26 November 2018

Latest In Beauty Unboxing November & Discount Code!

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hi everyone welcome to my channel and

thank you so much for watching today's video is another beauty box unboxing now you may have noticed that I kind of has it all break from doing these on my channel to be honest the reason for that being that I kind of accumulated so many beauty products I literally don't know what to do with them like I have so many it's a little bit of like an addiction so I thought I would have a little break and do some different videos for you guys and then I kind of got a sucked back in and by an offer so this is my first latest in beauty unboxing I've never had a box from latest in beauty before but I did look on their website and it kind of said that you pick your own stuff rather than just having a selection sent to you I guess some people might like the surprise element and I certainly do like having a surprise come through the door but to be honest I did recently get quite a lot of items in beauty boxes that maybe weren't like appropriate for my skin or I wouldn't necessarily use so I thought it would be a great chance to try latest in beauty and just try like picking out seeing what they've got and picking out products that I personally want myself

so you can actually do three items six items or nine items and the more items you have like the more expensive it is but there is an offer on at the moment just for November and you get five pounds off and whichever you choose so I actually picked the nine items and I've got it for I think it was like 13 pounds instead of 18 I did have a look on the website and there was actually like a free makeup bag and a free little tub of something as well that you've got so you got loads of items this month I will leave the code down below if you guys are interested and I also do have a velocity box and a look fantastic discount code so I will leave them down below if you guys interested so as I said I've got nine items this month and it was 13 pounds now I have done a bit of research on the products I picked and the total value of the box is I've written it down just down here is over 70 pounds so I feel like it's such a good bargain this month so this is what the box looks like this it just say latest a beauty here and oh there's hair stuck to it oh my god does anyone else get hair absolutely everywhere so this is the bag that

everything came inside so I'm gonna take out all of the items one by one and show you I picked so this makeup bag came free it says I came I saw I contoured I thought that's really cute and then it's got latest in beauty on the back so the second free item is this and I don't know how to pronounce this are Argentum it says face eyes and neck it's like a little pot of something I don't really know what it is I guess it's some sort of cream it smells quite nice it smells very likes Paresh so this sample is apparently worth 31 pounds 50 I feel like we're so bright pink today like everything's bright pink and so I picked the least effort 200ml hair growth now I would recommend if you're going to get anything off latest in beauty is to just check the product size because sometimes there's really really tiny products that kind of aren't worth buying but this lee stafford hair growth is the full-size the 200 mils i actually used to get this ages ago when I was at college I used to always buy this I had bright blonde hair once and then I liked all of my hair fell out because I've bleached it so much so I remember buying

this to like try and get my hair to grow again I'm not understand that it does work but it smells amazing and it's like a good treatment to do for your hair anyway so I thought that was a great value it's actually about eight pounds fifty to buy this just on its own in the shops so this box is great value so the next item is this super duper body wash now I did receive this in a glossy box ages ago and I really really loved it because the smell is just so nice it's rich and creamy sheer butter I really really love this when I got it so obviously I picked it again and the value of this is about one pound 20 I couldn't find a value for this actual size which is I think it's about 75 mils so I would definitely recommend getting this if it's still on the latest in beauty website they do switch up the products and sometimes like products that other people get you won't be able to get because they like sell out quite quickly and I'm sure when I checked allow tonight this was still on the next product I got was this anivia my cell skin brief micellar water

it's the three-in-one makeup remover for sensitive skin and my skin is just being really sensitive lately I don't really know what's wrong with it I get like really bad dry patches and then my skin was like really really itchy so I thought I would give this a go and it is one pound to the value of it the next item is also valued at about a pound it's the 3 minute miracle moisture deep treatment by Aussie now I probably mentioned in all of my other videos of like subscription boxes and hair stuff I love trying new hair products I obviously have quite long natural hair and it gets really tangley and it also gets quite like dead end date so I'm always trying new treatments I did used to always get Aussie products for my hair but I just find them a little expensive now so I thought it'd be a good chance to try again the next thing that I got I thought this was just kind of cool it says tame your wildest paws and they are six deep cleansing poor strips so these are worth about 6 pounds which I feel is kind of expensive but yeah they come like this and obviously that individual like knows poor strips and I love the packaging I

think that packaging is so so cute okay we're going onto the nail products that I got and I actually got this Sally Hansen duo and it's called shimmer me timbers and it's a really like Christmasy festive it's like a sparkly kind of white I don't know whether you can see that there but I always tend to go for like a neutral II kind of nail colors I just thought this would be really really cute for Christmas and the value of this is around 10 pounds you can get them from like boots and stuff for about 10 pounds so I thought that was really good and you obviously get the top coat as well with the color so that it's like more of like a gel finish and it will last longer okay I got two more nail things as well I feel like there was a lot of nail products on there and I thought it was quite a good time for me to stock up because I kind of always gave for the same boring nail colors I feel so I've got something a little bit more bright this cheeky chat me up a nail paint is like a Coralie red and it actually is worth about eight pounds I found it on the internet for about eight pounds so that was good value I also got the Rita Ora

it's like a lilac II kind of color I thought this would be a kind of cute maybe like a toenail polish and this is roughly about $2.99 fun boots the last thing I got I don't know why I'm going so like bright pink recently the last thing I got was this urban Beauty United brush to be honest I just got to like picking my last item and there wasn't really anything on there that I kind of liked so I just thought I'd try a little powder brush you can't really go wrong with a powder brush so I thought I would pick that up and it's a lovely lovely color so there's all the products I've got in my latest in beauty bag slash box this month so it's the November edition and as I said the value is over 70 pounds of what I selected and there are some really cool new things that they've added on as I said I will put all of my codes down below so latest in beauty glossy box and look fantastic and I probably have some more so do check them out in the description box thank you guys so much for watching as always please do like and subscribe if you have enjoyed this video and hopefully I will see you all on my next video