11 October 2018


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I'm doing an ad hoc on slide the colors release by by her makeup up the store miss bloom permeate so it was amazing this is a really easy tutorial when I just bought it's really nice but he found it cute the best ways before you reminded me overhead because she's got like its hashtag lockable because someone might help me because all the way exact all the other words that have they have like that's that with a middle part and this one's not which is perfect because this is whiny fulness of base like Wiggy how do you want my hair to be like this I think I'm cut off with my toes to just have my head silently like this just to that I'm just taking my origins might occasionally gone if you see me looking up but who's made up at the lens if you see me looking like this my screen up not to like to the side and I don't have a mirror that's why trying to do this without looking and also I'm gonna take this super drug that means these skin boots down if you want to see what skincare products I use I have a video on my channel now nine months over to you turn on at the moment almost foundations like dark put them on

my face all that video into the only one I've got is this Giorgio Armani luminous so this is literally like I've had this so long why did I glitched like that you see only this is in the show but Twitter is so pale I've got the Kat Von D one but I'm just using this sorry to be annoying because I know this is like I think it's like 40 pounds so I'm just gonna blend in with a multi sponge I need a miracle great I wish my skin to look really natural flawless seamless nothing I drop it already oh so in the comments my last video was really mad at me because I liked that foundation even my rap but some people like it if you don't like sometimes I'll give my whole face and makeup I do worry about laughs sometimes I'll do my across that sometimes I'll do call my brows well then give my bath does I even make sense probably not I did it when I like and know how to put all their calm properly unlike your own leaked video because I'm literally humanity's like seven or eight now in like a month is crazy I'm living through it because if you know me I have a problem you're dyeing my hair or

touching my hair in general oh I'm going strong I have a dog perhaps it's like February I think don't hit him no one saw his eye because I actually bought only four main options and if I have one hand literally all this year that's the biggest achievement ever that's why I called my hair off because it was just kidding me no he'll miss this thing hello oh my I need to get stained cuz I gave what looks can I get away oh I had purple matter oh it's okay it's a car I wish you just sinking your head or we could have got a whole video and then that happen just blend in that I can't even get sellotape box don't you guys hit the Spoony and actually my brow hairs but you stopped in this league see I haven't had long hair for months this is like here she is so her brows are quite filled in so we're gonna go for that this is in the shade Ashburn [Music] [Music] a military branch are what browsers closest taking the Maybelline are precise fighter pinup browser done I'm

going to do my barometer guess what ones aren't taking and it's very common but this is the shake that you use in this so I don't I put too much runs on my nose that's fine it's time don't honey all right now I can build muscle do each other I don't this song I just think I just put it on my Heartland green skin [Music] I don't think there's a good brain this is just like a little place because I hold it it's really just gonna happen still pull over call him already so this is how I brush you might home do it like right at the end so just like fluids that you don't hold it like this and hold it right at the end like this and just barely touch your eye this is the technique the glitz liquid beautiful yes in a silver shade and what we're doing under the pressure on the back of my hand I'm just gonna I think it's really pretty yeah so I'm just going to keep moving up I don't know what it looks like mayor but I do know how this works I don't really keep like so nice I really love the gray underneath as well it's us I felt that important did you know I'm

gonna take that same brush and I'm gonna pick two heart and fill of threatened that actually and what mix I've got it in a number two but this in I don't know what you think it is like a smoky I might mix it with the syllable one don't ask me why I'm using the crease brush I'm lazy oh yeah so I'm mixing it to make it a bit darker here Oh powder my propeller literally looks like a technocratic God why do I look like I'm someone well I done I'm gonna take this how I think my Sigma this is the bloody good at the lipstick what has happened I'm gonna take based from understand a few just all the help [Music] I don't know but I'm gonna apply some eye clinic London drops and I think the RAC highlight different Anastacio could it go over this over that Gaga's quite how I liked it I'm just gonna run under my eyes with that gray shape I'm also going to take the silver stop and run under my eyes as well [Music] so that is the finished look oh I really like it it's just really simple but really cute very like it

thank you so much for watching and I'll see you in my next video bye [Music]