last but then when you set it in with powder defeats the purpose of having a glowy skin because powder mattifies itself this is a great product a genius product using all things laura mercier today using their new well somewhat new peach blush with their cheek color brush and we're just gonna smirk start on the apples of the cheeks blending upwards I just realized I forgot well we'll get back to that but I love this blush because it has like a

nice sheen to it it's not too much and it fits with the glowing skin because of the glow in there no it seems like a lot I'm gonna dust it off right now using my face powder rush we're just going to blend that in so if you ever go too much with your blush don't worry about it because you can just blend it in generally when I do apply blush and you let go in a little extra so Laura mercy has a really nice bronze era that has a sheen in there because they don't have it I'm using the honest one which has again a sheen in there and this is called dusk reflections and we're just going to pinch it along the sides of the nose into the crease okay for my highlighter I'm really indecisive right now I have both the shades of devotion and addiction they're both gorgeous I think I will mix them both so we will start with the yellow one and I'm just using a morphe M 433 brush this is so pretty it looks really yellow in here but it actually goes on quite neutral finger to do the usual highlighting situation making my nose lips chin so now I'm gonna go over it with the pink one using the same brush

and the pimple will usually give you more of that like glossy skin finish and you don't want to use this if you're too tan it'll only work if you're like in the lighter skin category yes I love it all right I'm gonna do my eyebrows off-camera be right back all right I'm gonna use these caviar stick eye colors and sugar Frost and rose gold let's do rose gold first see how this works we're just gonna blend it out with brush that's not really showing up so let's switch over to sugar Frost this is a lot more shimmer in there there we go I'm just brush and I love these because they do not crease it looks so nice on and I'm actually gonna take a little bit of a darker color I have a lot here a lot of these pencils let's try to figure out something a little on the cool brown tone oh yeah this is good this is the shade caramel we're just gonna apply this in the crease this is such a nice color right above the crease and then I'm going to take my blending brush that was so easy these blend it so nicely for my lips I am going to do a bright new orange that they just launched in the colorist or a love this color [Music]

is beautiful very springy this is the kind of collar I would wear every single day about like five years ago every day all right I'm using a skinny little lip brush just to smooth out the ends sometimes sometimes like lip crowns like this can leave a little bit of a crayon e finish around the edges got it brush oh oh my gosh this might be my new favorite color are you guys this is sorry alright last but not least spritzing my face with the Elsa height elsie Hydra enhancer I don't have a Laura Mercier hydrating spray do they have one I don't even know I'd be shocked if they didn't actually to add to that glowy dewy effect over the skin this totally reminds me of like five six years ago when I had dark hair cuz I'm holding my hair up so all the blonds gone and yeah this is this is my jam for a while and it's inspired me to go to go back what do you guys think should I go dark or bring back the light which I'm planning on doing I don't know um but yeah that is it I am absolutely obsessed with the skin I'm obsessed with this foundation and the routine of the foundation the glow powder the hydrating

primer you know a lot of times if you wants to get a specific type of skin look you have all of all the steps along the way have to be in that same concept so hydrating your glow primer hydrogen glow or a glow foundation setting powder and all of that good stuff so if you are oily I would do the exact opposite mattifying primer mattifying foundation setting powder that is super matte and it will just hold your makeup in place all day if you're super oily so just you know customize to your preference and what your skin needs I hope you guys enjoy this tutorial I sure did I love you guys thank you so much for watching don't forget to subscribe like [Music]