21 December 2018


Watch my video where I review Laura Geller's Lashboss mascara. I got this in my Debenham's advent calendar and BOY am I impressed!!!! One side of the ...

hey guys April Berlin good right I had

to do another mascara video because after it is my last one which was comparing my pump and volume Dior with the benefit bad girl literally the day after I did that one I opened up my advent calendar and as benefit bad girl would say I've got a new mascara so I tried it and I was so so impressed with it I just I've got to tell my beautiful subscribers about you and all my viewers but especially you my subscribers to the extra special topping of subscribers we've reached 59 subscribers so yeah 59 one more time number 60 so it's amazing so yeah thank you guys for your subscriptions for watching enjoying liking sharing commenting right so fish it's gonna be a quick video and what I've done I've just put on a little bit makeup I put no eyeliner on because I want the effect of the mascara to be really you know to be prominent so I want to talk to you I want to talk to you about this okay this is amazing and the reason I thought the reason I thought I have to do another video is because I was so impressed with it so so impressed and I just it's actually beaten my deal pump in volume so that's how impressed there was with it

do you know what I put this ring light on and I forgot to switch you on okay oh gosh that's bright okay guys I hope that looks good okay now take two right so my Laura Geller okay it's actually called lash boss what it says that's really for pinning it says Laura Geller New York lash boss major length volume curl mascara come on Laura Geller like totally American anyway so if we open it up what I was amazed about this mascara when I first opened it up I was like what the heck is that look at it I hope it's focusing is it focusing I hope so anyway it's basically a brush now you know all these other mascaras they're like oh yes the mascara brush well I'm sorry darlings that's not a brush this is a brush I could use some serious like hair brushing with this brush some sweeping can go on look look at that can you see look at the cut those on that's like you see those bristles I really hurt my camera's focusing can you see those bristles on one side there's very long bristles on the other side they're shorter now I read online like when I first saw this like how the heck do you use this I

looked online apparently the long bristles okay they're supposed to give you they're supposed to and give you worm length so they separate and they give you length and then the shorter bristles apparently they're supposed to add volume so there's areas that you need more volume you can do that going to do I'm going to show you guys how amazing this is how I use it I just run the long bristles the very very long bristles through my eyelashes okay so I'm going to do that now oh again I'm on the camera so a little bit scared gonna put what I out but what I love about this can you see it actually separates the lashes it actually separates the lashes it's like a brush like a brush for your eyelashes I was so impressed it really is genius okay so scared can you see okay right can you guys see that that's impressive okay I haven't done my eyebrows in a while but anyway that's really impressive isn't it that's impressive now I'm going to compare it to my Dior just fallen on the floor so let me just get it okay my do pump and volume it's good I can it guys know it's my favorite

mascara but why I think this one is even better than the Dior is because this one separates all my lashes this one it doesn't it does add volume it does that legs and it does that bushiness as I would say but it doesn't really separate the lashes so you can't have clumping which is a shame whereas this one I'm gonna compare the two brushes can you see the brushes there's the long one there's my Dior can you see this is the same length bristles all the way around whereas this one obviously as you know it's got one side longer so this one I'm gonna put this one on now okay and the effects are more I feel when you put on two coats when you put on two coats of mascara you really notice that the do your clumps your lashes clump whereas with the the laura geller with those ones they don't a clump a lot less so YUM plus I've gotta put on a lot of the Dior so you can have the same effect as this so I'm really really impressed with that and I thought I've just got to tell you guys I'm just didn't the journal me searching for a decent score for so long and you guys know how long got me searching for a decent Escarra so I was searching for one for ages and after I

did the mascara be Jo this pops up out of nowhere so yeah yeah check out my other video my Dior and benefit by the gal you can see why I loved your watching that video but also you know give this one a go as well so guys yeah I said to tell you about that I hope you enjoyed the Big Joe it's a shorter sweet one and check out my other videos guys check out my page if you haven't already subscribed please do subscribe they'll be lovely and share my videos and comment guys everyone's quiet come on tell me what you'd like me to do videos on what you think of my videos if you've tried in the progress if you want me to try any products let me know ok guys follow me on Instagram that's my name and Instagram pop-up okay guys and yeah think good feel good look good look good feel good think good that's our motto twist me or do the world of good alright then guys you will take care and see you soon bye